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How to Prevent Sleep Paralysis?

By Sleepsia

Sleep paralysis is the temporary inability to say something or even move while sleeping or while waking up. Those who suffer from narcolepsy or sleep apnea may undergo severe effects of sleep paralysis. There are two types of sleep paralysis known as pre-dormital or hypnagogic and postorbital or hypnopompic.

The first one is witnessed while sleeping and the other one happens while getting up from the sleep. One may experience the strong feeling of choking or unconsciousness during this health hazard.

‘How to prevent sleep paralysis’ is one such question that arises in the minds of the people suffering from it. By the grace of God, if you aren’t in the clutches of this health issue, it is still important to know how one can avoid it. Also, it is important to follow some safety measures that include sleeping on Sleepsia Bamboo Pillows to stay away from it. It is very important to take precautions and don’t let it take over you as it slowly and steadily rules over!

sleep paralysis

Know Why Sleep Paralysis Happens?

This issue is hard to handle as its reasons and its symptoms are super frightening.

  1. It happens with those who are either suffering from insomnia or narcolepsy or sleep apnea.
  2. It can occur to those who have horrible sleeping schedules, vague and odd working hours, jet lag, or the habit of staying awake for binge watching.
  3. Those who suffer from psychological issues such as Post-traumatic stress disorders, anxiety disorders, panic disorders, etc. may also face this issue.

This can all be overcome with Memory foam pillows because these pillows let the users sleep immediately without thinking much about stress. These pillows are known as stress-busters! Also, these pillows are super breathable so these don’t let users suffer from sleep apnea.

How To Cure Sleep Paralysis With Bamboo Pillows?

Sleep paralysis shows signs of sweating while sleeping, sense of fear, breathlessness, inability to speak or move, inability to open eyes, feeling of someone else in the room, and much more. This is a hard and difficult stage to handle. Imagine a soft and comfortable platform in the middle of such a situation that attracts your peace and lets you calm down immediately! It just can’t be imagined rather it can be witnessed in reality with Sleepsia Bamboo Pillows. Before knowing the magical benefits of pillows, let us know ‘How to prevent sleep paralysis?’

  • Meditation: Meditation is super successful. It calms down the mind and filters the cognition. A clear mind and a powerful mind will attract positivity and will spend time in some productive work that will ultimately provide a satisfactory sleep.
  • Physical Exercise: Always invest your time in some yoga or physical exercise to feel energetic. This will also make the body tired and let the body sleep deeply by the end of the day.
  • Set Right The Sleeping Routine: It is very important to sleep on time. Try to sleep at least for six to eight hours and that too on a fixed time. Try to sleep at the same time in the night and get up at the same time in the morning. This will help the body to develop the habit of sleeping on time.
  • Choose Bamboo Pillows For Sleeping: These pillows are full of shredded memory foam and soft bamboo pillowcases. These pillows mold as per the body and support the muscles and the back.

Bamboo Pillows Healing During Sleep Paralysis

These pillows are hypoallergenic and super breathable. These pillows don’t let the users struggle for a deep sleep. It is because the softness, increased air circulation, good ventilation, and calmness don’t let the users stay awake like an owl.

  • These pillows provide spine alignment, neck alignment, and even ensure alignment of the pelvic region.
  • These soothe the hollow space between the head and the neck.
  • No chance of cervical or spondylosis with these pillows.
  • No chances of arthritis or migraine either.
  • Also, no chance of sleep paralysis!

Final Words

Our final words suggest you all to follow measures to stay away from sleep paralysis. It is a difficult phase to handle. So, it is necessary to opt ways to stay away from it. Also, it may be in the family in the form of hereditary. But good pillows can make things work out. Now that we know ‘How to prevent sleep paralysis?’ why not gear up to become safe? Also, don’t forget to buy the best Sleepsia Bamboo Pillows from SleepSia.