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How Much Sleep Do Kids Need?

How Much Sleep Do Kids Need?

In the midst of the hectic life, almost everyone wants to go back to childhood where life was all about eating, playing, sleeping, and repeating the entire cycle. The moment kids approach adulthood, the emotional and physical stress and changes start impacting sleep. Maybe that is the answer to the question of why do babies sleep so much? A kid sleeping is the most beautiful and pure visual which reflects that the peaceful and innocent face carries no stress. However, with the severe changes in the lifestyle and exposure to certain ailments, kids are also witnessing lack of sleep at a tender age. Therefore, for parents it becomes important to know and monitor the sleeping patterns of the kids. It is because sleep is the root cause of a healthy framework of life. So, 'How much sleep do kids need?' should be known to almost everyone.

Parents should step ahead to rectify the sleeping patterns, if not appropriate. The first, simple and easy input from their end should be replacing all that is causing issues in their children' sleep. By replacing rigid and old pillows, the first step can be taken.

Without much thought, Sleepsia pillows for sleeping should be welcomed at home. It is interesting to know that their range of bamboo pillows, premium shredded memory foam filled pillows, or gel-infused contoured cervical pillows are fit for all types of sleepers. The bamboo pillows for sleeping are appropriate for a kid sleeping. Being parents, the responsibility is to provide best sleeping essentials to the kids so that at least the pillows, mattresses, or blankets don't interfere.

Exploring A Kid Sleeping And The Dream World!👶

Watching a kid sleeping is so satisfying! It sometimes makes the adults envious of flying freely in the similar dream world. This article will let us explore the sleeping patterns of kids and how it can become better.

Sleeping Patterns Of Tiny Tots

Sleeping Patterns Of Tiny Tots

Usually it is said that a newborn baby till three months of age sleeps for about fourteen hours and a maybe a little more, upto seventeen hours. Isn't it interesting? Imagine adults sleeping every day for fourteen hours and not going to jobs! On the other hand, the infants who are four to eleven months old can sleep up to fifteen hours.

  • Sleep is broken into pieces at this age.
  • Tiny tots usually get up at night and it might not be possible that they sleep continuously throughout the night.
  • The feeding sessions also break the sleep into parts.
Sleep Schedule Of School Kids

Sleep Schedule Of School Kids

The toddlers who are of the age of one to two years, usually spend eleven to fourteen hours sleeping. However, the kids going to school who age between three to five years may sleep more than ten hours. Whereas, school kids from six to thirteen years of age may sleep from nine to eleven hours.

  • It is important to monitor the sleeping patterns of school kids.
  • Any sort of emotional trauma or bullying should not let the sleep of the kids have a negative impact. So, parents must enhance communication with kids of this age.

But Why Do Babies Sleep So Much?🥱

But Why Do Babies Sleep So Much

This is a common question that revolves around the minds of people when they see a kid sleeping. Many say, 'Baby equals to sleeping!' But for kids, if they spend appropriate time sleeping, they would gain better cognition, memory, retention, and growth and development.

Happy Reason Behind A Kid Sleeping Frequently

Kids, when they take birth, enter a new environment. The womb and the outer world are completely two different zones. While a baby is nourished in the tummy through the food that a mother eats, when the baby takes birth, breastfeeding for the initial phase of life nourishes the babies.

  • Food And Sleep Go Hand In Hand: A baby when takes birth, the selfless love of the mother, the warmth, and the comfort of the lap while breastfeeding lets the child doze off to to sleep before even having complete milk. As a result, he/she might get up all over again after the nap to have milk and then go back to sleep again.
  • This Is The Reason: The lap of a mother lets the child doze off to sleep immediately. Keeping this in mind, Sleepsia prepares its range of pillows that tend to provide a comforting lap as that of a mother to let the kids and adults sleep peacefully.

Medical Reasons Behind A Kid Sleeping Too Much

Although, tender kids sleep too much. But if they sleep within the normal time period which may be for long hours but is apt usually for all the kids, then it is fine. But if as a parent you witness your kid sleeping too much, contact the healthcare provider.

  • Check if the kid isn't suffering from ailments such as infections, jaundice, or diet related issues.
  • Visiting a pediatrician for baby's weight management and monitoring is helpful.
  • Look if the baby isn't falling short of nutrition because of long-long hours of sleep. In that case, waking up the kids after intervals so that they can consume nutrition is important.

