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  • Sleepsia lumbar support pillow for office chair is made using 100% Premium Memory Foam. It has a special type of foam filling that provides support for the entire day. This is ideal for recovering from back pain.
  • Our lumbar support chair cushions also make sure that the backrest is secured tightly on any office chair, desk chair, computer chair, sofa, couch, car seat, SUV, truck, wheelchair, or other bigger chairs. It comes with an adjustable strap.
  • This ergonomically designed lumbar support pillow for office chair will help relieve upper, mid, and lower back pain, and back tightness. The natural curve of your spine will not be affected by this pillow.
  • Our back cushions provide exceptional support without slipping or sliding, even with all the shifting and jostling you might experience while sitting. The high density memory foam conforms to your body's shape to provide the most optimal comfort.
  • The removable and machine washable mesh cover of this black colored lumbar pillow for the chair allows air circulation while the pillow rests against your back, keeping you cool and comfortable.

Enjoy Your Time At The Office Or On The Go Without Back Pain with Lumbar Pillows For Chair

Whether you are a passenger in someone else's car, or behind the wheel of your own vehicle, it is important to make sure that you can enjoy a comfortable ride while spending as little time as possible focused on your driving. If you spend a lot of time sitting in an office chair and driving in a car, this back cushion can help you. It has been designed with ergonomics and helps to relieve the pain in your shoulders, back, and lower spine. Our adjustable strap pillow helps back cushions stay in place. The high-density foam takes the shape of your body and gives you perfect and optimized comfort.

Sleepsia lumbar support chair cushion is made from premium memory foam that will keep you feeling soft and comfortable while sitting. Plus, our thick, high-density foam will retain its shape and shape over time, ensuring that your relaxing or working experience is always top-notch. Our pillow is the perfect size for a variety of people, including students, office workers, and pregnant women.

Lumbar Support Pillow For Office Chair

Though sitting for long hours can cause chronic back pain, it also puts more pressure on the supporting muscles and our spine. The excess pressure causes muscle fatigue and hurts the back. As the pain increases, muscles tend to get weaker, which sends the weight of our body onto our spine causing chronic back pain. We have designed our lumbar support pillow in such a way that it suits all chairs – office chairs, car seat, gaming chair, wheel chair.

Back Support Pillow Improves Sitting Posture

Sitting for an extended period of time can cause the lower back to feel tense. Properly supporting your lower back through the use of lumbosacral discs, will help to alleviate any pain and aid in minimizing stress. Our back support cushion for office chair is designed for people with back issues, like chronic pain and muscle spasms. It can help reduce pain and support your spine when you´re in bed.

Lumbar support for office chair: Easy To Maintain

We like goods that require low maintenance. This lumbar pillow for chairs has a mesh cover that is removable and machine washable. It will keep your back cool and dry. Sleepsia back support cushion for office chair has stretchable straps that may be snugly fastened to prevent sliding up and down. It helps the lumbar support to fit perfectly in the seats. This ensures a more comfortable experience. You can make use of this pillow for a long time. Just keep washing it at regular intervals.

The benefits of sleeping or resting on good quality and high-density pillows:

Here are three reasons why Sleepsia’s lumbar pillow is the best decision you can make for your quality of comfort experience:

  1. It relieves pressure points: Pressure points are the most common problems people have when they lean or rest on a cushion. These are places where your body feels especially tense or tight and can cause headaches, neck pain, and other problems. By using Sleepsia’s lumbar pillow, you can reduce the pressure on these areas and get relief from your symptoms.
  2. It supports your back: The high density of Sleepsia’s lumbar memory foam pillow helps to keep your back and promotes good spine alignment. This not only helps to relieve pain but also helps to improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation.
  3. It makes you more comfortable: Resting on a good quality memory foam pillow can make you more comfortable in general. Not only will it reduce pressure on your body, but it will also reduce the effects of tossing and turning. You’ll sleep better every night because of the comfort experience this cushion delivers.

Overall, Sleepsia's Lumbar Memory Foam Pillow is one of the most comfortable pillows available on the market today. It is perfect for people who want to experience a comfortable ride without having to spend a lot of money.

Sleepsia is the best place to buy pillows. You can shop for pillows according to the requirement, type, or size. Additionally, you have a wide range of options when choosing between different type of pillows:-

  • Memory Foam Pillows
  • Shredded Pillows
  • Bamboo Pillow
  • Kids Pillows
  • Adjustable Pillows
  • Microfiber Pillows
  • Healthcare Pillows

Our wide range of products is designed to suit all kinds of sleepers. We carefully consider all quality parameters to check if our products would be right for our customers. We follow these parameters to maintain the highest possible quality of our products at the best price. We follow ethical business practices.

How are Cancellations processed ?

At Sleepsia, we offer a 10 Days Cancellation and Refund Policy. No Questions Asked.

In case you do wish to cancel or return an item, please inform us at the earliest. In case you have just placed an order and wish to cancel it, please reach out to us within 24 hours of placing the order.

Even if  the order has been shipped, we shall try our best to cancel the order. If not possible, we advise the customer not to take the delivery so that the item comes back to us and we can process a refund for the same.

When an item is returned, there is a difference in the initiation of the refund and its procedure. It completely depends on the condition in which the item is returned, how long have you kept the item with yourself and the mode of purchase of Item and the reason for returning the item.

How Refunds Are Initiated?

While returning a product, you need to ensure the product is in it's original or unused and is not tampered with and the packaging is intact. The item has to be sent back to us by the customer.

Once we have received the returned item and then you are receiving the refund, it would take  3-5 business days to process and initiate the refund.

For items purchased on Cash on Delivery (COD), refunds can be done via Paytm, or  Direct Bank Transfer, the details of which will have to be provided by the customer. In the above case a processing time of 3-5 business days would be required.


Certain items which are under a Flash Sale are not returnable. Aroma Diffusers too are non-returnbale. However, all products comes with their respective Warranty Periods which is 1 year in case of pillows and 6 months in case of Aroma Diffusers. Electronic Items like Massagers are non-returnable and do not have any warranty on them.

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amazing product

Theodore Torres

One thing I can say for sure. My posture has improved a lot. And it's all because of this amazing product.

great and lovely

Evelyn Robinson

I got three. One for my home office, The second one for my car, as I've to drive for long hours, and the third one for office. And my back is lovin' it.

helpful for back pain

Harper Nguyen

While I had suffered from back pain for a long time, using a combination of therapy and exercise and using this cushion regularly, I got major relief. I believe that my back pain is almost gone now. Hope to never go through it again. Just a friendly reminder: always pay attention to your posture and correct it throughout the day.

better for my back

Elijah Hill

Received it just in time. I am surprised by its firmness because I was hoping for a more fluffy foam, but I can definitely see why a firm cushion is better for my back.

love this pillow

Charlotte Baker

I love this pillow. Do you guys sell a pack of two for this one?