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ULTIMATE COMFORT: We only use the most delicate bamboo fabric for our mattress cover. The ultra-soft and breathable membrane wicks away sweat and regulates heat to give you and your family a comfortable and fresh sleeping environment.

BREATHABLE MATTRESS COVER: This deep pocket daybed cover seals tightly and keeps large spring, waterbed, or memory foam totals up to 18" in place. This waterproof bed cover shields the mattress from leakage of urine spilled liquids, and moisture from bamboo fiber.

SILENT & SOFT: The Sleepsia Mattress Protector's surface is made of bamboo fabric, which makes it softer. This mattress cover fits the mattress well and won't creak or make noise when trying to fall asleep. It is especially helpful if you have young kids or elderly family members.

ADJUSTABLE MATTRESS PROTECTOR: The entire thing has a premium thin and silky smooth surface that is designed to be an unseen barrier to protect your mattress and keep the feel of your mattress. It fits over the mattress like a glove and stays in place whether the bed is altered or not. It is never quilted or cushioned.

EASY CARE: This waterproof mattress protector is simple to maintain because it can be machine washed and dried on low heat. For a simply clean sleeping surface, just throw it in the washer and dry it on low heat.

Get the perfect size for your bed:

  • KING SIZE 76"x80"
  • QUEEN SIZE  60"x80"
  • TWIN  39"x75"
  • TWIN XL 39"x80"
  • FULL 54"x75"

Comfort plus Firm:

It is made of cutting-edge bamboo fabric, which is more breathable than traditional cotton and gives you a perfect temperature balance. Natural bamboo fiber has a lot of three-dimensional pores, which makes it three times more breathable than cotton-based materials.

Breathable plus Safeguards:

Don't let a mishap at midnight or a cold's side effects ruin your day or your sleep schedule. Your mattress can be safeguarded against moisture, damp weather, humidity, spills, sweat, overnight accidents, and stains with the help of this exceptional waterproof mattress cover from Soft & Breathable Bamboo. In order to meet the needs of infants, children, adults, the elderly, incontinent persons, pets, and allergy sufferers, it was carefully constructed. There are family-friendly sizes available!

Perfect fit plus perfect choice:

Use Sleepsia mattress protectors to safeguard your mattresses. These mattress protectors are the best choice for homes with young children because they are simple to put on and have elastic bands that ensure a proper fit. These protectors, which come in different sizes for single, queen, and king beds, fit the majority of common mattress sizes.

Snug fit plus classy look:

This mattress protector ensures there are no lumps on your mattress after it is put on the mattress, ensuring your bed sheets can be spread out evenly. It is made of elastic spandex to create a snug fit.

Sleepsia is the best place to buy pillows. You can shop for pillows according to the requirement, type, or size. Additionally, you have a wide range of options when choosing between different type of pillows:-

  • Memory Foam Pillows
  • Shredded Pillows
  • Bamboo Pillow
  • Kids Pillows
  • Adjustable Pillows
  • Microfiber Pillows
  • Healthcare Pillows

Our wide range of products is designed to suit all kinds of sleepers. We carefully consider all quality parameters to check if our products would be right for our customers. We follow these parameters to maintain the highest possible quality of our products at the best price. We follow ethical business practices.

How are Cancellations processed ?

At Sleepsia, we offer a 10 Days Cancellation and Refund Policy. No Questions Asked.

In case you do wish to cancel or return an item, please inform us at the earliest. In case you have just placed an order and wish to cancel it, please reach out to us within 24 hours of placing the order.

Even if  the order has been shipped, we shall try our best to cancel the order. If not possible, we advise the customer not to take the delivery so that the item comes back to us and we can process a refund for the same.

When an item is returned, there is a difference in the initiation of the refund and its procedure. It completely depends on the condition in which the item is returned, how long have you kept the item with yourself and the mode of purchase of Item and the reason for returning the item.

How Refunds Are Initiated?

While returning a product, you need to ensure the product is in it's original or unused and is not tampered with and the packaging is intact. The item has to be sent back to us by the customer.

Once we have received the returned item and then you are receiving the refund, it would take  3-5 business days to process and initiate the refund.

For items purchased on Cash on Delivery (COD), refunds can be done via Paytm, or  Direct Bank Transfer, the details of which will have to be provided by the customer. In the above case a processing time of 3-5 business days would be required.


Certain items which are under a Flash Sale are not returnable. Aroma Diffusers too are non-returnbale. However, all products comes with their respective Warranty Periods which is 1 year in case of pillows and 6 months in case of Aroma Diffusers. Electronic Items like Massagers are non-returnable and do not have any warranty on them.

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