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5 Best Sleeping Positions for Lower Back Pain

By Sleepsia

Almost everyone suffers from lower back pain and stiffness. With an increase in the work from home culture, high levels of stress and abrupt workstations at home, have caused an increase in this pain. In the pandemic, people have been exposed to wrong sleeping positions, binge-watching in vague postures, working on laptops on beds or sofas, and so much anxiety. Believe it or not, but other than the impact of some pre-existing diseases, lower back pains have come into the limelight more due to the above mentioned reasons.

This article will talk about ‘5 Best Sleeping Positions For Lower Back Pain’ that will help people begin with healthy changes in their life. We all wish to sleep peacefully. How about trying to sleep but flipping sides due to lower back pain? For sure, it isn’t something one would digest. Hence, to stay away from a sleepless night and a lazy morning, one must focus on bringing slight changes in the sleeping positions. It is worth mentioning that in this journey of bringing some changes in the sleeping patterns, the biggest support extended is by the pillows and mattresses. One must choose comfortable and high-quality sleeping essentials. Sleepsia bamboo pillows or orthopedic cervical-support pillows are helpful pillows for sleeping, with no pain.

Lower Back Pain: What To Do?

Lower back pain is highly troublesome. It causes obstacles in normal tasks’ functioning. Productivity gets affected and the person isn’t able to cope up with the routine. This pain is not just physical but a mental stress too.

Choose Best Pillows For Sleeping

Choose Best Pillows For Sleeping

The first thing to do is choose better pillows for sleeping. Mentioning the best ones, offered by Sleepsia, are as follows:

  • Bamboo Pillows: Such pillows have shredded memory foam filling and have fresh bamboo touch. The breathability, comfort, and flexibility aligns the spine and protects from lower back pain.
  • Orthopedic Cervical-Support Pillows: These pillows have dual heightened sides, are ergonomic and contoured. The butterfly shape relaxes the neck, shoulders, and the back. It helps get rid of back pain, giving proper alignment. So, orthopedic pillows should be given preference.

Change Your Sleeping Positions

The next step to be done is bringing a change in the sleeping patterns. The five best positions for lower back pain will be discussed ahead. Till then, one must know that better pillows are always supportive of various and almost all sleeping patterns. So, it is all interconnected. Therefore, be very careful while choosing pillows.

  • Opt for better pillows so that they support the sleeping patterns.
  • Try lower back pain supportive postures. If not habitual, begin slowly.
  • Before depending upon medication, begin with such efforts.

Know First Two Sleeping Positions For Lower Back Pain

Let us explore the sleeping patterns that help give relief during lower back pain. First two postures are as follows-

Sleeping On The Tummy

This position has gained popularity recently. It is because proning helps in making the oxygen levels better. But many say that it isn’t favorable when it comes to lower back pain. However, this is not completely true.

  • Try this position and look if it isn’t stressing your neck.
  • Sleep on the stomach and place a pillow beneath the lower tummy.
  • Place another pillow under the head or remove it, depending upon how the neck will take it.
  • This position helps to relax and provides relief to the space in between the discs. Hence, it is helpful for lower back pain.
  • However, if any sort of doubt exists, a quick recommendation from the health expert isn’t bad at all!
Side Sleeping For Lower Back Pain

Side Sleeping For Lower Back Pain

Side sleeping is the most favourable position for many. It helps to relax the back when pillows are inserted in between the knees. This is the trick! Pillows Between Knees + Side Sleeping= Relaxation!

  • Turn to the side rather than lying flat.
  • Grab a pillow and place it in between the knees.
  • Add or remove more pillows, or adjust accordingly. Or choose size as per convenience.
  • If uncomfortable, look for adjustment with the mattress too.
  • This position helps to let the hips and pelvis and spine stay in alignment. Alignment is the most important as badly aligned parts pop out pain.

Next Three Sleeping Positions For Lower Back Pain

After trying the above mentioned sleeping postures for back pain, the next three positions are as follows. Those who did not feel comfortable with those, can try these!

Sleeping On The Back

Sleeping On The Back But With A Twist!

The twist says to insert a pillow beneath the knees while sleeping on the back. Many find it the most relaxing state of sleeping. It works wonders for many when they let the back interact with the mattress.

  • While one adds a pillow under the knees, it helps to maintain the natural curve of the spine.
  • It helps in the alignment.
  • This helps the body to relax as pressure or strain isn’t felt at one single point.
  • The weight is evenly spread across the body and one particular area of the body isn’t targeted.
  • One can also roll a bed sheet or light AC quilt or a towel and keep it beneath the back only if it feels comfortable.
  • Maybe this rolled up fabric and pillow combine to make it a perfect sleeping position for back pain.

Fetal Position: Sleeping Sideways!

This is another sideways position that can help a person seek relief from lower back pain. As per this position, one can turn over to the side and try to bring the knees towards the chest. The sleeper can also bring in the upper part of the body towards the knees. This curling position is highly recommended in herniated discs.

Reclined Position For Back Pain

With the upper body and head elevated, this can also be considered as an apt sleeping position for many. It is similar to sleeping on a hospital adjustable bed that gives support to the back.

  • One can bring an adjustable bed for sleeping in this position. Certain couches are made for this purpose. One may try those too.
  • The lower body stays intact with the bed, couch, or chair. Chair might not be comfortable though!
  • It is suitable when the ‘vertebrae slips’ happen. It is also referred to as isthmic spondylolisthesis.
  • This position helps to create a particular posture and a setting between the lower body (thighs) and the upper body (hips). As a result, strain on the lower back is reduced.


The conclusion says that after knowing these ‘5 Best Sleeping Positions for Lower Back Pain’, we should not ignore them. Look for whatever is comfortable! But always keep your health care provider in loop. Lower back pains should never be taken lightly. Also, one must never run out of good sleeping essentials as well. Keeping sets of Sleepsia bamboo pillows and Sleepsia orthopedic cervical-support pillows will add on to the benefits. While choosing pillows that are required for support in some sleeping positions, above mentioned pillows should be given priority. Afterall, whatever is healthy, hygienic, less-messy, and convenient, should be chosen!