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How to Clean a Shredded Memory Foam Pillow?

How to Clean a Shredded Memory Foam Pillow?

Not many are aware of the association of Memory Foam Pillows with NASA. The 'factometer' of Sleepsia is beeping red today! It is because it has a fact for you! Well, it is indeed true that the credits for this foam should be given to NASA. It was under NASA, the temper foam was developed to enhance the strength of seat cushioning for pilots and passengers. Temper foam is another name for our Memory Foam. It came into being by NASA and is widely used today by everyone, for everyday comfort. Many call these foam pillows as NASA Pillows too! Isn’t it interesting? 

Now, let us talk about the ‘Shredded’ form of memory foam. The foam used in this case is stuffed in the form of a shredded version, just like we have shredded chicken! This adds to the comforts all the more. The cleanliness is a great concern. Let us read ahead to know, ‘Steps to clean a shredded memory foam?’ 

Why Do We Need To Pay Attention In Cleaning These Cervical Pillows?

Don’t get surprised! These can be addressed with this name because of its healing properties. These pillows take up the shape of the body and relax the muscles. These hold the head, shoulder area, and neck region softly. As a result, the back doesn’t feel much pressure. The body weight is distributed wisely. It ensures spinal alignment too. Wiping off cerebral issues, other pains, wear and tear of muscles, and even cervical, these pillows are a great healthy option. If the pillows ensure such a comfort to the user, it is the duty of the user also to ensure its care. These are tender and can be treated accordingly. These work on three major areas for its users. Those are:

  • Health: Their goal is to provide a healthy sleep option. That is why these are perfect as Cervical Pillows!
  • Hygiene: These pillows are super hygienic and let the user also stay hygienic.
  • Sleep: The most important! People lack sound sleep in today’s harsh world. These pillows ensure to provide a sound and comfortable sleep.

So, if these pillows work wonders for us, we must also work wonders for these! Keep them clean and they are good to go!

Tips To Clean A Shredded Memory Foam Pillow!

Unlike regular clothing and fabric, these can’t be washed without taking care. A Washing machine is a big no! Whether for washing or drying, it is not at all safe for the pillows. Its torturous movement ruins these tender pillows. These are supposed to be washed with normal water. Run it beneath tap water and that’s it! Even if you wish to submerge it in water, look if the pillow allows it or not. Just be careful, please! Either use a wet cloth to clean it and let it dry naturally. The Bamboo Pillows stuffed with this foam come with washable covers. It is easy to wash those. Also, be careful to keep these under some shade before exposing these under direct sunlight. And extremely warm water or hot water is a big no!

These Memory Foam Pillows are highly advantageous. The Bamboo covers of many pillows are super airy and ventilated. These anyway do not let the microbes or germs attack. These ensure hygienic conditions. However, it is the responsibility of the user to stay concerned. Therefore, some necessary precautions are to be followed while it is cleaning. So, finally, we know, how to clean a Shredded Memory Foam Pillow!


Our final words ask you to order your Sleepsia Bamboo Pillows to stay healthy, comfortable, and hygienic! These pillows don’t demand much attention, just a little bit of care! And in return, these promise tons of benefits. To order, proceed towards our website www.sleepsia.com and give us a call on 1800-862-1084 for questions or queries, if any!