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2 Pack Pillow Protector | Pillow Covers | Pillowcases
2 Pack Pillow Protector | Pillow Covers | Pillowcases
2 Pack Pillow Protector | Pillow Covers | Pillowcases
2 Pack Pillow Protector | Pillow Covers | Pillowcases
2 Pack Pillow Protector | Pillow Covers | Pillowcases

2 Pack Pillow Protector | Pillow Covers | Pillowcases


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Silky Smooth Pillow Protector

The smooth, silky fiber derived from the pulp of bamboo glides over your skin and hair and makes you fall in love with your pillow.

Great for Skin and Hair

Because of its smooth and silky nature, our bamboo derived viscose pillow cover does not irritate your skin nor causes damage to your hair. And by wicking away sweat, our pillow case prevents the build up of acne causing bacteria.

Stay Cool all Night!

As a pillow protector made with bamboo derived viscose and polyester fabric (30% Bamboo, 70% Polyester), it promotes airflow and enables heat to escape from the pillow. So the pillow stays cool throughout the night.

Modern and Minimal Design

These zippered pillow covers offer both comfort and style. The minimalist design of this pillow protector will easily fit in with your decor and embellish your bedroom.

Zippered Pillow Cover

This zippered pillow cover ensures that the fill of your pillow won’t flow out as you sleep. And if you need to wash it, you can open up the zipper of the pillow case and take out the pillow fill.

Environment Friendly

This bamboo derived viscose pillow protector isn't just durable but also biodegradable. This pillow case is made of fabric is made from Bamboo derived viscose and polyester (30% Bamboo, 70% Polyester), which grows quickly, is water efficient, and doesn’t require pesticide treatment.

Smooth, like Silk

Created with bamboo derived rayon microfiber, these pillow covers glide over your hair and face to offer you the best beauty sleep. And because it doesn’t cause friction and irritation to the skin, you can enjoy an uninterrupted sleep.

The cover is not just posh and lustrous but also sleek because of its sateen finish. The lenin is woven and the cover is designed in ways to make everyone in your family fall in love with it.

Beautifies your Skin

Because of the high quality microfiber and bamboo fabric, these pillow covers quickly wick away sweat and moisture, preventing your pillow from becoming a breeding ground for acne causing bacteria.

And because the smoothness of the fabric minimizes skin irritation and the cooling effect minimizes sweating, your skin stays well hydrated and rejuvenates to give itself that special glow.

Memory Foam Cradles The Head And Neck
Breathable Design And Hypoallergenic Material

Cool and Comfy

Fibers made of bamboo are hollow and contain small gaps that promote ventilation, which enables the hot air to escape easily, keeping the pillow cool and dry while you forget all your worries and drift into sleep.

And even as sleep clouds your mind, this cover doesn’t cling but rather promotes comfort and compliments the coziness of your pillow. Who would not want such a material against their skin night after night?

Durable and Environment Friendly

The cover stays crisp and won’t rip or tear with usage because of the fiber’s long-lasting and durable properties. And to wash the cover, you can remove the pillow core by opening up the zipper.

This cover isn’t just friendly to your skin and hair but also to the environment. Bamboo grows quickly, doesn’t require pesticide treatment and efficiently uses water. As it is natural, bamboo fabric easily biodegrades.

Environmentally Friendly And Certipur-Us® Certified

Frequently Asked Questions

Shredded memory foam pillows offer adjustability of not only the loft but also firmness. Simply open up the zipper case and insert more memory foam to increase the loft of the pillow.

The memory foam used in this pillow is of ultra premium quality and enables the pillow to last for at least 5 years.

As hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant materials, both the memory foam and the bamboo rayon fabric rarely cause skin allergies and can inhibit the growth of P.acne, the primary acne causing bacteria.

Our pillows are thoroughly vetted to ensure that they’re completely odorless.

After taking out the memory foam from the zipper case, you can wash both the zipper case and the bamboo cover.

Additional memory foam comes with the package. You may use it to further firm up your pillow and increase it’s height.

No, all materials used in this pillow are dust mite and mold resistant.

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