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What's Your Sleeping Position Says About You?

What's Your Sleeping Position Says About You?

Sleeping positions and patterns say a lot about an individual. The way one sleeps reflects if the individual is going to have a healthy life or will welcome certain ailments in future. Some have the habits of sleeping in a certain way and if the position is wrong, they are helpless in rectifying it. While others are ready to change and do anything to get better! So, the people falling in the first category can choose better sleeping essentials to let the damage of wrong sleeping patterns decrease.

One can trust on Sleepsia which makes a wide range of bamboo pillows, memory foam pillows, cervical support pillows, and others. Their pillows usually support every kind of sleeper- be it a side sleeper, or back sleeper, or even tummy sleeper. These pillows try to reduce the impact of wrong sleeping positions, if any, within the users.

Heard about 'what your zodiac says about you?' or 'what your favourite colour says about you?' If yes, then surprisingly this time it is 'What Your Sleeping Position Says About You?' Sleeping patterns of an individual also say a lot about the person, the approach towards life, the personality traits, and much more. In this piece of writing, the reader will get glimpses of various sleeping positions from the health perspective and from the psychological perspective too! So, for those who believe in how certain things such as habits, colours, and actions reflect personality traits, this article may interest them as well!

Exploring Sleeping Position And Health With Bamboo Pillows

Each sleeper sleeps in its own way either because of the habit or because of the comfort. However, habit and comfort are interdependent too. For example, if a sleeper feels relaxed while sleeping on the stomach, he/she will sleep in that position everyday. Ultimately, it will develop as a habit. Now, sleeping on the stomach is healthy or not is secondary. Therefore, in such cases Sleepsia bamboo pillows for sleeping may help the user to stay fresh and breathable even while sleeping on the tummy. Let us explore more about various sleeping positions.

Side Sleeping Position With Bamboo Pillows!

Side Sleeping Position

Side sleeping is considered an appropriate sleeping position for all. The health experts suggest this sleeping pattern for various reasons. Even if sleeping sideways, one should not let the support of bamboo pillows shoo away!

  • Helps In Digestion: Unlike stomach sleeping, this posture is known to help in supporting the digestion. However, people sleeping on the right side witness some hyperacidity or reflux but left side sleeping causes less acidity.
  • Relief In Snoring: If a user sleeps on Sleepsia Bamboo Pillows, and above all, if the chosen posture is sideways, the chances of snoring become minimal. Proper air flow and no blockage helps to reduce the noise pollution in the form of snoring! It ultimately makes the partners happy!
  • Pain-Relief Sleeping: Side sleepers are known to witness less issues with blood circulation or back pain. Spinal alignment becomes better with this sleeping position.

Back Sleeping With Bamboo Pillows!

Back Sleeping Position

Sleeping on the back may feel fine for many but it isn't a better sleeping position than that of side sleeping. It has its benefits and deep impacts. To minimise the bad impacts, when can choose Sleepsia Bamboo Pillows for sleeping or even cervical pillow is made up of exclusive quality memory foam.

  • It may help to cause no pressure on the face as the face isn't pressed on the pillows unlike those who sleep sideways or on the tummy.
  • Back sleeping is considered appropriate for infants and kids but may not be better for adults.
  • Back sleeping may not allow better air flow. So, snoring and breathing issues may not become better with this sleeping position.
Stomach Sleeping Position

Stomach Sleeping With Bamboo Pillows!

This type of sleep position isn't suggested by many experts. However, if it has become a habit then it is advisable to choose best supportive pillows such as bamboo pillows to stay out of the impact of bad effects.

  • Stomach sleeping may put pressure on the neck and spine.
  • It may spoil the alignment.
  • Also, it may affect the digestion too.
  • So, one should avoid sleeping on the stomach but if helpless, then it is advisable to choose softer, breathable, malleable, and hypoallergenic pillows.

Exciting Revelations Of Sleeping Position And Personality!

There is a close connection between how we sleep and how it portrays our personality. There are many types of sleeping positions that depict how the sleeper is in real life. So, while you are dozing off to sleep, there is someone trying to decode how you are in your personal life!

Sleep Positions (Freefaller , The Log, The Fetal, Starfish, The Yearner, The Soldier)

Knowing About A Freefaller Sleeper!

Freefaller sleeping position is when the sleeper sleeps on the stomach with both hands above. The hands are on the pillow and the face is turned to the side!

