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How to Wake Up Happy

How to Wake Up Happy

Every person wants to start fresh in the morning, but for this, they will need a sound sleep. This will only happen when you go off to sleep and keep all your problems far from your bed. At least, this is how it is intended to go. For waking up happy, the foremost important thing is good and comfortable sleep. If we sleep on a comfy pillow and a comfortable bed, we tend to have healthy and sound sleep, and only we will wake up fresh the next day. To make our day new and happy, we all have to keep some points in mind, like- not setting the alarm on snoozing, not using mobile phones late at night, and many more.

If you're not a morning person, getting out of bed usually involves hitting the snooze button and drinking a lot of coffee. Most of us use this daily habit to get out the door, but it rarely increases our enthusiasm for the day ahead. But changing your behavior is a simple approach to shift this depression. We should wake up refreshed and with a happy mind.

We've included some ideas to keep you moving every day.

Here we are sharing some points that you should do to wake up happy

Don't stay up till late at night- Getting to bed the night before is the first step to a joyful morning. According to experts, a whole night's sleep is beneficial for everyone. It is said that having a rest of six to seven hours keeps your mind refreshed. Experts advise not to use electronic devices at least an hour before bedtime so that your brain remains calm and ready for sound sleep. If you are working irregular hours or are taking care of a newborn, this may be challenging, but try your best.

Stay away from the screen

Using your phone when you wake up can be terrible, but using it right before bed might be disastrous as blue light stimulates the brain and prevents it from making melatonin, the hormone that alerts the body that it is time for 40 winks of sleep. If you need a sound sleep, set your phones and other screens aside for one hour before bed. This will help you wake up in a good mood and be happy all day.

Use a comfortable pillow

A stormy night's sleep is a sign of an uncomfortable pillow. Use a neutral-positioning cushion to hold your head up. Choose a comfortable and soft pillow from Sleepsia for a healthy and sound sleep. To keep them smelling fresh, pillowcases should also be washed frequently.

Switch to Alarm Clock

Using an alarm clock instead of the alarm on your smartphone is one of the best ways to guarantee a good morning. Before your feet have even touched the ground, you expose yourself to the various demands on your attention from the outside world when you wake up to your phone's alarm and then follow the path of alerts. Regain control of your attention with a screen-free morning ritual instead of allowing emails, texts, social network notifications, and news alerts to dictate your waking minutes.

Prepare your breakfast at night

Making decisions about your breakfast the night before helps you choose healthy options and reduces the likelihood of grabbing something hastily and unhealthy. You may prepare overnight oats to keep in the fridge, chop up vegetables for a healthy egg scramble, or create chia pudding with berries that will be ready when you wake up.

Give some time for Self Love

Another way to improve your morning is to write a pleasant note to yourself the night before. Like you would to a good friend or a child in your life, offer yourself words of encouragement. Even though it may seem foolish at first, waking up to a note from you to yourself that encourages you or says, "This is going to be an incredible day," and it‟s gonna place a spring in your step. You can jot it down on a sticky note and tape it to your computer, write on the mirror in your bathroom, or even tuck the message into your lunch or coffee cup.

Go for the right pillow and mattresses

It's time to boost your game and spend money on a mattress that satisfies your sleep requirements. You should check your bed/pillows every seven years. Replace it if it isn't supporting you. Out of multiple mattresses available in market, there are ranging from memory foam to innerspring.

Get a shower before bed

Take a warm shower, and then rinse off with cold water. It is said that increasing body temperature causes muscles to relax and release tension, which enhances feelings of well being. Warm showers also promote better circulation. Psychologists contend that a cold, five-minute rinse at the end of your battery can mimic some of the beneficial antidepressant benefits of electroshock therapy, boosting brain activity and serotonin production.

Do some Stretching

If your partner is a bed hog and you spent the entire night in the same position on a tiny patch of the bed, stretching can assist get the blood flowing to your stiff muscles. Yes, they are aware of who they are.

Additionally, stretching can help you get through the day by:

It improves adaptability, expanding the range of motion, boosting stamina, and lowering the risk of injury.

Arrange your stuff for the next day

Make every effort to ensure that the morning of your next busy day goes smoothly the night before. Set up the coffee maker, lay out your clothes, and locate your keys so you won't waste time looking for them. These straightforward steps are within your power and might help your day start calmer and less frantic.

