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Yoga in Bedtime

Yoga in Bedtime

It’s high time that we inculcate the habit of practicing yoga in our daily mundane- because we know that the second leading cause of death is cardiovascular disease.

The prevalence of heart disease is escalating due to our sedentary lifestyle and therefore the role of exercise comes into the picture. Well, let's understand how this yoga and exercise play a pivotal role in reducing such deaths. With the increase in pressure due to work, family issues, and several other aspects, stress has been a part of everyone’s life; therefore it’s very important that we manage our stress in order to live a healthy life.


  • Yoga builds you strong from within, which represents inner peace as well. The practice of yoga helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • Yoga helps in maintaining your blood pressure and thus reduces stress levels, maintaining the Blood pressure within the normal range is a way to decrease the chances of several other comorbid states such as diabetes, kidney diseases, heart diseases, etc. On the other hand, yoga and exercise will aid in improving the lung capacity to breathe properly (lung exercises).
  • In addition to this, the problem of obesity leads to several other problems and it has become a common problem even in children since they lack the habit of playing outdoor games and are fascinated with digital games, which eventually leads to building up fat and thus becoming obese. Thus, practicing the habit of doing exercises every day will help to lower the incidence of obesity. Similarly, the exercises can help in lowering the risk of hypercholesterolemia, by burning the fat in your body. The habit of walking and practicing a few leg exercises can thereby help in relaxing the muscles and thus contribute a great benefit to arthritis patients.
  • It is not necessarily important that one should practice yoga in the morning, however, following a bedtime routine, i.e. yoga before 1 hour of sleep can eventually lead to similar benefits with great deliverance from sleepless nights. Practicing yoga at bedtime not only helps you to overcome insomnia, it also unwinds the stress and increases the quality and duration of sleep, providing relief from your anxiety.
  • Yoga and exercise help us to feel rejuvenated every day and give a new strength, thereby boosting our inner positivity and thus transforming us into an optimist. In this modern world, with the advancement of technology, there are many new medicines being discovered nevertheless it is important to discern the fact that, therapy alone is not the sole pathway to cure any disease. medical treatment together with a healthy lifestyle i.e., proper diet and exercise can be a successful approach to curing a disease.

Above all, yoga and exercise, are the means to have an overall enhancement in the quality of life of patients.


These yoga asanas can be practiced on your own, with no worry towards a search for a yoga trainer, or amount to be spent, and you can save your time too. You can try these yoga poses an hour before your sleep, however, make sure you keep the following aspects in your mind:

  • Select a calm and quiet palace
  • Take your yoga mat
  • Make sure you set a goal (learn new asanas or lose weight)
  • Practice every day at the same time, in the same place.
  • The central focus of the yoga asana is on the breath, therefore start with sukhasana (easy pose), where you are supposed to sit in a crisscross manner by putting one foot to rest on the opposite thigh.
  • As you inhale, lift up through the spine and lengthen your neck. Breathe out to bring down your shoulders and lay your hands on your knees.
  • This pose helps mostly in people who spend the majority of the day on their feet, as this pose improves circulation.
  • Place your feet in front of a wall and lie on your back.
  • Lift your legs up the wall and start moving your buttocks in the opposite direction until they touch and your legs are straight up against the wall.
  • Then keep your arms rest in a comfortable position, and finally focus on releasing the tension in your body, by following your breath.
  • You can hold this pose for up to five minutes.
  • Start by sitting up straight with your legs out in front of you.
  • Then, draw your legs in, while your feet are pressed together.
  • Your heels ought to be as close to your groin as you possibly can.
  • Your knees should be pointing straight down.
  • You can do this, by lying flat, with your elbows outstretched by your sides.
  • Hold this pose for about 30 seconds or 1 minute.
  • As you stand, keep your feet together.
  • After making a forward bending at the waist, touch your toes.
  • During this posture, in order to get your hands to the ground, you can bend your knees, however, bend only to an extent that you can are comfortable enough, rather than forcing the pose.
  • If you still couldn’t touch the toes, you can lean on the yoga block.
  • This posture helps in enhancing the blood flow and oxygen supply to your brain, apart from the feeling of a stretch in your back.
  • This pose is considered the last pose of the yoga session before you go to bed.
  • Although physically the easiest, corpse pose can be mentally challenging. You like to lie flat on your back with your arms at your sides and your legs out in front of you. Relax your feet and drop to the side.
  • Make sure your palms are facing upward.
  • This pose represents that you are almost with a relaxed state with all your stress relieved and ready to experience a sound, deep, peaceful sleep.


With the outbreak of covid-19, the importance of these aspects (yoga and exercise) is being highlighted much more than in the beginning, because the major weapon to fight against this virus was our immune system. Therefore, it reminds us of the fact that the one who follows the practice of yoga can have body fitness with good immunity. No doubt, diet plays a role in enhancing our immunity, but it’s important to understand that exercise also contributes a part to developing the immune system and thus helps us to be fit as a fiddle.

On the other hand, practicing yoga at bedtime unwinds us from our stress, and anxiety, thereby helping to fight against insomnia.


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