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Best Sleep Positions During Pregnancy

By Sleepsia

An alarming note for all the expecting ladies- “You are going to become mothers super soon. So, sleep as much as you can before your tiny tots turn the tables!” For sure some of you might be smiling mildly after reading this, some of you might be laughing, and some of you might be in tension! Don’t worry because this seems a universal truth. So, why not learn something from this universal truth?

Start thinking about your sleep so that you prepare for an easy pregnancy. Sleep has a direct relationship with the state of pregnancy. Sleeping routines and sleeping patterns affect an expecting woman. Amid this, the involvement of pillows and mattresses also matter. A pregnancy pillow is a must for an expecting lady so as to proceed ahead towards a sound, healthy, and peaceful sleep. Let us know the best sleep positions during pregnancy.

Memory Foam Pillows Helping To Sleep Sideways Position During Pregnancy!

One should try sleeping sideways during pregnancy as it is the desired sleeping pattern. Preferably to the left side of the body. The IVC i.e inferior vena cava is placed on the right side throughout, alongside the spine. It carries blood that reaches the baby through the heart.

So, to ensure a good flow of blood through it, sleeping to the left side during pregnancy is preferable. However, sleeping on the right side is no harm as it is considered as the best sleep positions during pregnancy. One can always take the help of good hypoallergenic memory foam pillows while opting for such sleeping patterns during pregnancy because:

  • A high-density memory foam pillow will help to heal.
  • The orthopedic memory foam pillow that can be multi-used as a pregnancy pillow works wonders. It can be placed in between the legs to let the side sleeping be peaceful.
  • This pillow will help the user relax and feel breathable.

Sleeping On The Back With Memory Foam Pillows During Pregnancy!

Sleeping on the back usually results in less breathability and sleep apnea. However, sleeping on the back is termed suitable in the first trimester. But, never forget to opt for the good memory foam pillows. The shredded bamboo pillows are such foam pillows that are:

  • Extremely breathable.
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Can help the users’ body parts submerge into it.
  • Can help in spinal alignment.
  • Help to cure the wear and tear of muscles.
  • It can protect from cervical, asthma, migraine, etc.

It is necessary for these health hazards to be cured especially during pregnancy because it is very important for the ‘would-be mothers’ to stay free from the stress and pain of such diseases.

Role Of Memory Foam Pillows While Sleeping On The Tummy During Pregnancy!

First of all, this sleeping pattern is not considered suitable during pregnancy. Especially, in the later stages of pregnancy. The moment, baby bump grows, it becomes necessary to rely on the memory foam pillows that can add additional benefits. The C-type pillows are very popular in such cases. However, just be careful while sleeping on the stomach in the later stage. For the initial phase, it can be done but with extreme care.

Tips During Pregnancy!

Remember that you are going to give birth to a new life. The beginning of a new journey should be free from all obstacles. So,

  • Sleep on a soft mattress.
  • Sleep with memory foam pillows.
  • Take regular, long, and good-quality sleep.
  • Listen to good music.
  • Read good books and meditate.
  • Follow light breathing practices.
  • Just stay positive.


Sleepsia wishes to be a part of this special journey of all the expecting mothers. We wish all the mothers good luck. Go ahead to and order special pillows to have a wonderful sleep. Also, call us on +1800-862-1084 in case of any queries. Now, that you all know the best sleep positions during pregnancy and the best pregnancy pillow for sleeping, take care of your sleeping patterns, and have a great sleep!