Plan for some fun

Sometimes the preparation and excitement before doing something enjoyable is half the fun. Utilize your wind-down period before bed to organize plans or activities for the next day so that you have something to look forward to when you wake up. “Asking ourselves what‟s the most exciting thing I look forward to, dream even. To make you wake up with enthusiasm and rigor. Nothing, really flashy, could just be a film festival, catching up old or even new buddies, setting up a laughter club in the neighborhood park, a new hobby.” Just about anything interesting!

Seek the positive

Everyone makes a significant difference. What do you have? Remembering that happiness is not something that happens or somewhere you arrive one day. Happiness is a state of mind and an activity. Consider carefully your day's interactions with friends, services rendered, and acts. Consider the results of your actions. Do they produce favorable results? How could they if not? When necessary, alter your activities so that you can confidently improve the lives of others.

Visualize the next day

If traditional meditation involves emptying your mind of all thoughts, you might prefer a nocturnal imagery meditation, which will assist prepare your mind for a brighter morning. It is advisable to do so by mentally going over your next day to set your intentions. Think of everything going smoothly from beginning to end. What are the beautiful events that will take place? What obstacles will you encounter, and how will you overcome them? Also, advice to plan out when and how you'll take self-care breaks during the day.

Wash your Face

Consider washing your face with „cold water‟ before going to bed. You can also use face wash to clear your skin. Doing this will freshen your body and helps for proper sleep. It not only allows you to rest fast but also refreshes you in the morning. Also, it helps in tightening your skin and open pores.

Follow your routine

Your odds of getting a good night's sleep and waking up feeling rested are ruined if your bedtime, morning, and weekend routines are all over the place. Create patterns and follow them to support your body's normal sleep cycle. This entails putting yourself to bed and waking up simultaneously every night. To improve your morning performance, you can do a tonnes of things the night before. Being consistent will help your actions turn into habits.

Embracing a Positive mental attitude

PMA stands for Positive Mental Attitude and is crucial to achieving personal satisfaction. If Possessing a PMA means, that one is looking forward to better times, even facing current difficulty. It also entails maintaining your confidence in your ability to get through obstacles as they arise. According to research, a PMA can have a favorable impact on physical health in addition to promoting healthy mental and emotional health.

Avoid Alcohol

A glass of wine may help you unwind when your nerves are strained, but you shouldn't depend on it every night. Your sleep cycle may be disturbed by alcohol, which may keep you from entering a deep sleep. Moreover, consuming alcohol is harmful to your body and also causes insomnia.

Breathe deeply

The more tasks and stress we deal with throughout the day, the more anxious we become. When we are worried, we may not notice that our breathing alters and becomes shallower. Take a moment to focus on your breathing as a relatively basic and straightforward tip. Is it flimsy? Draw in a little more air and exhale it slowly. Repeat this a few times to feel more relaxed in a matter of minutes.

Say No to Snoozing

Did you know that repeatedly pressing the snooze button has a name? Drockling is what it's called, and it's not a good thing! Drockling makes it challenging to awaken feeling refreshed since it throws off your body's natural clock. Eventually, you can feel foggy and irritable when you ultimately get out of bed. Set your alarm 10 minutes sooner instead. You can start your morning by slowly waking up while lying in bed. It's equally as vital to mentally and physically prepare for the day.

Go with bright colors

A splash of color on your person will instantly lift your spirits; when they are around you, it can do the same for others. Wear yellow if you're feeling depressed. The color yellow is regarded as the cheeriest and most upbeat of all the colors. Choose a soothing color like lavender or light blue if you feel worried.

Demonstrate gratitude

Practicing gratitude is a common way to increase pleasure for a good reason. Gratitude is effective, as demonstrated by the study, so consider listing ten things you must be thankful for before going to bed, either mentally or in writing. "Paying conscious attention to appreciation alters the neurochemistry of the brain, especially the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with feelings of happiness. And if you're having trouble getting into the flow with your pre-sleep gratitude practice, check out gratitude notebooks packed with questions and prompts.


After reading all these points, we have learned one major lesson about happiness. It doesn't just happen. We must repeatedly and deliberately work to build joy in our lives. It is a routine. We need to do things that make us feel good inside regularly. Finding ways to wake up happy, which means going to bed more comfortably, is one of the keys.

We should always use comfortable and cozy pillows for sound sleep and to wake up happy the following day. Your eight hours will be the most serene, thanks to our diligent efforts! Sleepsia offers the best-in-class pillows with categories including standard pillows, contour pillows, also pain treatment pillows, as well as a unique bamboo pillow appropriate for children. We use intelligent metrics to evaluate each product. We are bringing you the best selection at a fair price. We enjoy offering our consumers unique products at fantastic prices and cost-effective combo packs.

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