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Pillow Height (Loft): How High Should Yours Be?

Pillow Height (Loft): How High Should Yours Be?

The right pillow height could mean the difference between turning off the lights and counting sheep until dawn. The average pillow height for good head and neck support is between four and six inches, however the height of a bed pillow can vary as much as the material that person prefers.

Regardless of your body type and preferred sleeping position, making sure your pillow height is perfect will guarantee that you're getting the best possible rest for the rest of your life. Let's make sure you're sleeping properly by defining a pillow loft and deconstructing the ideal spinal position.

What is a pillow loft?

What is a pillow loft

Understanding the terms used by pillow makers to describe pillow size and shape is the first step in selecting the best pillow for your body. If you've already started looking for pillows, whether offline or online, you may have noticed the term "pillow loft" popping up occasionally.

So, exactly what is it? The term "loft" is used to describe a pillow's thickness. You can think of height as interchangeable with pillows when buying. One of the following three terms will be used to describe pillows the most frequently:

  • Low loft - Low loft pillows have a thickness of three inches or less.
  • Mid Loft - Mid loft pillows range in thickness from three to five inches.
  • High loft - Five inches or more of thickness distinguishes high loft pillows.

Every category has pillows of high quality. Only your choices and sleeping position will determine which one you will buy.

Things to keep in mind to find ideal height of your pillow

Things to keep in mind to find ideal height of your pillow

  1. Posture:

Every sleeping position has its own difficulties.

  • Back sleepers may sense that their heads droop from their spines when using a low pillow or that they are somewhat inclined when using a high sleep position.
  • Side sleepers experience the same issues as back sleepers. You might feel strain on your shoulders if you are in a high position.
  • People who sleep on their stomachs face the danger of spending the entire night raising their heads upward. The neck and spine are overworked as a result of this.

As you can see, picking the proper pillow requires understanding your preferred sleeping position.

  1. Body type:

When compared to sleep position, which should be your main concern when determining the ideal pillow height for you, body type is typically less of a factor. However, here are a few things that you must keep in mind.

Your recommended pillow height will depend on your shoulder height if you sleep on your side. Broad shoulders increase the space between your spine and the mattress, but they also necessitate a higher cushion. Bulkier sleepers will sink deeper into their mattresses, necessitating lower-loft pillows than would a smaller sleeper.

  1. Mattress softness:

Your body gives way to the mattress as you sleep. The firmness of your mattress will determine exactly how much. You settle in more deeply on a softer mattress. You won't require as much height from your pillow because your spine will be more parallel to the mattress' height.

  1. Pillow softness:

Pillows come in a range of firmness, just like mattresses. As they drift off to sleep, some people like the softness of a down pillow, while others crave the stability of a foam pillow. The kind of loft you require may depend on whether you select a hard or soft pillow. A low loft foam pillow will better keep its form and height under the weight of your head than a low loft down or down substitute pillow during the course of the night.

How high or low should your pillow be?

How high or low should your pillow be

Since pillows alter our spinal position, finding the ideal pillow height is so crucial and personal. The inappropriate pillow height can lead to poor spinal alignment in addition to affecting the quality of your sleep. This might result in a cervical spine injury, a crick in your neck, or sleep apnea. The pain in the neck, shoulders, and back can be reduced, however, with the help of good alignment.

Maintaining a neutral spine is important if you want to fall asleep quickly, stay asleep all night, and wake up feeling comfortable and relaxed. This implies that regardless of your body type or sleeping position, you shouldn't use a pillow with a loft that causes your head to be tilted up or one with a loft that is too low or too thin that causes your head to hang down.

In a perfect world, your head and spine remain in alignment. When your ear lines up level with your shoulder, you've found the ideal pillow height.

Based on your preferred sleeping position, you can get a general idea of the best type of pillow.

  • Side Sleepers: When utilising a medium-density cushion that is between five and seven inches tall while you sleep on your side, you can have peaceful dreams. These pillows are regarded as being mid- to high-loft. To preserve a neutral spine, side sleepers need the highest pillows. Remember, though, that if the pillow is constructed of a denser substance, a lower pillow would be appropriate.
  • Back sleepers: If you like to sleep on your back, you might want to choose a pillow that is between four and five inches tall. All through the night, these mid-loft pillows can assist you in keeping your head high and your spine straight.
  • Stomach Sleepers: If you frequently fall asleep on your stomach, you might want to think about using pillows that are between four and five inches high to lower your risk of back pain. These pillows are categorized as mid- or high-loft ones.
  • Combination sleepers: People that switch up their sleeping positions are known as combination sleepers. But even these people have a preferred sleeping posture that typically determines the height of their pillows.

How Do Pillows Affect Your Sleep?

How Do Pillows Affect Your Sleep

There is nothing better than returning home to a soft, inviting bed that is filled with luxurious pillows after a long, stressful day. Although pillows provide us with an unparalleled amount of relaxation, they can also seriously harm our bodies. A worn-out pillow might damage your organ health and spinal structure in addition to impairing your sleep.

  • It can cause pain

Despite being a basic innovation, pillows are essential to our general wellness. Your back, neck, and head support will suffer if you choose the improper pillow for bed. Your spine will be entirely out of alignment if your cushion is excessively flat or puffy. The misalignment will probably cause neck stiffness and general back pain.

  • It can result in allergies

Try a different cushion if you have recently suffered allergy flare-ups and are unable to identify the source. Over time, pillows draw dust mites, which are a frequent cause of asthmatic symptoms. Buying a brand-new pillow ensures that the inside is clean.

If you are wondering whom to choose, one answer can be Sleepsia. Checkout the website of Sleepsia and discover a variety of professional pillows that are especially created for you if you've been experiencing any of these pillow-related problems. You'll probably need a firm pillow to support your head and spine alignment if you prefer to sleep on your side or back. Usually, stomach sleepers want a small, soft pillow.

  • You can have interruptions in your sleep

Readjusting your pillow frequently creates a huge disruption to your sleep schedule. Your brain has a tougher time unwinding when you frequently toss and turn, which leaves you feeling very exhausted the next morning. Attempt to split your pillow in half. If it doesn't straighten up again, a new one is probably in order.

How Many Pillows are Ideal for Sleeping With?

How Many Pillows are Ideal for Sleeping With

Experts generally advise utilising just one pillow under the head to improve sleep, regardless of posture. Extra pillows run the risk of straining the neck and spine. But extra cushions placed elsewhere can help the spine align properly.

Tips For Choosing Your Ideal Pillow Height

Here are a few last tips to think about as you explore the available options or drift off into a restful sleep:

  • Consider your other demands before selecting your material. For instance, if you tend to sleep overheated, a cooling memory foam pillow can be your best sleeping companion. If you are allergic to down, you could prefer a pillow made of synthetic foam or polyester. And if you're on a tight budget, think about a polyester pillow that offers comforting value. The pillow that best fits your body and way of life is the one you should use.
  • Choose the height that you believe will assist you maintain perfect spinal alignment once you've decided on your material.
  • Your pillow should be soft and conform to the shape of your body. Your pillow must, above all else, feel comfy to you. Embrace your gut feeling. You can tell if a pillow isn't a good fit by how it makes you feel.

Thus, to conclude that is all you need to know about pillow loft and how high you should keep it. Keep in mind your comfort at the first place and do not let anything come between you and your good night's sleep.

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