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How To Calculate When You Should Go To Sleep?

How To Calculate When You Should Go To Sleep?

Let us accept that our sleeping habits have ruined. We do not realize what harm are we doing it to ourselves by not having a good amount of quality sleep! It is all possible if we include good sleeping essentials in our life. Replacing old and rigid pillows with new Bamboo Pillows have become the need of the hour. But before that, you all need to know how long you should sleep and 'How To Calculate When You Should Go To Sleep.' For that, there is an easy technique described here. But promise yourself to not just use this technique in satisfying your curious mind questions but also satisfying the need of your life i.e Bamboo Pillows.

Relationship Between A Good Sleep Cycle And Bamboo Pillows!

One varies from another. We all have different needs and different requirements. It is, however, necessary to understand that whatever time humans get to sleep should be full of quality. This means the sleep should be deep, sound, peaceful, and not distorted, irritating, or broken. Bamboo Pillows help in achieving this goal of sound sleep through three major powers-

  • Power Of Breathability: The bamboo pillows are natural and increase air circulation. The user doesn't get disturbed by sweating or breathlessness. The feeling of freshness stays throughout.
  • Power Of Being Hypoallergenic: Hypoallergenic Pillows protect the user to have a sneeze-free or rashes-free sleep. Allergens, pollen, microbes, dust mites, etc. don't attack the user in the presence of these pillows.
  • Power Of Being Healthy: These pillows have the filling of shredded memory foam that makes it malleable. As a result, the pillows mold according to the body and result in neck and spinal alignment. These provide relief in orthopedic issues, stiffness, and tiredness. So, no pains and a good sleep cycle.

Now, let us know ahead 'How to Calculate When You Should Go to Sleep?' It is easy and fun and let us introspect where we are falling short.

What Is The Ideal Sleep Cycle For Humans? Let Us Calculate It!

It is interesting to know that the American Academy Of Pediatrics and CDC explain how the requirement of sleep changes according to age. While infants up to the age of three months require 14 to 17 hours, there, on the other hand, kids from the age of six to twelve years might require 9 to 12 hours of sleep. It is for the adults of eighteen to sixty-four years that 7-9 hours of sleep is required. Sleeping along with Bamboo Pillows make these hours better and beneficial. All people need to do is, change their routines, and follow sleeping on these miraculous pillows to have a great sleeping cycle. To calculate it,

  • Just remember, it is almost 90 minutes in a single sleep cycle.
  • Supposedly if one completes five (many times it can be six too) sleep cycles then, you get 7.5 hours of sleep.
  • It is because 90 x 5 = 7.5 hours or 450 minutes.
  • Now Calculate the time you got up and go back those 450 minutes to know your sleep bed-time.
  • Isn't it easy and fun to know the sleeping patterns of yours? Try it and then introspect where are you lacking!

Tips To Have A Good Sleep Cycle!

  • The tips to have a good sleep cycle and great health are-
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Don't strain your brain and eyes on binge-watching before going to sleep.
  • Become strict with the follow up of your bedtime.
  • Remember the childhood quote- 'Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.'
  • Sleep on Bamboo Pillows. The most important!


Know the importance of sleep and follow a good sleeping pattern. Sleepsia Bamboo Pillows help in sleeping better. Now, that you know 'How to Calculate When You Should Go to Sleep', think and do follow it! Make your bedtime better. To order these Bamboo Pillow, go to and give us a call on +1800-862-1084 in case of any queries.