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Steps to Wash Memory Foam Pillow

Steps to Wash Memory Foam Pillow

We are going through hours pressing our face against cushions. The air that we breathe while sleeping penetrates around our pillows and thus comprises of dead cells that we regularly shed. Hence tidiness of the pillows turns into a fundamental undertaking for better health and to look after cleanliness. Since the pillows are the most used items it deserves a proper cleaning. So a regular wash is a must before washing you must know the material contained in your pillow whether it is machine washable or not. This article will discuss an effective method to wash memory foam pillow and other related content.

Can You Machine Wash Memory Foam Pillows 

A solid memory foam pillows must not be clean in the washing machine with too fragile nature of the material. When you place it in the washing machine it becomes difficult to spin and tumbled. So, it is recommended to never wash memory foam in the machine. However, this type of pillow has long-lasting durability & bleeding support. It acts as a great practice to make a time-to-time wash to remove lubricants, pollutants & dirt that consist of pillows.

For Deep Cleaning you Need to Follow Certain Points

  • Memory foam pillows need to wash with hand so avoid washing them in your machine
  • The memory foam has brittle and delicate nature; it is recommended not to do a hard scrub on this pillow during washing. Ensure that you wash it moderately
  • Use pleasant or soft agents to wash as harsh cleaning product may break the foam 
  • Use a soft brush while processing a hand vacuum cleaner. 

How to Wash Tempur-Pedic Pillows?

Tempur-Pedic pillows are specially designed with formative design to let you comfortable support on back and neck. It also contains the pressure-relieving effects which permit shoulder & neck muscles to relax completely preventing aches and help in restful sleep.

This pillow acts as ideal support that adjusts to body shape. This pillow needs special instructions to clean. A Tempur-pedic pillow comes with a removable cover and with a cover. Initially, you need to remove and wash the cover of Tempur-pedic pillows.

How to Clean Foam Pillows in Washing Machine

Many pillows with removable cover can be washed in a washing machine by following instructions:

  • Firstly set a cold setting of the machine and make use of some mild detergent
  • Avoid hard chemicals, chlorine and stain remover’s products
  • When you are drying the covers, simply set the cool settings and dry it.

How to Retain a Freshness of Pillows

  • To permit the pillow's material to absorb and breathe fresh air and to maintain the hygiene of the pillow, make them fresh for a restful sleep
  • Roll them similar to sleeping bags and then unroll them
  • Repeat this rolling of pillows in the opposite direction
  • It is better to expose this pillow in sunlight which results in killing dust miles and also permits you a better ventilated.

Memory Foam Pillow Washing Instructions         

Tempur-pedic pillows contain memory foam which is extremely soft and delicate. The pillow cleaning technique has a great impact on it. This method can damage the pillow and make it completely useless. Thus, you are not permitted to clean these pillows in a washing machine with harsh and industrial detergents and cleaners.

Follow the washing instructions of memory foam pillow before washing it:

  • Never use excessive water for cleaning as it may damage its inside foam
  • Avoid hard twist and scrub of pillows and treat them more smoothly
  • You need to gently wash the cover in warm water in a soft cycle and with non-chlorine bleaching powder and it is recommended to use cold water for a rinse process
  • Avoid integrating bleach or whiteners while washing to ensure that you are using mild and non-alkaline detergents.
  • Always place your pillow in a well-ventilated area after washing for odor control
  • Since the memory foam easily reacts to temperature. This cold temperature makes pillows firmer; however, body heat will help in the softening of foam.
  • Avoid using bleach powder. It usually weak the foam and make it yellow.
  • Try to avoid heat settings to prevent weakening of fibers covers
  • Use non-toxic cleaners to remove softly entire strains and odors.

A memory foam pillow is used to provide better muscle support. You are required to wash it to remove unpleasant odors and stain from it.

Remove odors:

  • The pillow generally contains unpleasant smell you can easily prevent it with baking soda and leave it for a day and after this, remove vacuum with a vacuum cleaner. There might get an annoying smell, you can use vinegar or enzymatic cleaner and mix them with water
  • Spray the mixture slightly on pillows 
  • Soak it for some time 
  • You can make use of a clean towel to remove odor till their surface gets dry

Remove Strains in Tempur-Pedic Pillow

It is quite complex to remove strains from memory foam pillow. You can wash the irritating stains without damaging the foam by following the below-given method:

  • Mix some amount of detergent with cold water
  • Dip a cotton cloth in this water
  • Sneeze the cloth and smoothly rub on the surface of the pillow where strain present in a circular motion
  • Repeat this until entire strains get removed
  • After this let the pillow dry outside the sunlight or use a fan.

Steps to Wash Memory Foam Pillow

  • Remove the removable pillow cover
  • Top off a washbowl/tub with Luke water and put hardly any drops of top-quality cleaner /detergent
  • Drench delicately the pillow into the washbowl
  • Crush it tenderly to pass the water to enter underside the surface. You have to repeat this entering process 2-3 times
  • Presently expel the lathery water from the pillow
  • Top off again the bucket with freshwater
  • Grasp the pillow in it often till the water cleans the soap in it.
  • Repeat the steps until the water becomes clear
  • Expel the overabundance liquid from the pillow. During this procedure try to avoid hard contorting, the pillow may be lost its shape
  • After this, dry the cushion. It is highly prescribed to utilize sunlight to dry it. On the off chance that it is cloudy and rainy, you can dry it inside under the fans.

                     Explore more or place an order?

                    You need to take special care while washing memory foam pillows because they are not permitted to place in a washing machine. To know further guidance on preventing the damage and melting foam material during the cleaning of the pillow, reach the team at info@sleepsia.com. The team will address all your queries on memory foam pillows and their exact pricing. You can also place an order for memory foam pillows and bamboo pillows on both king & queen bamboo pillow according to your bed measurements.

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