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Get Relief with a Bamboo Pillow for Migraine Attacks

Get Relief with a Bamboo Pillow for Migraine Attacks

Migraine attacks wreck up people. They’re often so severe that people going through it can’t even fall asleep for long hours. Stress and anxiety induced by sleep deprivation further exacerbate the perception of pain and lead to more serious symptoms.

In this article, you’ll learn about pillows for people with migraine attacks.

Four Stages of Migraine Pain

Migraine pain has four stages namely Prodrome, Aura, Attack, and Post-Drome.


It is usually witnessed before one-two days of the exact migraine attack. It includes neck stiffness, changes in the mood and emotions, constipation, etc.


It is when the sufferer faces jerks, sensations in legs or muscles, or when the sufferer witnesses a lack in speaking, viewing things normally, rather than watching flashes.


It is usually to the one side of the head. It is popularly known as a half headache. It comes along with nausea, hatred to sound and music, hatred to light, etc.


It is still the phase of pain with feelings of being finished or drained out completely. People going through this phase feel very tired.

Good Sleep and Migraine

Since sleep deprivation can worsen the symptoms of migraine, it’s better to implement good sleep hygiene so that you can get the required amount of good quality sleep.

Sleep Hygiene for People suffering from Migraine

While everyone should follow good sleep hygiene, migraine sufferers should implement additional habits to improve their sleep.

Here are good sleep hygiene practices for those suffering from migraine:

  • Set a consistent sleep schedule
  • Meditate regularly to relax your mind and calm anxiety
  • Don’t consume stimulants close to bed
  • Avoid electronics close to bedtime
  • Get sunlight during the day
  • Exercise regularly to stay active and tire out the body

But apart from good sleep hygiene, you also require comfort for falling and staying asleep.

This is where pillows and mattresses become essential.

Mattresses and Pillows for Migraine

When it comes to pain, nothing provides more relief than memory foam. If you have any kind of joint pain in your body, memory foam can help relieve it because of the supportive nature of this material.

Bamboo Pillow for Migraines

Soft, yet Supportive

The cover of the pillow is quite soft, yet the pillow material is very firm. Joints in your neck get good pressure relief because of the firmness of memory foam.

When your body is able to relax, you experience minimum stress, which relieves some of the pain experienced during migraine attacks.


Nothing is worse than getting migraine attacks simultaneously with symptoms of allergy.

That’s why hypoallergenic materials such as memory foam fill and bamboo pillowcase can help save you from experiencing the two together.

These pillows are hypoallergenic because they’re naturally resistant to dust mites and molds. Density of the memory foam prevents moisture and dust from building inside the pillow.

Note: if moisture does get into the pillow because of spills, dry the foam out into the sun. This pulls out all the moisture from inside and protects your pillow from molds.

Soft against the Skin

When you sleep on the pillow, it does not irritate your skin because the pillowcase is very soft. The fabric for the case is derived from the pulp of bamboo.

Because of the softness of the fabric, your skin rarely experiences any friction. So the skin stays protected from both inflation and damage.

Mattress for Migraine Attacks

There’s no single answer when it comes to mattresses. There are different materials that suit different people with different requirements. The requirements usually vary on the basis of your body shape and weight.

So test out a few materials until you find the one!


Migraine attacks are very debilitating. They can keep you awake during the night and sleep deprived during the day. The best way to improve your quality of sleep is to follow good sleep hygiene, which not only improves your ability to fall asleep fast but also reduces stress and anxiety, both of which exacerbate the symptoms of pain.

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