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Queen Size Pillow Dimensions

By Sleepsia

Queen pillows are suitable for queen-sized beds. Many do not have king-sized beds and according to the requirement or space, they opt for a little smaller size. Extra-large pillows look horrible when placed on the queen bed. Keeping this in mind, Sleepsia brings the appropriate sizes of Bamboo Pillows. Undoubtedly, Queen sized pillows are the highlight of the entire collection of pillows by Sleepsia.

It is because these merely not cater to the needs in the bedroom but can also be used for various purposes such as interior designing. The ‘Queen Size Pillows Dimensions’ are appropriate to beautify the house and avail benefits from it.

What Are The Dimensions Of Queen Bamboo Pillows?

These pillows in ‘Queen’ size come in the dimensions of 20″×28″×5″. This is the appropriate size because:

  • It Is Okay For The Queen Bed: The Queen size is appropriate out of the other two i.e King and Standard. It is because a King Pillow is way too grand for a smaller bed and a Standard Pillow is way too small for a medium-sized bed.
  • It Fits The Sofas And Couches Too: The Queen Bamboo Pillows are perfect for interior design as well. Today is the trend of using a good number of pillows for the décor of sofas and couches. It is because number one- These give a colorful look and look pretty. And number two- These are comfortable. So, using a comfortable item to let the house look pretty is amazing indeed.

Why Use Queen Bamboo Pillows?

The benefits of these pillows are endless. The ‘Queen’ sized pillows are suitable not only for better and peaceful sleep, or for interior designing, but also health. “Queen Size Pillow Dimensions” are perfect indeed and satisfy the requirements of the users. The requirements of comfort, peace, and health as well. Don’t believe it? Know here:

  • These pillows are super hypoallergenic. So, these don’t let the dust mites attack you while sleeping. Even if your friends and guests wish to relax on these Bamboo Pillows, there is no chance they catch up with troubles of rashes, cough, red eyes, running nose, etc.
  • These pillows are super breathable. So, no need to fight with the outer conditions to sleep fresh. These pillows automatically enhance air circulation and limit the sweat. The super-soft touch and super airy conditions don’t bring a break in the breathing pathway.
  • These Queen Bamboo Pillows are filled with Shredded Memory Foam. These pillows have the special type of foam stuffed in the form of chunks. It lets the pillow mold and take the shape of the body. These pillows ensure spinal alignment and neck alignment. No chances of cervical, spondylitis, stiffness in muscles, etc.

Also, it is interesting to know that ‘Adjustable Queen Bamboo Pillows’ have an adjustable loft of 5″. The desired amount of shredded memory foam can be taken out from the pillow and can be stuffed in again as per the requirement. The washable, removable, and hygienic pillow covers bring ease to this process.


So, if someone asks, ” What are the Queen Size Pillow Dimensions?” then simply say ‘perfect’! The dimensions, in reality, are perfect as per the needs of the users. As said earlier, the dimensions of 20″×28″×5 of a Queen Bamboo Pillow are acceptable by all. To order these wonderful pillows with these dimensions, go to Team Sleepsia also urges you to contact on +1800-862-1084 in case of any queries or clarifications.

Team Sleepsia believes in the making of the best Bamboo Pillows to provide the ultimate comfort to its users. Not forgetting the present times, these pillows are also stress-buster pillows. So, don’t waste even a single minute and bring home these Queen Bamboo Pillows.