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Benefits of a Bamboo Pillow and its Cons

Benefits of a Bamboo Pillow and its Cons

Bamboo pillows come with a memory foam fill and a cover made of bamboo rayon fabric. Apart from offering good support and promoting better spinal alignment, they offer a healthier sleep experience.

In this article, you’ll learn more about the benefits of a bamboo pillow.

Come with a Memory Foam Fill

With a core of memory foam, bamboo memory foam pillows can contour to fit the curves of your body perfectly so that your neck gets the required support consistently.

Here are the Benefits of Memory Foam

Molds to Provide Better Support

As a viscoelastic material, memory foam can mold according to the shape of your body. When you lay on the pillow, it conforms to the shape of your head and neck.

The firmness of memory foam, along with its ability to cradle your neck, ensures that your cervical spine will be properly supported throughout the night.

Promotes Better Alignment

Unlike traditional pillows that let your head sink in, memory foam is a very firm material that prevents the head from sinking in.

This ensures better alignment of your spine, reducing the overall stress from your joints.


Dust, dust mites, and molds can cause severe allergies. Traditional pillows soak in moisture, leading to their buildup.

As a very dense material, memory foam prevents buildup of dust, dust mites, and molds. So it rarely causes any allergies.

Bamboo pillowcases are hypoallergenic as well, but you’ll learn more about them later.

    Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow


    When looking for a pillow, you want one that can withstand the test of time.

    Here’s what makes memory foam an extremely durable material:

    • Density: because of its density, memory foam prevents the buildup of dust, dust mites and molds.
    • Viscoelasticity: although it molds, memory foam quickly bounces back to retain its original shape.

    Its density and ability to retain its original shape help memory foam last for more than 5 years.

      Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow

      Benefits of Bamboo Pillow Cover

      • Bamboo cover comes with its own advantages, which complement the benefits offered by memory foam.

      Benefits of Bamboo Pillow
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      Here are the benefits offered by a bamboo pillow cover:

      Reduces Friction against Skin

      When you rest your head and/or face on the pillow, the cover causes friction against your hair and skin.

      Regular friction against skin causes irritation and inflammation, which leads to acne formation.

      Friction also damages your hair.

      Because of its silky smooth surface, a bamboo pillow protector minimizes the friction against your skin and hair. So it provides you with the beauty sleep you deserve.

      Absorbs Moisture

      Many pillow cover materials fail to wick away sweat and moisture. Because of the dampness, the surface of your pillow becomes a breeding ground for acne causing bacteria.

      Bamboo cover absorbs moisture and keeps the pillow surface dry, minimizing the development of acne causing bacteria.

      Further, the pores in a bamboo pillow protector ensure that hot air from inside the pillow escapes easily. This keeps the pillow cool.


      A tree-like grass, bamboo grows fast and requires very little water. Further, it doesn’t need any herbicide or pesticide treatment and grows with little maintenance.

      Apart from this, bamboo releases 35% more oxygen than a tree with equivalent mass and can absorb around 12 tonnes of carbon dioxide/hectare/year.

      And bamboo regrows from its own roots, minimizing the amount of disturbance experienced by the soil and keeping it healthy.

      The roots of bamboo plants, though shallow, form a fibrous network that holds the soil together, minimizing soil erosion.

      Bamboo Pillow Instructions

      Bamboo memory foam pillows come tightly packed in small containers to make shipping cost efficient.

      When it arrives, you should follow the steps given below to fluff up a bamboo pillow:

      1. Take the bamboo pillow out of the container.
      2. Shake the pillow for a while.
      3. Toss the pillow into a dryer on low heat for 20 to 30 minutes.

      If you’re used to more traditional pillow fills, such as down or feather, then memory foam may feel a lot more firm in comparison. But it’s the firmness that offers good support.

      How to Wash a Bamboo Pillow

      Washing a bamboo memory foam pillow is often less complicated than what people make of it.

      Simply put, you can wash the bamboo pillow cover but not the memory foam fill, which disintegrates when washed with water.

      So one simple way to wash your pillow is to take out the bamboo pillow protector and wash it in a washing machine.

      While you can’t clean shredded foam, you can clean a solid block of memory foam with one of the following techniques:

      • Spot clean: take a cleaning solution, apply it on a particular spot and then gently rub with a piece of cloth.
      • Vacuum clean: use a handheld vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dust built up on the pillow surface.

      While dust may build up on the surface, it doesn’t penetrate the pillow and build up into it, as memory foam is very dense.

      Bamboo Pillow Sizes

      Bamboo memory foam pillow is available in three different sizes:

      • Bamboo pillow standard size: 26 x 20
      • Bamboo pillow queen size: 30 x 20
      • Bamboo pillow king size: 36 x 20

      For a queen size bed, you can use a bamboo pillow queen size or two standard sized pillows. Similarly, for a king size bed, you can use a bamboo pillow king size or two queen size pillows.


      Bamboo pillows offer not only great support to your cervical spine but also advantages for your hair and skin. If you have a pillow with shredded memory foam, then you should select a zippered bamboo pillow cover.

      After going through the above post, decide if a bamboo pillow is right for you!

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Q. How long do bamboo pillows last?

      A. Bamboo pillows made with memory foam can last for more than 5 years. But you must change the bamboo pillow cover after a year or two.

      Q. Are bamboo pillow protectors biodegradable?

      A. Yes, they are. Bamboo pillow cases biodegrade naturally, so they are eco-friendly.

      Q. What are bamboo cooling pillows?

      A. Bamboo cooling pillows come infused with cooling gel, which prevents the pillow from passing back the retained body heat. This keeps the pillow cool.

      Q. Is there a bamboo pillow for sleep apnea?

      A. Yes, there is a bamboo pillow for sleep apnea. You can use a bamboo wedge pillow that elevates your body and prevents your upper airway from getting blocked. But bamboo wedge pillow aren’t widely available.

      Q. When should I replace my bamboo pillowcase?

      A. You should replace a bamboo pillowcase after 1 to 2 years of use. But you can still use the pillow if it's made of memory foam.

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