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Memory Foam Pillow VS Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Memory Foam Pillow VS Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Thinking of replacing the old pillows? How about choosing memory foam ones? But wait, the dynamic market is flooded with many other options. Out of those, shredded memory foam pillows have also become popular lately. So then which way to go?

The confusion is real while someone thinks of buying a pillow. Especially when it comes to deciding on the battle of 'Memory Foam Pillow VS Shredded Memory Foam Pillow.' Both seem similar, yet are so different. So, to get some idea, read below and do your homework well! After all, reaching the market, choosing between the options, comparison, and buying decision depends upon the homework and the research. This rule works not just for pillows but for almost every product that we wish to buy. Be it as tiny as a pencil or as big as a car. One must not hurry in buying anything. It is a sign of 'wise shopping' if an individual takes time, knows the differences, recalls the real requirements, considers the budget, and then makes a decision.

Alarm!!!!!! If you are reading it with half-shut eyes, kindly break your sleepy period immediately because this information is going to help you in several ways. Sacrifice your laziness, for now, to let the door open for better sleep in the future! This article will help you find out the differences between the two types of pillows, their benefits, and their features. Ultimately, you may be able to make a better decision before buying pillows. So, let us begin!

Difference Between Memory Foam Pillows And Shredded Memory Foam Pillows

These have one thing in common which is memory foam. It is the basic material that is used to create both types of pillows. The core material is the same while only its form changes. Memory foam when converted into shreds is used to make shredded memory foam pillows.

How Do They Differ?

Traditional memory foam pillows come as a whole! It means they look like one single piece. However, shredded memory foam pillows have chunks of memory foam that are stuffed in the pillow. Know the difference between the two pillows right below-

Are Memory Foam Pillows Flexible?

Traditional memory foam pillows are less moldable or flexible as compared to shredded memory foam pillows. One single piece of foam used to make the pillow retains the shape but doesn't show much flexibility. This might create a little problem for those who wish to adjust the pillow as per their sleeping style. The way shredded memory foam pillow folds and wraps around in almost any sleeping position, this pillow may find it difficult to compete at that level!

Shredded Memory Foam Pillows Are Flexible

Shredded Memory Foam Pillows Are Flexible

These pillows are more moldable than traditional memory foam pillows because they have loose chunks of memory foam. The pieces allow the air to pass through easily and move around infusing better flexibility. Hence, we can say that the pillow stuffed with tiny pieces of memory foam is more flexible than that of a solid and traditional memory foam pillow.

Their Benefits Over Each Other

Both the pillows offer benefits to their users. Unlike some rigid pillows that are a hub to allergens, these pillows promote healthy sleep. Both are prepared from memory foam. It is the main dish in the platter of 'comfort.' Hence, both possess the benefits of this special type of foam.

Benefits Of Memory Foam Pillows

Memory foam is no less than a miraculous thing. Created by NASA, it slowly came into the market for usage in medical, surgical, and sports areas. Today, it is widely used for making pillows. This type of foam conforms to pressure. The magic is in its rebound!

  1. Rebound Properties: As mentioned above, it is all about rebound. Its visco-elasticity property makes it exciting! It helps the pillow to sink when some pressure is put and it slowly regains its shape when pressure is lifted.
  2. Distributing Weight: Memory foam pillows help in disturbing the weight of the body equally, with not much strain on the pressure points.
  3. Firm And Supportive: Unlike shredded memory foam pillows, if you want better cradling effects, then it is apt. The firm piece of memory foam used to make this pillow helps to lift the head and provide support to the spine firmly. For example, many memory foam orthopedic cervical-support pillows work in this way. They aren't much moldable but are firm. Those pillows are designed in a way to support the natural curve and help the stiff shoulders.

Benefits Of Shredded Memory Foam Pillows

Shredded memory foam pillows, unlike dense traditional memory foam pillows, are highly flexible as said above. Their ability to adjust according to the part of the body gives relaxation.

