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Sleep and Meditation: How do they correlate?

By Sleepsia

Meditation has emerged as a powerful tool for getting rid of ailments. Most of the ailments arise due to the lack of sleep or become a result of lack of sleep. Meditation is known to help the patient in a number of ways. Many people associate meditation with religion or spiritualism. It may be a part of it but meditation, overall, isn’t just entering a spiritual or religious gateway. It is much more. A person who is an atheist can also meditate to gain benefits.

Mediation has scientific benefits. The biggest benefit is to those who are slowly becoming insomniacs. So, if an insomniac tries to depend upon sleeping pills, ‘meditation’ is strongly suggested to him/her as ‘medication’! Further if an insomniac asks, ‘Sleep and Meditation: How do they correlate?’, simply answer- “It’s dynamic!” It is indeed a dynamic stage which none would understand until and unless someone experiences it. This article shall talk about sleep and meditation but merely reading words would not help. One gets a phenomenal experience only after doing it.

Mediation: The Body Benefits

Mediation: The Body Benefits

Meditation is usually associated with mental benefits. However, regular meditation shows a positive and miraculous impact on the physical body as well. An ailing body can definitely seek benefits from meditation. Not to forget, good bamboo pillows should be used to sleep upon after meditating. It is because it will add to the results and the body will stay comfortable and pain-free while sleeping.

Stomach Issues

Many experts have mentioned how stress spreads from the stomach. An upset stomach can be a cause of stress or a stressful person might have an upset tummy. Therefore, meditation helps to cool down the stomach and better the issues emerging from the stomach.

  • Acidity: Drinking lots of water and meditating can help gain relief from acidity, bloating, gas, or inflammation.
  • Burps: Many face digestion issues. In some cases, panic attacks or anxiety attacks combine with burps and nausea too. It seems all inter-related. Therefore, a calm mind may help to control this ‘chemical mismanagement’ in the body or mind.
  • Better Food: Some mention ‘Sattvic’ food to be consumed while meditating. It means strong spices, ginger, onions, fried, heavy food, or toxic eatables should be excluded from the diet while meditating. This will help the stomach to get better and will also help in detoxification.

Better Lungs

Meditation involves peace and breathing practises too. Breathing exercises in the meditation process help in having better lung capacity. And we all know it is the need of the hour. With the covid, attacking the breathing pathway, it has become important to have better lungs.

  • Meditation involves long, short, or rhythmic breathing in some meditation courses.
  • This helps the oxygen to reach the body and improve blood circulation.
  • It also helps to relax and feel fresh. As a result, the lungs are also put to some exercise.

Brain seems to be a powerhouse! If it is charged, the body will function efficiently despite physical lethargy. But if the brain is tired, nothing will work. Just the way plants need sunlight or water, we need food, or remotes need batteries to work, similarly our brain also needs nutrition to stay charged up. And meditation is its nutrition!

Happy Heart

Speedy Brain

  • Focus: Meditation helps the brain to enhance focus. It betters the cognition.
  • Decision Making And Reasoning: Meditation helps the brain to think rationally and practically, without losing patience. As a result, one may develop better decision making and reasoning skills.
  • Fast And Furious: If we do not use our brain, it starts getting dull. So, for a speedy brain and better cognitive results, one can meditate.

Happy Heart

While cardiovascular issues, meditation may extend a helping hand in the treatment. It may help to balance the ‘Heart Chakra’ which helps balance the emotions and decisions.

  • The heart stays happy with meditation.
  • Good flow of oxygen helps. Also it lets the heart pump blood better.
  • The emotional stress doesn’t let the patient lose easily.

Sleeping Benefits Of Meditation

Now let us come to the main area of discussion. How meditation helps in sleeping? Let us explore more!

Sleeping Benefits Of Meditation

How Can Meditation Help With Sleep Problems?

Meditation is known to calm down the heart and lower the heart rate. It also helps in reducing blood pressure. Sleep is associated with melatonin which is the sleep hormone. Melatonin raises have been witnessed by experts post meditation. Also, serotonin levels enhance with mediation. Overall, meditation helps to activate almost all the factors required for a better and quality sleep.

How To Meditate For Better Sleep?

Meditation may help to sleep better. There are many types of meditations. Let us know about some of them here-

  • Guided Meditation: It is the type of meditation when the voice/audio/podcast/ or audio pieces from music libraries, some apps, or websites are played that give some guidance and instructions which one follows.
  • Mindfulness Meditation: It involves breathing techniques and focusing on the present body and certain signs.
  • Body Meditation: It is when the attention is given to each part of the body, progressively moving from one part to the other. This body scan meditation helps to feel the body and relax the mind from every corner.

Meditation: A Stress Buster!

Mediation is a stress buster and a source of attaining a peaceful sleep. It helps to control the stress hormone- cortisol. Meditation helps to uproot anxiety, stress, panic attacks, and certain depressive episodes from life that don’t let an individual sleep.

Happy Night!

Meditation carried out before sleeping makes the night happy and brings a fresh day ahead!

  • One should try to be disciplined to take out time for meditation.
  • One can begin with stress buster guided meditations for the beginners.
  • It isn’t necessary to spend hours and hours for it. Begin with 10-15 minutes and then one can easily enhance time.

Some Preparation To Remove The Stress

One should make some preparations to remove the stress out of their lives. Removal of stress will make sleep better! Also, to specifically mention, Sleepsia Bamboo Pillows play a major role here. These are known as stress buster pillows which add to breathability. So after meditation, to let the peace, breathability, and calmness stay the whole night, one must sleep on such bamboo pillows.

  • Find a quiet place.
  • Free yourself from washroom usage so that it doesn’t disturb in between.
  • Lower the light of the phone if playing a guided meditation.
  • Drink lots of water the whole day.
  • Eat fresh and stay away from toxic substances.
  • Stay positive and do not consume any negative news.
  • Stay away from binge-watching and unnecessary social media usage.
Providing Relationship Therapy

Providing Relationship Therapy

Another important aspect to be focused while talking about loss of sleep or stress is relationship issues. People approach those who are experts in providing relationship therapy. But one must make personal efforts too.

How Relationships Affect Sleep?

Only two words- stress and emotional imbalance! These two cause sleeplessness. As mentioned above, to balance the emotions and to reduce the stress- one must meditate. If couples meditate, it can definitely help.

What To Do?

Meditation helps to strengthen relationships too. It helps to exclude ‘expectations’ and ‘returns.’ It rather focuses on having a healthy brain and heart which further helps to understand each other.

  • Some guided meditations take up relationship issues.
  • Some meditation courses are specially designed for couples. Couples can search and enroll for those.
  • Also, couples can go for huge king-size Sleepsia bamboo pillow and hug them tight while sleeping with each other. These pillows will let the couples taste the benefit of meditation whole night, by infusing romance, warmth, comfort, and breathability.