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Eight Secrets to a Good Night’s Sleep

By Sleepsia



Feeling weak and shallow during the day? Ill-temper and lethargy in work and lack of motivation in life? Tired of googling for solutions to improve the quality of life yet nothing just seems to work? Well your hunt for the solution of those blues ends right here, for all you need is a good night worth of sweet shut-eye to charge yourself the better way and this article is all about how to achieve the finest quality of your daily bedtime.

If you can relate to feeling starved for vigor all time you might be missing out on the daily rest that your body demands. Lack of sleep directly affects how the mind and the body works. While in the short term it is quickly recoverable but prolonged lack of sleep can lead to various health conditions like Insomnia and anxiety disorders. A proper sleeping schedule is equally important for people of all ages but in recent times tons of adolescents and young adults indulge in prolonged poor sleep schedules. Majority of the victims of sleep depravity are students who lose their performances in academics and health and end up frustrated youths. Not giving sufficient rest to the body can reduce the level of testosterones in men and affect their health, mood and relationships.

Lack of proper sleep can result in various health conditions like-

Sleep Deprivation-

The term sleep deprivation refers to getting less than the required hours of sleep which, for average human beings is about eight to nine hours a day. Now prolonged lack of proper rest can cause acute and chronic syndromes.



It is slightly different from sleep deprivation. People with insomnia have difficulty falling asleep, waking up often during the night and having trouble going back to sleep.

Sleep Apnea-

Sleep Apnea is a serious health condition, mainly in adults with higher percentage of body fat, in which the breathing frequently stops and starts.

All these can lead to various worsened mental health problems. So, unless you want to end up like Tyler Durden or Patrick Bateman, you really need to give the hours of rest the body needs every day.

Eight secrets to a good night sleep:

  1. Make up a schedule and stick to it- Nothing works better than consistency when solving a problem. So, analyze your daily routine and allocate bare minimum of 8 hours to your bedtime at night. Make it 8 hours at a stretch, and not partitioned into multiple sects throughout the day. During a normal sleep period, you move through multiple sleep cycles. Now for the brain to process these cycles it is very important to rest at a stretch for the required hours. It’s very typical amongst teenagers and young adults to jeopardise their sleep schedule, in order to increase their work efficiency, for an extended period of time and go with very less hours of sleep for consecutive days and feeling tired, drowsy and sleepy for the following spell. Not only will this affect their quality of work but it also results in a condition called sleep debt, due to which after a few days of malnourished bedtime one might find sleeping more than usual in order to cope up with the hours lost.
  2. Create the proper environment- Whether you are studying, eating or even sleeping it is extremely important to have the suitable environment. Ever dreamt of sleeping on a bed of roses in a room filled with the sweetest scents of Arabia and the ancient music of the Harp taking you to an elevated level of consciousness. Sometimes all you need to do to correct things going wrong in life is just a change of environment. Keep your room cool, dark and quiet. Exposure to light before bedtime might make it more difficult to fall asleep. Avoid prolonged use of light-emitting screens like smartphones and television just before bedtime. Use deeper shades of soothing colour, sound proof windows and panes in case you live in a clamorous area Use a fan or other devices to create an environment that suits your needs. Sometimes too much of a mute environment can also be the reason of disturbed sleep and lack of concentration even at work, try using the Humming sound of a fan in order to kill the absolute silence.
  3. Consume Proper edible- Anything too spicy or too hot or cold is better avoided when aiming for a peaceful sleep. Foods that are too spicy often contain complex molecules of fat and proteins, which when digested results in an exothermic reaction thereby increasing the body temperature and making the consumer feel restless. Excessive alcoholic beverages and items containing caffeine like Coca Cola are better avoided for they affect the nervous. Simple light and preferably dry food an hour before going to bed is the perfect meal.
  4. Swipe aside work and business- Try to call off all the necessities an hour before bedtime. Let the mind be peaceful and free of worries. Avoid watching movies or web-series or screen time in general, rather read a peaceful novel or just do nothing for a while. Like Bruce Lee said, the mind is like a pond, in order to see through the water, it must be calm and at peace.
  5. Kill the weeds- We all have had the pestering experience of unknown shrubs growing over our precious gardens, it sucks up the nutrients and yields nothing. Similarly, the random Naps during the day time may often mess up the proper solid sleep one needs at night. The importance of a long-stretched bedtime being mentioned in the first point it is very important to avoid the urge of unwanted naps, which often is caused by improper sleep at night throwing one into a cycle of sleepy days and insomniac nights.
  6. Through some action in the day- Try to be active while the sun is up. Go to gym, or participate in community activities but avoid lying on the sofa during the day. Burn the fuel during the day. Sometimes, especially during vacations or long periods off work, one might find himself/herself lazing round the clock during the day and feeling restless at night. The best solution would be to get in sync with the natural circadian rhythm and be active during the day and rest at night.
  7. Strictly avoid the smoke- While this might be difficult for many people but one of the prime items that can brutally massacre your peaceful sleep is Tobacco and nicotine. Smoking within four hours of bedtime degrades sleep quality and causes you to wake at night. Daily smokers have a lot of daytime sleepiness.
Strictly avoid the smoke

Get the proper sleeping gears- Everything might be just perfect if you miss this then all the above said arrangements will prove to be in vain. The proper bed, cushion and blankets is a key necessity when a quality rests in the goal.