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6 Milk Fixes for Calming Your Anxieties and Getting a Better Night’s Sleep

By Sleepsia

Super Milk Concoctions for Super Slumber

For a good night’s sleep to heal wounds, the most used home remedy Indians swear by is having milk. So, is milk a magical elixir? Or is it just a farce and your mind tricks you into believing it’s working when actually it’s not? There have been studies on finding the truth behind these claims. And, it has been proven that there are quite a few benefits of drinking milk before going to bed. The benefits are as follows:

Serotonin production: Serotonin is a chemical that helps in modulating mood, easing anxiety and also helps in having a good night’s sleep. Tryptophan is an amino acid present in milk that helps in the production of serotonin. Serotonin releases help your mind relax and calm you down to finally fall into slumber.

Melatonin sync: Melatonin is a hormone that tells your body that it is time to sleep. It regulates the sleep cycle in your body telling your body when to sleep and when to wake up. Melatonin is also found in milk as well. Melatonin formation takes after the sun goes down basically signalling your brain to tell your body that it’s time to sleep. The melatonin in the body along with the melatonin in milk helps your body get in sync and release serotonin to help you fall asleep.

Protein supplement: Many times you feel like skipping dinner or eating something light that will fill the nutrient quotient, or you have an early dinner and you crave something late at night. Milk is a great option for you to have that will offer nourishment without making you feel full. A glass of milk is filled with protein.

Having the same old plain milk every night can make it boring, you can always spice it up and play with your drink once in a while to make it more interesting. That is also beneficial in ways since the additional ingredients will bring in their nutritional value along with their flavour and aroma. There are a few several recipes that are making the rounds for giving necessary nutrients and ample amount of sleep.

  1. Mon Cherry Milk: Milk with cherry juice, rose petals and ashwagandha is a magical elixir for sleep. Cherries are rich in melatonin and helps in maintaining the sleep wake cycle smoothly. It is not just tasty but healthy as well.

● It helps in producing sleep inducing serotonin.
● Relaxes and relieves sore muscles.
● Maintains sleep cycle.

  1. Milk with a tinge of turmeric: This golden combination is famous in Indian households for centuries and is one of the best ways to have your milk. Although the recipe can be modified as per your taste. Along with turmeric, you can put cinnamon and a piece of ginger too in it. Bring the milk to shimmer with all the ingredients. Then pour that into the glass and serve it with honey. It is wise to not have sugar. Try to reduce the consumption of sugar as much as possible.

Drinking this turmeric milk will help in reducing inflammation.

• It safeguards you from oxidative damage.
• It helps you in case you have sleep deprivation.
• It helps in relaxing your mind.
• It also lowers your anxiety levels.

  1. Pink Power: Strawberry milkshake is a favourite of many. Strawberry milk is not only good in taste but it will also help you get a good night’s sleep. You can prepare delicious strawberry milk by pureeing 4-5 strawberries. Then pour it into the glass, Add milk of your choice it can be either hot or cold. Stir it well, then add honey to it. Serve it warm or cold as you wish and just doze off to dreamland.

● It helps in maintaining healthy skin.
● It balances the melatonin level.
● It has vitamin C and antioxidants.
● It also Vitamin B6 which again helps in regulating melatonin.

  1. Soothing lavender milk: Lavender is known for many uses and one of them is being incorporated into milk to make it tastier and healthier. Lavender is known to be very therapeutic and it also helps in curbing stress and anxiety levels. Lavender oil is used for its soothing and calming properties, so when consumed with milk it exhibits the same properties. Although the oil is not used in the milk. You can use lavender tea.

● Since lavender has sedative properties it acts as a mild sedative, to begin with.
● It helps in relaxing your mind and as a result, you wake up fully charged and energised.
● It helps you in deep sleep.

  1. Banana Milk to get a good sleep: Bananas are rich in magnesium and potassium it helps in destressing your overworked muscles. Take a banana and make it puree and then add a glass of warm milk to it. Stir it well, you can add honey or maple syrup to it or a pinch of vanilla flavour for better flavour. Drink it all up and go off to bed.

● The potassium and magnesium in banana helps in relaxing your overstressed and overworked muscles.
● The presence of tryptophan like in milk helps in releasing more serotonin which helps in you having a better sleep.

  1. Go green with Matcha: Many studies say to have an early dinner and then to have a cup of green tea before you go to sleep. Drinking green before bed can boost your metabolism and help you gain a better digestive system. You can mix matcha with milk and have it before going to bed and it will surely help you in similar ways.

● Having matcha milk will help you in maintaining a healthy metabolism thereby promoting proper weight.
● It helps in regulating serotonin levels and thus helps you stay relaxed and sleep well.
● In addition to all that it results in good mood and help in battling your anxieties as well.

Good sleep is very important to maintain a proper and healthy body. Apart from these measures other things also help in having a good sleep. And talking about having milk before going to bed, then there are people who are lactose intolerant, meaning they cannot have cow’s milk. In that case, people can always opt for almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk and others. All the above recipes will taste the same with other varieties of milk as they would with cow milk.

Besides the consumption milk try to do exercise, meditation and yoga, that helps in maintaining and relaxing your mind and therefore helps you sleep well. Also, a proper sleeping arrangements also add in a lot in having a good night’s sleep like a good mattress or good pillows for that matter. A healthy lifestyle always includes a proper sleep cycle which helps you have a long, healthy and happy life.