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Buy the Full Body Pillow That Fits Your Bed, Your Needs, And Your Budget


Full body support: The Body Pillow spans the entire length of your body so it can offer support to all your delicate joints.

Adjustable loft and firmness: With shredded foam inside, you can adjust the loft and firmness of this pillow.

Zipper Cover: The silky cover with premium zipper prevents the foam from spilling out.

Washable cover: You can remove the foam from inside the cuddle pillow and wash it in the washing machine on a gentle setting.

Perfect pregnancy pillow: We have crafted this long pillow to specifically improve support for pregnant women, as their body’s shape changes during the pregnancy period.

Brand: Sleepsia

Color: Grey

Material: Memory Foam

Item Dimensions (LxWxH): 54 x 20 x 6 inches

Shape: Cylindrical

How to sleep with full body pillow

If you're looking for a comfortable way to sleep, you can use our long-body pillow. It is made from premium quality shredded foam and is designed to support your head, neck, and spine. You can use a long pillow in a variety of ways to make sleeping more comfortable. Here is how to use a body sleep pillow:

If you're using a body pillow that doesn't have a cover, simply wrap the pillow around your head and neck. Let this cuddle pillow rest on your chest and shoulders for a comfortable sleep.

What are Sleepsia body pillows?

Sleepsia body pillows are made from high-quality materials, so you can rest assured that you're getting a product that will last. The long body pillow is also machine-washable, so you can keep it clean and fresh. Sleepsia offers the best body pillow for side sleepers and back sleepers. These pillows are designed to fit a variety of body types, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. The long pillow for bed is also great for those who want more support than traditional pillows offer.

How to keep your pillow from sliding out of place when sleeping

If you have a memory foam body pillow, there's a good chance that it slides around a lot during sleep. Here's how to keep it in place so you can get a good night's sleep:

1. Make sure your pillow is tightly-woven and filled with lots of foam. This will make it less likely to move around.
2. Place your long pillow on the floor next to the bed so that it's at the same height as your head.
3. Place one arm over the top of the pillow and use your other hand to hold onto the sides of the pillow.
4. Try not to move around too much while you're sleeping, and don't flip or rotate this long pillow too often.

Full Body Pillow - Spans entire length of body

With shredded foam inside, our body pillow for back pain provides the support you deserve and need. They improve your comfort with full body support and conform to your curves to ensure that your joints don’t experience any extra pressure. So it's a great full body pillow for side sleeping and back sleeping.

You can alter the height and firmness of the pillow by adjusting the amount of foam inside the pillowcase. With improved height, this becomes a great pillow for side sleeping. So our long body pillow facilitates all sleeping positions such as back sleeping, stomach sleeping, and side sleeping.

Improves Body Alignment

During sleep, good alignment of your legs, back, and hips protects your joints and improves comfort at the same time. This extra long body pillow offers great support and relieves pressure by the breathable memory foam and further enhances your comfort.

Improved body alignment also relieves pain in joints such as back, hips, shoulder and neck. If you’re a side sleeper, or you’ve recently gained significant weight, then our pillow can offer relief.

Best Pregnancy Pillow

As the shape of your body changes throughout your pregnancy period, our pregnancy pillow facilitates this change and consistently provides the same level of comfort by conforming to your shape.

Pregnancy increases your weight, putting more pressure on your delicate joints. The high density foam in this pregnancy sleeping pillow reinforces support to your joints to improve comfort and promote better sleep.

Entire Comfort Body Pillow

Sleepsia’s best body pillow has the CertiPur-US certification, meaning that the pillow does not contain harmful chemicals such as heavy metals and volatile inorganic compounds. Our pillows have the certification for safety and assurance.

This long pillow for bed preserves its original shape despite being highly moldable. Further, it is resistant to most common household allergens. That’s why it can accompany and comfort you for many years.

Sleepsia is the best place to buy pillows. You can shop for pillows according to the requirement, type, or size. Additionally, you have a wide range of options when choosing between different type of pillows:-

  • Memory Foam Pillows
  • Shredded Pillows
  • Bamboo Pillow
  • Kids Pillows
  • Adjustable Pillows
  • Microfiber Pillows
  • Healthcare Pillows

Our wide range of products is designed to suit all kinds of sleepers. We carefully consider all quality parameters to check if our products would be right for our customers. We follow these parameters to maintain the highest possible quality of our products at the best price. We follow ethical business practices.

How are Cancellations processed ?

At Sleepsia, we offer a 10 Days Cancellation and Refund Policy. No Questions Asked.

In case you do wish to cancel or return an item, please inform us at the earliest. In case you have just placed an order and wish to cancel it, please reach out to us within 24 hours of placing the order.

Even if  the order has been shipped, we shall try our best to cancel the order. If not possible, we advise the customer not to take the delivery so that the item comes back to us and we can process a refund for the same.

When an item is returned, there is a difference in the initiation of the refund and its procedure. It completely depends on the condition in which the item is returned, how long have you kept the item with yourself and the mode of purchase of Item and the reason for returning the item.

How Refunds Are Initiated?

While returning a product, you need to ensure the product is in it's original or unused and is not tampered with and the packaging is intact. The item has to be sent back to us by the customer.

Once we have received the returned item and then you are receiving the refund, it would take  3-5 business days to process and initiate the refund.

For items purchased on Cash on Delivery (COD), refunds can be done via Paytm, or  Direct Bank Transfer, the details of which will have to be provided by the customer. In the above case a processing time of 3-5 business days would be required.


Certain items which are under a Flash Sale are not returnable. Aroma Diffusers too are non-returnbale. However, all products comes with their respective Warranty Periods which is 1 year in case of pillows and 6 months in case of Aroma Diffusers. Electronic Items like Massagers are non-returnable and do not have any warranty on them.

Write a review

Body pillows with memory foam

James Smith

For me as a side sleeper, Body pillows with memory foam offer increased comfort and support compared to regular body pillows.

body pillows

Noah Rodriguez

I mean, my last pillow wasn't that comfortable. Since I've been pregnant, I've tried two other body pillows, but the one with Memory foam suits me the best. I think it is temperature sensitive, allowing it to conform to the shape of my body for better sleep posture and spinal alignment.

Great body pillow

Sarah Emily

Felt no pressure while using it. My back pain abated by a lot, like I was able to fall asleep without expericing significant pain. Great body pillow.

Adjustable body pillow

Alice Lily

Adjustable body pillow. Hell yes. I love the idea, and the material is very soft. In love with the texture.

sleepsia body pillow

Susan Elia

Highly recommned for anyone who's going through pregnancy. I've been sleeping more confortable lately, all thanks to this pillow. The delivery was significantly fast, and at no extra cost. The fabric is something I'm a bit iffy about because I sometimes love its feel and sometimes don't. But everything else is just perfect.

What an amazing product

Sophia Gonzalez

What an amazing product? I love these pillows so much because they ended my struggles with neck and back pain. Just amazing.

support for my neck

Benjamin Perez

Those old pesky pillows were so bad, especially the down ones. I had to fold the pillow in half to get decent support for my neck. This pillow is quite amazing because of its adjustability.

amazing solution

Lucas Lee

A must have for all the side sleepers out there. Whenever you struggle with back pain, just buy this. I realized too late that I was twisting my lower back by not sleeping with support. This is an amazing solution to that problem.

helpful pillow

Henry Ramirez

Gets warm, but it's okay. I mainly bought it because my friend suggested that it is essential when pregnant. Last trimester, and this thing is helping a lot.

great body pillow

Mia Lewis

As expected, great body pillow from sleepsia. Every morning, I come alive because i get such good sleep.