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Why Do People Talk in Their Sleep

Why Do People Talk in Their Sleep

Visuals of a partner screaming in the sleep aren't romantic at all! Kids who do sleep talking don't seem cute in the long run. It is rather something to get stressed about. 'Why do people talk in their sleep?' There are many reasons. But what needs to be given priority is that sleep talking isn't beneficial. It may be a sign of the beginning of some ailment or may be an after-effect for some ailment.

Imagine how frightening it is to see someone suddenly talking, screaming, or yelling while sleeping. The person sleeping next to a 'sleep talker' might feel a ghostly experience. Moreover, if it becomes a habit and it happens frequently, it will decrease the partner's quality of sleep as well. As a result, it might penetrate into the roots of a healthy relationship and psychologically may cause issues between the couple. So, from every angle, the issue of sleep talking must not be neglected.

What is Sleep Talking?

What Is Sleep Talking

Defining Sleep Talking

'Somniloquy' or 'Sleep Talking' is the process of talking, speaking, or verbally expressing while sleeping. Not always it is a huge and deep medical issue. But yes, if it happens frequently, this sort of parasomnia should not be neglected at all.

  • A sleep talker may whisper or shout out loudly.
  • Usually, the sleep talking doesn't remain for more than thirty seconds in one term/episode of it.
  • Some may mumble while some may also use addictive, vulgar, harsh, painful, and bad words.
  • Usually, it is one way chit-chatting but in some cases, the sleep talkers have been seen to carry on some conversational dialogues too.

Record, Monitor, And Prepare Beforehand!

If you have a habit of 'sleep talking', before going to the doctor, try and prepare yourself. By doing so, it will be a great help to the doctor.

  • Record: The partner needs to record the time, the span/interval, and how frequently these episodes take place.
  • Monitor: Parents and partners can monitor the signs made while talking. Look if someone is sweating or mummering, or screaming. Also, stressful episodes should be monitored. Usually, after some stress, sleep talking episodes might pop up. Preparing a diary would help.
  • Prepare Beforehand: Preparation becomes important. The moment one tells the person about his/her sleeping episode, he/she should start staying away from stress and try to be happy. Routine must be set right and 'Early to bed, early to rise' should be followed.

What is the Causes of Sleep Talking?

Sleep Talking may or may not be serious. It all depends upon the factors behind its occurrence and how frequently it is happening. There can be many reasons. There can be medical reasons or maybe no reason at all!

Medication And Sleep Talking

Medication And Sleep Talking

People with heavy dosage of medication may witness sleep talking. Many undergo treatment by a psychiatrist. In such conditions also, as a result or as a cause, some slight episodes of sleep talking happen.

Psychological Reasons

As said above, stress and an anxious mind witness some episodes of speaking while sleeping. So, continuous stress of relationships, business, studies, or even peer pressure can result in mummering or screaming while sleeping.

Disorders Causing Sleep Talking

There are many ailments or disorders that root sleep talking.

  • Sleep Walking: It branches out sleep talking. It is when an individual while walking also speaks.
  • RBD: It is a disorder which is REM Sleep Behaviour Disorder. Patients are seen shouting and aggressively or violently acting during sleeping.
  • NS-RED: It is Nocturnal sleep-related eating disorder in which the patient gulps in some food while sleeping.
  • Night Terrors: It is when the patient does scary screams, some pushing and kicking, and also loud screaming. Breaking this sleep talk is a little difficult.


Fever and substance abuse can also be reasons for sleep talking. Many say vague dreams are also a cause but there isn't much research to support it. Also, some bad sleeping essentials can cause a disturbance in sleep. Broken sleep makes a person dizzy and half asleep. An individual may undergo sleep talking in this condition too. Sleepsia makes a great range of pillows from bamboo pillow to cervical support pillows which provide unbroken sleep.

How To Stop Sleep Talking

How To Stop Sleep Talking

Let us explore some ways to let not sleeping talk rule over our lives!

Approaching Professional Help

The first thing to do is approach professionals for the same. If the issue of sleep talking has become frequent, go to a sleep therapist or for a child, make an appointment with a pediatrician.

Following Doctor's Advice

Usually, this doesn't involve a detailed series of tests and no particular diagnosis can be made. However, your partner or the one who sleeps with you might be asked to record and monitor the patterns, as stated above. Post this, some figuring out mechanism with 'polysomnogram' or some detailed records/monitoring may be asked by the doctor. Usually, sleep talking helps to figure out some other sleeping disorders that may exist.

Some Changes In The Routine

It is important to bring slight changes in the routine. It may or may not not uproot the issue of sleep talking completely but it may definitely help to better the sleep of the patients and their roommates.

  • Timely Sleep: It is important to get up on time and sleep on time. This will help the circadian rhythm to adjust accordingly and make it easy to get quality sleep.
  • Say No To Stress: One should stay away from stress and anxiety. Stress is the root cause of any issue.
  • Avoid Unnecessary Work: Unnecessary work at odd timings add to ailments. Digestion issues, hyperacidity, bloating, headaches, nausea, arc. may arise.
  • No Binge Watching: One must not binge watch at the sake of sleep. Binge-watching adds to excitement and the plot twists stay in the brain. These might arise vague dreams and maybe further, these may arise sleep talking.
  • Best Sleeping Pillows: One must not compromise with the sleeping pillows at all. Better pillows help to have unbroken sleep. Such as Sleepsia Bamboo Pillows filled with premium quality of shredded memory foam help to have breathable sleep that doesn't let stress take over the person.
  • Meditation: Meditation is always good to calm the mind, enhance focus, and bring concentration. A balanced mind is the path for a balanced and peaceful sleep.
  • Ayurveda: Ayurveda or the ancient herbs and some flowers are known to induce sleep and solve sleep related disorders. Make wise decisions, take expert help, research, and choose for side-effects free ayurvedic ways.
  • Exercise: One must include exercises and yoga in their routine. It will help the roommates have deep sleep that can't be disturbed by anything. Also, it will help the sleep talkers in being fresh and fit at least throughout the day.

What To Do While Sleep Talking?

Sleep Talking: A Confusing Phase

Sleep Talking is a confusing phase. After having a hint to 'Why do people talk in their sleep', we need to prepare for this confusion. The biggest confusion comes to the person who is sleeping next to the sleep talker.

  • The person sleeping next to the sleep talker might not know how to handle the situation.
  • With loud screams, the scenario of frightening nights might take over.
  • A sleep talker might not be aware of the sleep talking so he/she might land up having great confusion.

So the only way out is to show some patience and never get irritated!


The conclusion is to never neglect signs of sleep talking and never compromise with anything that gives better sleep. It can be having Sleepsia bamboo pillows for sleeping, eating healthy, and following a disciplined lifestyle. With better guidance from a doctor, one can easily manage with sleep talking.

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