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Cervical and Importance of Pillows

By Sleepsia

One of the most ancient luxury items is a pillow. It is evident that humans realized the need to place something soft and comfy beneath the head for quality resting. From the oldest caves of prehistory to the most modern palaces, pillows have transcended a long way along with humanity. Pillows are used by other species, such as cats even in the wild. Some common types of pillows include body pillows, decorative pillows, and many more. Pillows are basically any form of bedding that supports the head and the neck and keeps the spine and the neck in their natural alignment. Many pillows are designed scientifically to give the best possible support and maintain a proper structure, very often they are also used as decorations in sofas and cushions.

What happens if you choose the wrong pillow

What happens if you choose the wrong pillow

We invest so much in so many things but little do we think while purchasing a pillow. Not using the right pillow can increase the chances of headaches, neck and back pain, shoulder and arm numbness, sneezing, and other discomforts. Therefore it is important to know how your pillow is responsible for these problems. A pillow by itself is not the harbinger of such symptoms, but the various other factors correlated to using the pillow such as improper sleeping posture often a lethal cause. Doctors have said, people with sleeping disorders, which can be traced back to using a damaged or unfit pillow, often experience lower back and spine problems, especially in the middle ages.



Here are different types of pillows you must know about before buying your fit:-

  1. Down Pillow – These pillows are made with animal feathers such as duck or goose. These can last for years but are also prone to causing allergies and can be difficult to clean.
  2. Feather Pillow – These pillows are made of traditional fillings. Sometimes a little amount of feathers are also added so again that can be a little allergic. Best choice sleepers and back sleepers.
  3. Cotton Pillow – Easy to clean pillows, best for people who are allergic to synthetic materials. Perfect choice for back, side, and stomach sleepers. Cotton pillows work for almost all types of sleepers but the only con is that these won’t mold into the shape of your head like foam pillows.
  4. Latex Pillow – Latex pillows are a game changer as they provide the perfect support for your head. These are available both in solid and shredded varieties. Best choice for back and side sleepers.
  5. Memory Foam Pillow – Memory foam pillows can shape up according to the contour of your body, so they are suitable for all types of sleepers. It also allows for the head and the neck to be in proper alignment making it comfortable for the user. But some side sleepers may find these pillows to be too firm.
  6. Bamboo Pillow – Bamboo pillows are known for their bacteria-resistant properties. Most of these pillows are actually made from shreds of bamboo meaning you get the cooling property that gives you the sweetest rest especially if you live in warmer areas. Best choice for back sleepers.
  7. Gel Pillow – Gel Pillows are best for keeping cool at night, sometimes the gel is also mixed with some other material. The best part is these pillows can be molded into the shape of the head giving comfy and cozy sleep. This pillow is best suited for stomach and back sleepers however side sleepers may feel these to be slightly on the firmer side.
  8. Polyester Pillow – Polyester fiberfill pillows also called poly-fills are great choices when the budget is a factor. But because of the cheaper cost, the material is often prone to damage and has a lesser life span. Best for back, stomach, and side sleepers but can be used by all types of sleepers.

Making the right choice Pillow

Making the right choice Pillow

Getting the right pillow might be tricky but it’s extremely important to find the pillow satisfying your sleeping posture and framework. Each sleeping position puts a certain amount of strain on your spine in a different way. The scientific explanation for the need for the right pillow is that it put the body in proper neural alignment, that is, the head sits squarely on top of the shoulders and the head neither leans too back nor is raised too much in front.

Body pillows are highly efficient in relaxing the spine and preventing any type of strain that can result in orthopedic diseases. Moreover, the body pillows also help in the overall relaxation of the body increasing blood circulation, giving a better warm night of shut-eye and keeping the body in the right posture. The type of perfect pillow for an individual depends on various factors such as physical frame, sleep position, and comfort requirements. The best way to find the right pillow is to go by the bedding material and check the feature for one’s personal comfort.

A properly designed cervical pillow can help you maintain the normal cervical curve while sleeping on your back at the same time allowing your muscles and tendons to relax. Moreover, a specialized cervical pillow helps in improving the overall posture and eliminating a number of orthopedic problems. Similar to having an ergonomic chair when sitting at the table or in front of a computer for long hours, your pillow should work ergonomically to support your neck for long hours of sleep. Cervical pillows too come in different shapes and materials too.

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