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Sleep Cycle

Fixing a schedule for sleep

How to Fix Your Sleep Schedule

Your sleep schedule defines the quantity and quality of sleep that you get night after night. Without the schedule, you’ll find it difficult to fal...
Sleep Cycle Explained - Sleepsia

Sleep Cycle Explained

Sleep is the most important and most essential in one's life. We work hard everyday and fight with all the odds to get one night of deep sleep. Un...
What Are The Stages Of Sleep?

Stages of Sleep: REM and Non REM Sleep Cycles

Sleep is the most essential in one's life. One sleeps to stay fit, stay happy, stay rejuvenated, and stay healthy. Psychological and physical well...
What is the right amount of sleep?

How Many Hours of Sleep Do You Really Need

Science says sleep is the utmost important part of our lives. Sleep makes the body energetic, keeps the body and mind healthy, and restores well b...
How To Calculate When You Should Go To Sleep?

How To Calculate When You Should Go To Sleep?

Let us accept that our sleeping habits have ruined. We do not realize what harm are we doing it to ourselves by not having a good amount of qualit...