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Sleep Apnea In Children

Sleep Apnea In Children

Sleep Apnea is something serious that can't just happen with adults only. Our tender kids can undergo the same problem. On a serious note, parents should start thinking about tackling this problem super soon. One should realize the seriousness of this issue. Breathlessness can't be taken lightly at all! Apart from medication and meditation, what works to calm down our restless and breathless kids is sleep.

A comfortable sleep indeed! However, the sleep should be complete with 'Sleepsia Bamboo Pillows'! 'Sleep Apnea In Children' can be treated with these pillows. These pillows hold our babies like flowers! Our tiny tots feel blessed and breathable while sleeping on these pillows. Before we know more about the pillows and their features, it is important to know what exactly Sleep Apnea is! And what are the benefits of bamboo pillow in Sleep Apnea? How does it target our kids? And what exactly are the effects of this problem!

What Is This Sleep Apnea? How It Affects Our Child?

Sleep Apnea is interrupted by breathing during the sleep cycle. It refers to the sudden start and stop of the breathing process while sleeping. It is not common in adults but in kids too. One needs to know this results in irritability and sleeplessness in the kids. This further affects them psychologically and affects their efficiency to work.
  1. Kids Fail In Routine Work: The disturbed sleep cycle ruins their routine. No set timings remain for their tasks. It upsets their work schedule too.
  2. Mood Swings: Sleep Apnea results in sleeplessness and irritation in the kids. They get mood swings. Anger and sadness might increase.
  3. Lack Of Efficiency: Kids fail to work effectively. Their cognitive skills might get affected.
  4. Psychological Pressures: Kids might face stress, anxiety, and pressure. They might wake up after a sleep feeling tired and lazy. This situation will result in the blasting of the mind.

How Bamboo Pillows Soothe Our Kids Suffering From Sleep Apnea?

These pillows are magical! They are bound to protect our kids from sleep apnea. It is because these pillows guard our tiny tots in every possible way. Through these pillows, 'Sleep Apnea in Children' can be handled easily!
  • Soft Fabric: The washable and removable pillow covers are made with soft fabric that is highly durable. This soothes the kids and minimizes all the irritability. A softer platform will always calm down the kid.
  • Hypoallergenic Pillows: These pillows don't allow the allergens to get into the nostrils of the kids and irritate them. A, it is Sleep Apnea, and B, the allergens causing running nose and sneezing! Imagine the scenario. It is horrible, right?? These are hypoallergenic pillows, to punch away the microbes, allergens, bacteria, etc.
  • Breathable Bamboo Pillows: This is the best feature! The pillows are breathable enough to let the children sleep with good air circulation. The increase in the airflow and breath ability helps the kids to tackle Sleep Apnea with power!
  • Natural Pillows: These are made with bamboo that is extracted naturally. The pillows are created with utmost care. Children are free to use these pillows and relax. These pillows are Certi-Pur US Certified. So, no chances of V.O.Cs or toxic material used in the making. Complete natural, healthy, and durable pillows for children!
Aren't these pillows the power-house of benefits? Let these pillows shower benefits upon your children and let the kids relax in this suffocating world.


Choose the Bamboo Pillow to cure the 'Sleep Apnea In Children.' Along with the doctor's wise words, what your child needs is this pillow, and your love. To order these pillows, go to www.SleepSia.com, and call us on +1800-862-1084 to seek answers to your questions.

Remember to calm down your kid! This can be traumatic and difficult for our children to handle. Involve them in rhythmic breathing, pranayama, yoga, meditation, or regular walks. This will not only increase their breathing capacity but will also calm their mind. Go ahead! Wishing you all loads of power!