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Why Doctor Recommended Memory Foam Pillow

By Sleepsia

Doctors are next to God! They are saviours and our superheroes. We trust them for almost everything that is not going on right in our bodies. But when they suggest us to opt for suitable pillows, why don’t we listen? Doctors recommend suitable, user-friendly, comfortable, and healthy pillows to sleep. It is because the pillows have a direct impact on our well being. Do we think why doctor recommended memory foam pillow?

We keep on thinking but don’t follow. Doctors understand the need for good foam pillows for us. It is only because such pillows support the user in many ways, and let the user avail many health benefits. The old pillows are rigid, stiff, not flexible, unhygienic, and not healthy at all. Therefore, it is an urgent requirement to change the pillows and listen to doctors.

What Is Special With Memory Foam Pillows?

A pillow can have several types of stuffing or filling. But from the point of view of health, memory foam tops the list of a good filling. Especially the shredded foam. The shredded memory foam pillows or bamboo pillows stuffed with this type of chunked or pieced foam are amazing. The basic benefits of a memory foam pillow are as follows:

  • Health: This foam ensures the health of a user. Physical also, and mental also. It lets the pillow retain its shape. This is the biggest advantage. Rigid pillows add pain but flexible pillows refresh.
  • Peace: This pillow lets the user feel free like a bird. Doctors always recommend a peaceful atmosphere. It is because medical experts and several types of researches have proved how mental stress, depression, or tensions are the causes of declining health. This pillow lets the user fall on it to have a deep sleep. It is because the comfort is of the highest level. Irritability is zero. Thus, a user forgets everything else and falls into a peaceful sleep.
  • Memory Foam Pillow Provides Breathability: This pillow betters the air and improves air circulation. The Bamboo Pillows stuffed with shredded memory foam in them are airy. These types of memory foam pillows are rich in providing the user with an atmosphere like a free bird.
  • Light and Durable: The pillow with memory foam can be of various types. A high-density memory foam pillow is better for the ortho arena or for pregnancy. The Bamboo Pillows with shredded memory foam are good cervical pillows. But what is common is that these are light, breathable, and durable. Sleepsia makes the pillows with great efforts, amazing quality material, and A-class hygienic conditions.
  • Hypoallergenic and Hygienic: The memory foam pillows created by Sleepsia are super clean, and hygienic. A Washable cover is an option provided. An adjustable option is also provided in Bamboo Pillows. The pillows are hypoallergenic. This doesn’t let the user struggle with allergic reactions while sleeping. It is usually observed because tiny allergens usually get trapped within curtains, pillows, bed sheets, blankets, carpets, etc. But the Sleepsia Memory Foam pillows emerge victorious in such cases.

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Choose Wisely, Choose A Memory Foam Pillow!

Sleepsia comes with a great variety. Some are high-density multi-purpose usage memory foam pillows. Some are bamboo pillows with shredded memory foam. Pillows come with an additional strap to support a leg or come with adjustable loft to put or remove foam as per the ease. Sleepsia Pillows are good for toddlers, youngsters, elders, almost everyone! A back sleeper, tummy sleeper, or side sleeper can choose the pillow of his/her choice. The sleeping pattern won’t be affected. In fact, the pillow will adapt as per the body, and as per the sleeping pattern of the user. Choose a memory foam pillow because:

  • It molds as per the body.
  • It provides comfort to the neck, back, spine, head, shoulders, and almost each and every body part.
  • It heals the body. Memory foam does that!
  • It provides psychological benefits.
  • It enhances the smooth flow of air. So, it limits the breathlessness.
  • It shuns orthopedic problems, cervical, sleep apnea, allergies, irritability, insomnia, etc.
  • A memory foam pillow, be it a high-density foam pillow, or a bamboo pillow with shredded memory foam is malleable and flexible.


We need to take a step ahead to have a healthy life. An only good diet, meditation, yoga, and avoiding drugs, etc. can’t help. Try changing your pillows. This will accelerate the speed of health building practices, as said above. This is the only reason why the doctor recommended a memory foam pillow! So, listen to your doctor and order it from, and give us a call on 1800-862-1084. Be it any confusion, any queries, ask us freely! We are always here to help.

Have a good sleep! Have good health, and above all, have healthy pillows!