Shredded Memory Foam Pillow
  • Breathable: As compared to the other ones, these pillows are more breathable. It is because a dense piece of memory foam used to make a pillow won't let air pass through easily. On the opposite, shreds or tiny pieces of the memory foam would enhance air circulation. Therefore, shredded foam pillows give chances for better breathable sleep.
  • Eco-Friendly Too: Today most brands such as Sleepsia offer healthy shredded memory foam pillows that have bamboo pillowcases. The shreds of the foam are stuffed in the washable and manageable pillow covers to double up the benefits. This minimizes the chances of chemicals, gives more breathability, and possesses hypoallergenic properties too.
  • Customizable: The biggest benefit comes in the form of 'customization.' Traditional memory foam pillows do not provide this option. It is because the single piece of foam stuffed in those pillows can't be customized. The loft remains the same. But in the case of shredded memory foam pillows, adjustable lofts are a gift. The desired amount of foam can be inserted or taken out as per the requirement.

Which Pillow Is Better For You?

It depends upon your requirement to know which is best for you! Many unhealthy and rigid pillows don't even comfort the users. Some pillows go flat in a blink of an eye. Then some pillows let you sneeze and itch! At least memory foam pillows don't fall in this category. Be it a firm traditional pillow or a shredded one, these have emerged as great support lately. People are preferring these over others due to their healing, medical, orthopedic, flexible, hypoallergenic, and breathable properties.

How To Choose Out Of The Two?

Memory Foam Pillow VS Shredded Memory Foam Pillow is really confusing. Hold on for a second and take a deep breath! Now, think of what exactly you want. You yourself know the answer really well. Still, to help, we request you to scroll a little down to know some points that can help you in making a better decision.

  • Know Your Sleeping Pattern: Try to figure out what kind of sleeper you are. If you sleep on the right side and get up on the left, it means you love floating on the bed. In that case, a shredded memory foam pillow can help. It is because it is more moldable.
  • Know Your Pain: If you are undergoing cervical pain, neck stiffness, or shoulder pain, then traditional dense memory foam pillows can work for you. These are firm and support the alignment better. A fantastic example is the memory foam cervical pillow by Sleepsia. It has a butterfly shape to support the shoulders, the neck, and the spine.
  • Want Breathability?: If you desire to sleep like a free bird, with better breathability, then prefer shredded memory foam.
  • Desire For Customization? : If you want the pillow to adjust accordingly to you and want to set the pillow height as per your wish, then go for shredded memory foam. Usually, the head is kept a little high in the case of a traditional memory foam pillow.
  • Want Hassle-Free Shipping: Shredded memory foam pillows usually come vacuum sealed. So, they are easily manageable to send and carry along. But once they are opened, they fluff up like a cloud! On the other side, traditional memory foam pillows come as a whole pillow. Their single dense piece of foam can't be packed in this way.
  • From Interior Design Perspective: The shredded memory foam pillows are more flexible so these look pretty when placed on couches, lower beddings, and even on sofas. Especially, the guests who love to sit on the sofas in the living area would like to let their backs sink in softer pillows. As said above, dense pillows are a little firm. So, from a decor point of view, softer and flexible pillows look good!

Things To Keep In Mind

Both types of pillows require some care. Hence, take care of them just like your car, bike, or other gadgets. These are essential too!

  • Remember to keep them away from direct sunlight.
  • Do not use bleach or toxic materials on them.
  • Wash them with extreme care with mild liquid detergent.
  • Do not run extremely hot water through them. Use normal water instead.
  • For machine wash, be very delicate and don't use heavy settings.
  • Prefer handwashing.


While deciding for 'Memory Foam Pillow VS Shredded Memory Foam Pillow', just keep in mind that whatever you choose, it should serve the biggest purpose of giving comfortable sleep. There is no harm in spending extra money on something that would fetch you better sleep. After all, it is better to spend only once than spending again and again on the pillows that either go flat or don't support. Such issues minimize with Sleepsia shredded memory foam pillows and orthopedic cervical support pillows. The choice is clearly yours!