  • It is said that usually those who are freefallers are blunt, bold, and speak their hearts out.
  • This type of position is also known as a prone position.
  • Since it is sleeping on the tummy, it is advisable to choose a bamboo pillow to sleep in this sleeping position.

Sleep Position: The Log For The Rarest!

This kind of sleeping position is when the sleeper sleeps to the side with both the hands straight down. It is very rare as the reports show less people sleep in this position.

  • People who prefer ' Sleep Position: The Log' are the ones who are socially active.
  • Such people are outgoing and easy going.
  • The log sleepers consider themselves healthy and fine.

The Fetal Sleep Position For Emotional People!

This is the type of position where the sleeper sleeps to the sideways with knees rolled or bent towards the chest.

  • It indicates the sleeper is emotional and sensitive.
  • Many can indicate signs of introversion, compactness, and shyness.
  • It seems similar to sleeping like a baby, all rolled up!
  • Sleepsing Sleepsia bamboo pillows while sleeping in this position can provide extra support. Since these pillows are stress-busters and super airy, it can give additional help.

Starfish: The Sleep Position For Givers!

Those who sleep on the back with both the arms above on the pillows are said to be sleeping in the starfish position.

  • The people who prefer the sleep position of starfish are the givers. They love to give away to people.
  • Such sleepers are ready to help and support others, selflessly.
  • Such sleepers may be good listeners too as they never run away from listening to problems of people.

The Yearner: Sleep Position For Uniques!

Those who sleep in this sleeping position may be complex for many but that is what makes them unique. Sleeping to the sideways with both arms stretched out is the Yearner Sleep Position.

  • Such sleepers are complex but once they are determined to do something, it is most probably achieved.
  • The Yearner sleepers are open minded and may take time to decide. But once they do, there isn't any going back!
  • Rather than Gen-xers and millennials, boomers opt for this type of sleeping pattern.

Sleep Position For Sleeping Like Soldiers!

The Soldier Sleep Position is when the sleeper sleeps on the back with both hands and arms down by the sides. Just like a soldier!

  • People usually begin with this position but end by sleeping in other patterns with the passage of time.
  • Such sleepers keep themselves reserved and don't open up easily.
  • Such sleepers have expectations from themselves and others.

How Better Pillows Play Role In Supporting A Sleep Position?

Sleepers sleep in their desired sleeping position. But if the pillows are chosen wisely, a particular sleep position may help to bestow upon the benefits and not the ill-effects. So, it is recommended to sleep on Sleepsia bamboo pillows or cervical pain support orthopedic pillows.

What Makes Bamboo Pillows Support A Particular Sleep Position?

Bamboo Pillows, especially by Sleepsia are filled with premium quality shredded memory foam. It helps them to stay malleable and flexible. Moreover, the bamboo pillowcase adds to the breathability.

  • Lets Body Stay Cool: These pillows help the users sleeping in any sleep position. The breathability and air circulation don't let the user struggle for ventilation while sleeping which can be the case while sleeping on the stomach.
  • Provides Relief To The Neck: The memory foam shreds help the pillow to stay flexible. It provides relief to the hollow space between the head and the neck while sleeping at the back.
  • Supports The Whole Body: Also, the hypoallergenic properties of the pillow help the user to stay away from the allergens while sleeping.

How Orthopedic Pillows Help A Particular Sleep Position?

Cervical support pillows by Sleepsia which help in giving relief during cervical pain, stiffness in muscles, and other orthopedic pains can emerge as heroes.

Orthopedic Pillows Help A Particular Sleep Position
  • Such pillows are gel-infused and contoured. Two-sided height of these pillows help the user sleep sideways.
  • The shoulders are held comfortably while sleeping sideways.
  • The butterfly shape makes the orthopedic pillows super supportive of the sleeper sleeping in almost all positions.

Sleeping In Which Sleep Position Is Wise?

As discussed above, sleeping on the tummy can generate issues. Also, sleeping in a back sleep position can help people but can have some ill-effects too. Out of all, sleeping sideways is better. However, the sleeper is supposed to have a better pillow while sleeping sideways too.

Why? Because, the face is supposed to submerge in a soft cloud to avoid pressure and allergies on skin and the platform should be able to comfort the shoulders as well. Sleepsia pillows for sleeping can help the sleepers in the best way possible! So, now that you know 'What Your Sleeping Position Says About You?' why not aware others about it?

Also, why not gift better pillows to our loved ones so that their sleep positions become healthy, comfortable, and peaceful!


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