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Yoga Positions For Better Sleep

By Sleepsia

Yoga is known to be the best savior of all times. It hails its roots from ancient times and is becoming popular in almost all parts of the world. Unlike the gym, yoga doesn’t require heavy and space-consuming equipment or much money. Just a yoga mat or any comfortable rug is good to go! Various yoga postures have various benefits.

For example, the Vajra Asana is known as the digestion pose. It should be done after eating meals. The Tada Asana is known as the stretching pose. It is for those who wish to grow their height. There can be tons of other poses and other benefits. It is exciting to know that a single pose can be beneficial not only for a single thing but for many other ailments.

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There are many ‘Yoga Positions For Better Sleep’ and we all can perform them at home easily. Along with following these yoga postures, we should also welcome some changes in our lifestyle. We can opt for healthy food, can choose to drink more water, and can change our old sleeping pillows and mattresses. Believe it or not but our pillows matter a lot. Undoubtedly, the range of Sleepsia Bamboo Pillows is designed in a unique way to finish off all the sleeping problems of the people. We need to sleep on better pillows to gain benefits from all sides. A- yoga will help gain us healthy sleep, and B- better pillows will provide comfort and will add to the efforts of having a peaceful sleep. Let us know some of the yoga postures that can help us have better-sleeping patterns and let us explore some unknown benefits of the pillows made up of bamboo.

Yoga Poses To Do With The Help Of Bamboo Pillows!

Before knowing about other poses, let us know about two major yoga poses that can be done with the help of your favorite bamboo pillows. These poses can be the most comfortable because of the involvement of these pillows.

  • Child Pose: It is known as Bal Asana. It is the most recommended yoga posture before going to sleep. One needs to relax down like a child with hands stretched out, head facing the floor and resting on the bamboo pillow, with legs folded outwards. This is a great pose to let out the stress and relax after the entire hectic day.
  • Legs Up The Wall: Raise your legs upwards, with the support of the wall. Let your lumbar curve rest upon the bamboo pillow and then follow this posture. This position is known to release stress, settle down the nervous system, and reduce the gravitational pull on the heart and legs. It is also known as Viparita Karani.

These poses can be done with ease by Sleepsia Bamboo Pillows. These are the best pillows of all time. The filling of shredded memory foam and organic bamboo covers make these pillows super flexible and malleable. These pillows mold as per the head, the spine, and the neck. Performing yoga postures on these pillows becomes easy and convenient.

Above all, the breathability of these pillows helps people to stay fresh and relaxed while giving physical output. The ventilation and increased air circulation also help the people to stay sweat-free and feel light. The best part is that these pillows are hypoallergenic. It means the people performing yoga with the help of these pillows will not be bothered by allergic reactions such as sneezing, itching, running nose, etc. Undoubtedly, these allergic reactions are a menace while performing yoga. It is because yoga is all about focus, will power, and hard work. Imagine uncomfortable agents trying to make you off-the-track!

So, it is highly recommended to perform the ‘Yoga Positions For Better Sleep’ with the help of Sleepsia Bamboo Pillows. Don’t skip these pillows in the yoga poses that require comfortable support. Let us read more to know about yoga poses for having a great sleep.

Best Yoga Postures For Having A Great Sleep On Bamboo Pillows!

You can perform some magical yoga postures and later sleep on the miraculous bamboo pillows to have a complete ‘sleeping package.’ The following poses are super simple and super effective:

  • Triangle Pose: It is referred to as Trikon Asana because trikon stands for a triangle. One is supposed to stretch the legs and touch the right hand to the floor, towards the right side itself. Repeat it on the other side. The face should face the sky. It gives a glimpse of a nice triangle. So, it is named the triangle pose. This pose gives a nice blood flow and keeps the spine stretched. It will help you shun all the physical stress caused while working on the desk the entire day.
  • Breathing Yoga: Ujjayi breaths or ocean breaths are great to calm down the mind. One can perform pranayama as well to seek peace and calmness. This helps to gain a relaxed sleep.
  • Corpse Pose: It is known as Shav Asana. One is supposed to lie down with knees towards the chest. Inhale in this position and exhale while stretching the legs out away, but keeping the tailbone grounded. The feet should relax on the mat, away from each other towards the edges of the yoga mat. This is a deeply relaxed pose which is amazing for gaining a peaceful sleep. Don’t let harsh light irritate you while doing this. Let thoughts take over your mind and calm yourself. Post this, sleep on your Sleepsia bamboo pillows and see the difference.

Apart from it, there can be many poses such as Reclining Bound Angle or Supta Badha Kon Asana and Standing Ahead Bend or Uttana Asana. One can master the art of yoga through regular practice.


Team Sleepsia understands the importance of sleep for you. Therefore, we intend to provide you the biggest ever support through our range of bamboo pillow. These pillows will assist you in ‘Yoga Positions For Better Sleep.’.