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What is the right amount of sleep?

What is the right amount of sleep?

Science says sleep is the utmost important part of our lives. Sleep makes the body energetic, keeps the body and mind healthy, and restores well being. We know sleep is necessary at every age but 'What is the right amount of sleep?' The amount varies with the age. We all have seen infants and kids sleeping the entire day. It is because a child needs more sleep than adults.

For adults, the recommended amount of sleep is between seven and nine hours. Many times, adults do not follow a good pattern of sleeping and feel taking long hours of sleep on weekends will work. However, they end up losing health and feeling lazy. These hours of sleep aren't to be followed occasionally. One needs to follow a good sleeping pattern every day. There is nothing like having a good and deep sleep every day. It prepares the person to take up hard challenges for the next day. To have smooth and continuous long hours of sleep, one should have healthy pillows.

Sleepsia Bamboo Pillows for sleeping are the real heroes. These pillows help their users to have uninterrupted sleep. A good pillow matters a lot. Everything is interconnected. Good pillows give good sleep. A night of good sleep means a night of long and deep sleep. Deep and long sleep means one has fulfilled its required amount of sleep. And above all, this all leads towards a healthy and happy life. It will ensure mental and physical well-being. Isn't it all interconnected?

Know the Hours of Sleep Required for You! Know How Bamboo Pillows Help You in Achieving Good Sleep?

It is said that for infants and toddlers, it is important to have sleep between eleven to fifteen hours. For teenagers, it is necessary to sleep for at least eight to ten hours, and for adults, seven to nine hours is appropriate. Now, think if you are following it or not. Aren't you spending time either in running for your jobs, or being lazy, or getting pressure to attend late-night parties, or spending time watching shows and waking up like an owl?

Remember, the early you sleep, the early you will be able to get up. Waking up for long hours and not being able to compromise with your daily schedule will end you up in trouble. It is because you can't change the timings of the office or the time of school. It is mandatory to reach on time. Just imagine what you will end up looking like after waking up late and working the next day continuously? A person with dark circles, fluffy eyes, lost glow, and irritability. It is better to sleep on Bamboo Pillows to have great sleep.

  • Healthy Pillows: One can have disturbed sleep due to pains in the body. It can be migraine, cervical, or stiffness in the body. These Bamboo Pillows have the filling of shredded memory foam. The chunks of the memory foam make the pillows malleable. The pillow thus, molds as per the body part. The hollow space between the head and the neck witnesses great comfort. The pillow retains its shape and thus, remains fresh and fluffy always. Imagine these pillows contributing to having a deep sleep. So, after you know 'What is the right amount of sleep?', grab these pillows and sleep on them to feel the difference.
  • Pillows Promoting Breath ability: These are the natural pillows made with the essence of bamboo. These airy pillows keep up the ventilation, eliminate sweating, and enhance air circulation. Imagine sleeping on a fresh and cool pillow!
  • Pillows That Are Hypoallergenic: Forget sneezing, forget rashes, and forget running nose. It is because these pillows don't ruin your long sleeping hours with such symptoms of allergies. These pillows are hypoallergenic and don't trap allergens.

Have a Good Amount of Sleep with Bamboo Pillows and Some Golden Tips!

Follow these golden tips to have a sorted life-

  • Don't spend your nights watching films and shows.
  • Go to bed early and wake up early.
  • Listen to soothing music before sleeping. You never know if you doze off immediately on the Bamboo Pillows with some light music on.
  • Meditate and follow yoga. It drains you but on a good note. A tired body will always sleep early.
  • Never compromise with your sleeping routine for anything not urgent.


It is necessary for you all to complete your sleep cycle to be able to manage the hectic life. Now that you know, 'What is the right amount of sleep?', start building up a new routine. Order the lovely Bamboo Pillow from SleepSia, and give us a call on +1800-862-1084 to know more. We all wish you a very happy sleep, with the lovely Sleepsia Pillows!