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Right Pillow and Sleeping Positions Determine the Quality of Sleep!

By Sleepsia

To lead a healthy life, it’s very essential to have sufficient sleep and for quality sleep, you need to consider several factors. Sleeping position is a key factor in selecting the best pillow for both comfort and proper alignment. Furthermore, an inappropriate pillow can worsen the structures and your shoulder & neck is badly stressed, which increases the neck pain. It results in stiffness as well as neck pain. In fact, your sleeping position determines the pillow that best suits your body structure.

Best Pillow for the Back Sleeper

While sleeping on the back, a pillow must support the neutral spine cervical or natural curvature of the neck structure with ample support beneath the neck, head, and shoulders. The height of the pillow must be lesser for side sleepers.

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Keeping another pillow or two under the knees can ease the back strain. The most recommended pillow for back sleeper is Sleepsia infused gel Memory Foam Pillow. This pillow never goes flat and adapts according to the natural curvature of the neck and spine alignment. The pillow stays cool all night or warm as per the body temperature. This pillow not only provides a comfortable and relaxing sleep but also helps in alleviating the back and cervical pain.

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Best Pillow for Side Sleeper

When sleeping on one’s side, a pillow must always support the neck and head so that it’s a natural horizontal and straight structure of the spine. A thicker pillow is required for a side sleeper.

By placing the pillow under the bending knees maintains the spine in a neutral and natural position. Sleepsia contour memory foam pillow is usually recommended by doctors for side sleeping to get rid of neck pain due to its contour shape.

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Moreover, adding up support between the knees can help get rid of back pain and offer better comfort while sleeping. One small study says that the pillow with contour-shape and dust-mint resistant is best for a side sleeper.

Using a Pillow While Sleeping on the Stomach

Stomach position is a stressful position for the neck and back structure. Patients are usually advised to avoid sleeping on their stomach to alleviate certain spine conditions or those with spine surgery.

If you prefer sleeping on the stomach, the pillow s must be comparatively flatter or should help in resting the head directly on the mattress. Usually, doctors advise a stomach sleeper to purchase the Bamboo memory foam pillow since it is eco-friendly and anti-bacterial. In this position, it is best to place another comparatively flat pillow under the abdomen to support the lower back and its natural alignment.

Sleepsia Memory Foam Pillow

Pillows for Mixed Sleeping Positions

People with combined sleep positions must search for a pillow that is relatively high. An adaptable pillow with the combination of fillers or buckwheat hull is mainly helpful for a mixed sleeper. However, it is usually advisable to buy a Shredded memory foam pillow. This pillow adapts according to the position and offers comfortable sleep in all positions.

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Need Suggestions?

It’s very essential to consider all the factors when switching to the most appropriate pillow depending on the sleeping position. In this regard, Sleepsia experts help you to know your health needs and give comprehensive details of all premium Sleepsia pillows. To purchase the best one, simply visit the Sleepsia official website