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What are the Best Types of Pillowcases?

What are the Best Types of Pillowcases?

Pillows shopping isn't given much attention. People just go and grab random pillows and buy them! So, if pillows aren't bought after research, is it possible people would spend time in knowing which is the most appropriate pillowcase? No! But, to be true, the trend has changed. During the pandemic, most of the people have realized that sleep is one of the most important things in life. So, pillows and pillowcases need attention. Out of all the sleeping essentials, pillows and their covers hold a great importance. After all, these two combine to make a comforting lap for the users. So, one must be very particular about these two.

For many, bamboo pillows are the best pillows for sleeping. But 'What are the best types of pillow cases?' To know about it, let us explore ahead. But before that, it is important to know that pillows and their covers are directly linked to a peaceful sleep and are partially responsible for most of the sleeping ailments. Sleepsia bamboo pillows can be termed as the saviours in adverse times. These pillows are packed along with best quality pillowcases and that is why it is a favourable combination.

Choosing Pillowcases And Pillows Wisely

There are many types of pillowcases available in the market. From cotton pillowcases to bamboo ones, from polyester and satin ones to silk pillow covers, the market is flooded with variety. One must choose the pillows and pillowcases wisely. Let us know some points that are to be kept in mind.

Choosing The Best Pillows

First step is to choose the best pillow for sleeping. Then one can move ahead to buy better pillowcases. The first and foremost thing to be kept in mind is- comfort!

  • Comfort: Comfort is the first priority. Look for a pillow that should not be rigid to give the experience of roses!
  • Hypoallergenic Properties: A pillow that can help protect the users from getting exposed to allergic reactions such as sneezing, coughing, rashes, or running nose, is an appropriate one.
  • Supreme Filling: Filling is also an important factor. Shredded memory foam filling is highly recommended as it lets the pillows support the alignment. Sleepsia uses finest shreds of memory foam to be inserted in the bamboo pillows.
  • Breathability: The pillow that maintains air circulation and keeps the users sweat and satisfaction free, is an apt pillow. Look for eco-friendly soft bamboo pillows for sleeping!

Apart from this, one should decide on the size. Size should be chosen as per the requirement. For example, if the user sleeps on the tummy, he/she might require two pillows, maybe in a bigger size!

Choosing The Right Pillowcases

Choosing The Right Pillowcases

Choosing the right pillow protector is also a task. People just go and randomly pick the pillow covers that simply look beautiful. However, along with beauty and other features, quality is important too.

  • Look For Apt Size: One must look for apt size. Loose pillow cases will let pillows dance and under-sized pillow covers will tighten the pillow, reducing its quality.
  • Material Is Important: Pillow covers are the first thing that come in contact with the skin. The best recommended material these days is bamboo. Some people are allergic to certain fabrics that are hard and harsh. So, material is important.
  • Protection: Look for the protection that the cover is offering. It should be strong enough to handle stains, dirt, sweat, and some spills. The washing tendency should be better so that it is easy to wash the pillow cover without harming the filling inside.
  • Benefits: It is important to know if the pillow cover is hygienic, long-lasting, durable, healthy, and breathable or not. If it's a yes, then it's a big yes!

Know Some Types Of Pillow Cases

The list is dynamic! Remember, whatever is chosen should be healthy. Spending money is futile on the pillow covers and the fabric that isn’t comfortable or which will not last for long. So, explore the list below and decide for yourself and your loved ones.

Cotton Pillow Cases

Cotton Pillow Cases: Boring Or Not?

‘Comfort’ journey and 'Cotton' go hand in hand. Cotton pillow cases are known to be super fresh and comfortable. However, cotton isn't considered luxurious and seems boring for many. As a result, people buy other 'good-looking pillow covers' that may or may not be soft and healthy.

  • Try With Twist: Today, the market offers subtle cotton pillow covers that come along with elegant designs. So, boring cotton isn't a problem!
  • Luxury With Cotton: The subtle and elegant designs make simple cotton fabric covers a part of the luxury range!
  • Benefits: Cotton fabric pillow covers are super breathable, adding a fresh touch to the sleep. Also, these are affordable too.
  • Drawbacks: The only drawback can be sometimes these might be boring. For some, these may not soak sweat.

Satin Pillow Cases: Yes Or No?

Satin Pillowcases add to the royal and luxurious feel. See if it is a yes or no!

  • Softness: The satin covers are super soft. The soft touch infuses happiness within the users. As a result, post a stressful day, the moment one falls on these pillow cases, dozes off to sleep.
  • Beauty Benefits: Some of the beauty benefits include satin pillow covers helping in reduction of the hair fall. The hair strands are witnessed a little less than other pillow cases.

Silk Pillow Cases: Not A Bad Idea Either!

Choice is completely of the user! Silk pillow covers are made from the silk that is obtained through the process of silk fabric making with the help of silk worms. It is animal protein fiber!

  • So, if one wishes to buy original silk pillow covers, he/she should be ready to spend money.
  • It is expensive and a real luxury!
  • It has beauty benefits, is natural, and helps protect skin and hair while sleeping.

Some More Options For Best Pillow Covers

Here, we will be exploring polyester and bamboo pillow cases. Look for what suits the best. But as per the trend and sleeping issues increasing in the pandemic, bamboo memory foam pillows and bamboo pillow covers by Sleepsia have gained a huge positive response.

Know About Polyester Pillow Covers

Many Polyester Pillow Covers are bought by the users but then it depends upon the quality of the cover whether it will last for a long time or not. But overall, polyester pillow covers are chosen for their long life. These are affordable, easy to use and maintain, and are available in many choices. Such covers are man-made and not natural so may not offer much eco-friendly benefits. Also, the power of sweat-soaking and breathability may be less.

Bamboo Pillow Covers

Bamboo Pillow Covers: The Best Choice

Bamboo pillow covers are the popular choice these days. Why? Because-

  • Breathable: These provide breathable sleep and improve air circulation along with sweat soaking support.
  • Hypoallergenic: These bamboo pillow protectors help the user stay away from allergic reactions.
  • Soft, Soothing, And Hygienic: These are highly recommended due to such features.
  • Natural: Obtained from bamboo, these are natural and eco-friendly!


After reading this article and knowing about 'What are the best types of pillowcases' why not choose bamboo pillow covers? Sleepsia makes brilliant bamboo pillows and bamboo pillow protectors with smooth zippers and high-quality material. It is worth buying!