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Ways to Improve Sleep and Productivity While Working from Home

By Sleepsia

Covid-19 has taught us to wash hands frequently, to take care of hygiene, to respect each other’s lives, and of course to efficiently work from home. The work from home or ‘WFH’ culture has reached greater heights amid this lockdown. Freelancers were already used to it but the regular employees have now realized how working from home and managing house along with personal lives is a tedious task. Apart from the negativity, the lockdown has come along with tons of lessons for us.

For example, time is precious, personal relationships are a boon, it requires great strength to balance work and home, and above all, making a routine and following it is very necessary. Lockdown has also resulted in an increased amount of stress, and loss of appetite. With reduced exercises, outgoings, and walks, the body has also become lazy. It is interesting to know how pillows play an important role during these times.

Don’t agree? You will agree once you also come to know the ways to improve sleep and productivity while working from home with bamboo pillows. These special pillows are filled with shredded memory foam and hence, are also known as shredded memory foam pillows. So, let us explore more!

Sleepsia Bamboo Pillows Supporting Us During Work From Home!

How can pillows support us during work from home? This is an interesting question and the answer is hidden with the Bamboo Pillows. These pillows are not just suitable to be placed on the bed for sleeping rather are perfect comfortable pillows to be placed anywhere. Know about it right here:

  • Variety In Sizes: These pillows from Sleepsia are available in three sizes of King, Queen, and Standard. The combination of Queen and Standard sized shredded memory foam pillows looks beautiful on couches, sofas, etc. These can be placed behind the back or even on the chair where you are working from home on your laptop screens. It is because these pillows are super soft, comfortable, and easy to handle.
  • Availability Of Shredded Memory Foam: This special shredded foam makes the bamboo pillows flexible. These mold as per the neck, back, or shoulders while we work on laptops or mobile phones.
  • Reduce Stress: Work from home brings in tons of stress. Cries of babies, quarrels of teenagers, deadlines, loud music, etc. are frequently witnessed during the lockdown. Everyone is busy doing their stuff so it becomes difficult to create that office environment. These shredded memory foam pillows are highly breathable so immediately let the user submerge in a peaceful sleep. This reduces stress and tensions.

How To Improve Productivity With These Bamboo Pillows?

Bamboo Pillows are natural. These are made from the natural bamboo pulp that makes the pillows highly breathable. The improved air circulation makes it possible for the user to feel fresh, rejuvenated, and feel the controlled temperature without sweating. This improves the sleep of the user. Sleep is the energy pill that is gulped in to become super active for the next set of duties. The shredded memory foam pillows can be considered as a helping hand to let this pill act successfully.

Sleep prepares a person, soaks in the energies, and lets the users have a healthy and productive life. Also, there are no chances of cervical, insomnia, spondylitis, or wear and tear of the body. The best part is the protection against allergies. The Sleepsia Bamboo Pillows are hypoallergenic so these do not let the user sneeze, cough, or feel rashes due to allergens. We all know such allergies and health hazards deeply affect our productivity and fail our work from home.


We all need to focus on the work from home culture as it is going to stay with us for a long time. Being an employee, we must never let our health issues, mental health, or personal problems affect our work. But it is a fact that if we are undergoing such problems, we can’t work. In that case, opt for good quality sleep, a strict sleeping schedule, and deep sleep with Bamboo Pillow.

With the help of such shredded memory foam pillows only, we can succeed in our personal and professional lives. After knowing some ways to improve sleep and productivity while working from home with the pillows from Sleepsia, why not order them from Also, give the team of Sleepsia a call on +1800-862-1084 to know more!

Wishing you all a productive, happy, and peaceful work from home!