Does Feeding Affect Sleep For Babies? And What About Mothers?🤱

Does Feeding Affect Sleep For Babies?

Sleep of the babies, mothers, and feeding has a close connection. It has a different impact for mothers and for kids. While feeding can make babies doze off to sleep, new mothers may desire for sleep or may not! Find out below-

Feeding Session And The Kid Sleeping!

Newborns usually sleep while they are breastfed. Being a mother, if you are unable to witness your kid swallowing milk or making clicking sound while consuming milk, it means the baby hasn't completely consumed it. Before anything is done, babies doze off!

  • For the initial time period, it is okay as kids usually sleep while being fed.
  • But after some time, it is advisable to let the kids develop the habit of sleeping on their cots or beds and not on the breast of the mother.
  • Breast milk is said to be digested easily by kids so they get up again to have it!
  • There is a mixed finding between the researches however. Many say breastfed kids have better sleep while many witness frequent night time wake ups or no relationship between the two at all.

Feeding Sessions And A Sleepy Mom!

A nursing mother struggles in gaining proper sleep. It is because of the vague sleeping patterns of the kid. However, many say that a mother who breastfeeds may get more and better sleep.

  • It is because of prolactin, which is a hormone found in the breast milk.
  • This hormone is released in the bloodstream by the mothers while they breastfeed the babies.
  • This hormone is known to induce sleep.
  • It also helps to provide relaxation to the nerves, giving a relaxed sleep.

Explore Happy And Healthy Sleeping Habits For Kids😇

Explore Happy And Healthy Sleeping Habits For Kids

Kids need to develop healthy sleeping habits from the beginning. Obviously, in the initial phase of life, a child depends upon the parents. But parents should also start molding the kids to let them live a healthy life in future. A kid sleeping and another kid struggling to sleep makes a huge difference! The second kid is at a risk of falling into the clutches of insomnia, sleeping disorders, anxiety, stress, depression, digestion issues, and other ailments in future.

Making Baby Sleep In The Initial Phase

Babies and their sleeping habits should be monitored by parents.

  • Ensure hygiene while letting your infants go to sleep.
  • Look if the baby isn't wet due to leaked diapers.
  • Keep a record and stay in constant touch with the pediatrician.
  • Avoid any risk of suffocation, breathlessness, choking, or sudden infant death syndrome.

Watching A Bigger Kid Sleeping!

'Bigger' and 'Kid' might not go well with each other! But here, by saying this we mean the kids who are no more infants and are approaching school-hood. At this stage, development of a better sleep cycle becomes important. Especially today, when kids are stuck between binge-watching and laptops and other gadgets.

  • Better Sleeping Essentials: Keep a better mattress and better pillow for the kid sleeping in your house! It is advisable to welcome Sleepsia bamboo pillows for sleeping.
  • Better Routine: Let the kids understand the importance of discipline. Reward them for following better routines and help them sportingly if they fail to do so.
  • Healthy Lifestyle: Let kids follow a healthy lifestyle. Kids learn what they see so it's better to rectify your own life! Exercise, meditation, and healthy meals should be promoted.
  • Keep Kids Easy: Let kids wear loose and airy clothes to help them have better sleep.
  • Communication: Communication with kids is important. Notice behavioural or sleep changes and their life at school or with friends. Communicate in case of any psychological issue.

The Sleeping Pattern for KIDS

The Sleeping Pattern for KIDS
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Is The Kid Sleeping Happily Now?😴

If yes, then it is fantastic! But if no, then for sure, certain changes are to be made. After knowing 'How Much Sleep Do Kids Need?' one can easily notice the similar sleep patterns of their kids. Any issue, contact to the healthcare provider should be made on an urgent basis. Above all, what gets ignored is the need of better pillows for kids. Sleepsia Bamboo Pillows are one of their kind! These are eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and breathable. Approved by regulatory bodies, these pillows for sleeping are fine for kids too. So, in the initial years of developing a better sleep routine for the kids, inclusion of these pillows in their lives is a must.

Recent Update on Co-sleeping with Pets Enhances Sleep Quality

Concordia's Pediatric Public Health Psychology Lab (PPHP) researchers found that co-sleeping with pets enhances the quality of sleep in children. The findings are published in the journal, ‘Sleep’.

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