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Is Bamboo Better than Cotton?

Is Bamboo Better than Cotton?

We come across several choices and many decisions. However, some decisions if taken can flip the entire life. It is not only about major decisions, but it can also be about minute choices that we make in our lives. Those little choices also weave together and put a major impact on our lives. Many might think what is the need to decide upon the fabrics and fibers? Is it such a big deal? What if you get 'Yes' as an answer? Of course, the fabric matters in one's life.

Especially the fabric used in the making of bed sheets or pillows. It is because after struggling for the entire day, one badly needs to rest. A compromised sleep might not seem a problem at present. But it will show its drastic effects in the future. Having a good fabric for your sleeping pillows and bedsheets is beneficial in the long run. Usually, cotton is used. However, bamboo is earning a lot of love these days.

And there are several benefits of a Bamboo Pillow because of which it is emerging better than cotton. But how? There can be many reasons. To know the answer to a popular question of present times- 'Is bamboo better than cotton?', let us read more!

Bamboo v/s Cotton means Bamboo Pillows v/s Cotton Pillows!

This is a real struggle to choose between the two. Challenging the old and existing ones and replacing them with new ones is difficult. However, it is the need of the hour. Cotton is highly beneficial. It has been used for a long time. It is acceptable by almost everyone. But why not think of including something more advantageous? It is time to welcome Bamboo Pillows at your home. In times of confusion, do not overthink. Simply realize these benefits and take your call!

  • Bamboo Is Highly Breathable: The bamboo is highly breathable and airy. It enhances the circulation of air giving it a fresh feel. Why not breathe fresh in this toxic and polluted world?
  • Bamboo Is Highly Natural: Bamboo doesn't let any unwanted insects feed upon it. So, the usage of pesticides is rare. This helps the bamboo to stay natural and organic. The bamboo pulp is derived and used in the processing of bamboo fibers. These fibers combine to form highly natural bamboo fabrics.
  • It Is Hypoallergenic: The bamboo covers used for pillows and bamboo fabric used in the making of other essentials are hypoallergenic. It doesn't let the dust mites, allergens, bugs, microbes, etc. target the users. The allergens hide and seep into cotton fabrics. But with Bamboo Pillows, this isn't possible.
  • Bamboo Is Highly Hygienic: It is washable and it does not contract. It retains its shape and keeps the freshness alive. It is already soft and smooth so no extra fabric softeners are required to wash it.
  • It is Durable: The bamboo fibers combine to make a highly durable fabric. Undoubtedly, it is for a lifetime.
  • Bamboo Can Be Beautiful Too: It is capable of accepting various hues as it easily adapts the natural dyes and colors. So, bamboo isn't boring. It can be beautiful as well. And can help you in making your bed adorable and comfy.

Bamboo Pillows Made From Bamboo Grass Are Highly Recommended!

Sleepsia realized the need to change the old and existing sleeping patterns. It is the only reason it brought the shredded memory foam bamboo pillows for its users. These pillows are created with extreme love and care. Filled with shredded memory foam, these are surrounded by great bamboo covers. This is the reason why these are the best products made from bamboo. Many feel bamboos are trees however, it isn't the case. Bamboo belongs from a grass family and these grow as tall as trees. Cotton has its benefits and its advantages but the healing effect given by bamboo can't be sidelined. It is amazing to know that-

  • Bamboo Pillows mold as per the body of the user and protect the user from issues like cervical, insomnia, sleep apnea, orthopedic problems, etc.
  • These pillows let the users feel stress-free and submerge deep into sleep.
  • These pillows are the real super-heroes. These fluff up in a great manner and are adjustable too.


Cotton fabric, cotton pillows, and bed-sheets can be amazing but it is high time you include the magical properties of bamboo in your life. Is bamboo better than cotton? is a question that has an answer hidden deep in your hearts. Just acknowledge the magnificent benefits of bamboo pillows and realize the importance of bamboo. To buy these pillows, go to www.SleepSia.com and give us a call on +1800-862-1084 to know more about it. Team Sleepsia wishes to bring you the best and shun down the worst. Realizing the importance of quality sleep, the team at Sleepsia believes in the power of bamboo!