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How are Bamboo Pillows Made?

By Sleepsia

Bamboo pillows are made with rayon extracted from the bamboo plant. The pillow itself comes with a fill of latex or memory foam. As a sustainable and biodegradable crop, bamboo is eco-friendly, and fibers made from it provide certain health benefits. In this post, you’ll learn more about what bamboo pillows are made of.

Bamboo Fabric

The bamboo fabric is extracted from the bamboo plant. It is usually mixed with other fibers for the desired texture and elasticity. The fabric is naturally poros and wicks away sweat, so it’s perfect for making breathable clothes and pillowcases. Once the fiber is extracted and combined with another natural or synthetic fiber, the pillowcase is manufactured and sold with a pillow containing latex or memory foam. These materials perfectly complement the bamboo fabric and enhance your sleep experience.

Benefits of Bamboo Pillow

Better Neck Support

When sleeping, you usually move around. This can mean that the support provided by the pillow disappears in the middle of the night. This isn’t the case with pillows continuing latex or memory foam, as both the materials conform to the shape of your body. So by creating a perfect mold of your head and neck, this pillow provides consistent support to your neck.

Improved Neck Alignment

Apart from its ability to mold, bamboo pillows often come with shredded foam as fill. So you can adjust the height and firmness of the pillow to ensure that your spine is properly aligned. And when the spine is properly aligned, you experience comfort like never before.

Less Friction Against Skin

Because the fabric is so soft, it rarely causes any friction against your skin. So the pillow helps to protect your skin from inflammation and damage.

Wicks Sweat and Moisture

A less known fact about bamboo pillow is that it wicks away sweat and moisture to keep the pillow surface dry. Without moisture on the surface, the acne causing bacteria cannot reproduce at a fast rate. So this pillow is great for anyone who wants to avoid acne breakouts.


Depending on the fill, the pillow can last for 3-5 years easily. However, you need to select the right pillow fill. So you can go with either latex or memory foam. While both the materials can mold and provide good support, memory foam can last much longer than latex.


The cover is eco-friendly as the fiber for it is extracted from the pulp of bamboo, which is a sustainable crop that requires little water to grow. Further, it doesn’t require pesticide treatment, so it does not harm the immediate surroundings. Conclusion In this post you learned how bamboo pillows are made. The fiber for these pillows is extracted from the pulp of the bamboo, so the fabric is not only natural but also biodegradable. The pillow comes with a fill of memory foam or latex, both of which are materials that can mold according to shape and which offer good support and improve comfort.