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Sleep Divorce – How it can help you and your partner?

By Sleepsia

Sleep Divorce is the new trend! Especially with an increase in the lockdown and shut downs, when couples are bound to spend more time with each other, sleep divorce has also witnessed an increase. But what is sleep divorce? What exactly leads to a sleep divorce? What has it to do with the couples?

These are some of the questions that might be running in the minds after reading about this term. Well, sleep divorce is when one of the partners is bound to sleep without the other partner because of snoring, sleep apnea, or sleeping issues that disturb the sleep of the other partner. Couples going through this issue have started witnessing adverse impact in their relationships. But for many, it works wonders. For those who wish to sleep peacefully file for a sleep divorce before it is too late! It seems better than the couples reaching court for the legal separation proceedings! It is not a joke however, and is true. Lack of sleep deeply affects the mind and gives rise to aggression. Aggression and irritability in the couples may form divorce grounds.

Defining What Is A Sleep Divorce!

Sleep Divorce as mentioned above refers to sleeping apart from the partner because of the sleeping issues prevailing while sleeping. Due to snoring or loud noises made while sleeping or different sleeping habits, usually couples prefer sleep divorce for the sake of peace and better sleep.

Couples Who Prefer Sleep Divorce

There are many couples who prefer sleep divorce. Rather than troubling each other and tolerating each other’s different sleeping habits, some consider having a sleep divorce as a wise decision.

  • Better Idea For Snoring Issues: Usually if the partner snores, the other one fails to have a sound sleep. This may push the other person towards insomnia.
  • Ideal For Space: Sometimes getting along too much with each other can also be suffocating. Hence, it may provide space for a sound sleep to both the partners, preparing them for a happy and rejuvenated routine the next morning. Which otherwise can start the day with frowns, irritation, puffy eyes, and dark circles!
  • Option For Respecting Various Preferences: Sleep divorce can help the partners respect each other’s preferences and not bear each other’s likes and dislikes while sleeping, unnecessarily. Some may like sleeping on bamboo pillows, while some sleep without pillows! Some may prefer grabbing king size pillows while some may like sleeping with 2- pack bamboo pillows. Some may like fluffed memory foam pillows while some may prefer cervical support pillows due to hectic lives. So, if one has different preferences, why settle for something that your body and mind doesn’t approve of? Therefore, sleep divorce is a wise option for the couples who think their individual choices are equally important and when ‘adjusting’ for the sake of adjusting can be avoided.

Couples Who Do Not Prefer Divorce

There are some couples who don’t wish to sleep apart from each other. For them, the warmth and sensuality is important. But what about snoring? What about the difference in sleeping patterns? What about various choices of pillows for sleeping?

  • Search For The Relief: If it is not possible to think about a sleep divorce, then thinking about the relief methods is important. For example, if a partner snores a lot, can seek help from breathable and hypoallergenic bamboo pillows. Such pillows are offered by Sleepsia.
  • Try Change Sleeping Patterns: If the couples don’t feel like opting for sleep divorce, then trying to change the sleeping patterns is important too. Change the setting of the room, keep it ventilated, wear comfortable clothes, opt for nasal sprays or doctor’s recommendation in case of snoring, and choose Sleepsia bamboo pillows for sleeping. Change for better!

Sleep Divorce And Relationship Having A Connection!

Sleep Divorce And Relationship

Sleep Divorce and relationship between couples have a direct connection. A relationship between couples can either strengthen or loosen with sleep divorce. As mentioned above, it depends upon the couples.

What Makes Couple Opt For Sleep Divorce?

After the tolerance is over and after the sleep has witnessed a major impact, couples choose to sleep away from each other. If sleeping issues continue, couples can see a major fallout.

  • Regular Disturbance Affects Romance: Romance is the foundation of a relationship. Regular disturbance through either flipping sides, snoring, having vague sleeping postures, sleep apnea, and others may deeply irritate the partner. This spoils the romance and warmth which is obtained through cuddling while sleeping.
  • Affects Sex Life: Those who have affected sex lives, go for sleep divorce to have a break! Sleeplessness doesn’t leave energy and regular disturbance in sleep after enjoying the night may spoil the entire lovemaking. This isn’t healthy for couples either. After all, insomniac and tired bodies and minds can never stay rejuvenated.
  • If Sleeping Essentials Aren’t Upto The Mark: If the couples are sleeping on harsh mattresses or are choosing rigid pillows, then it is high time they opt for better sleeping essentials such as Sleepsia Bamboo Pillow which are soft and breathable, and better quality matteresses, and better blankets. If such things create a menace, then also partners may wish to sleep in their individual zones. If not, then try to look for shredded memory foam pillows in apt sizes in 2- pack. It is because the partners would be able to share it altogether, with better comfort. Sleepsia pillows for sleeping help in this regard and may minimize the requirement of sleep divorce.
Psychological Connection With Sleep Divorce

Psychological Connection With Sleep Divorce

Sleep Divorce and Relationship involve a psychological aspect too! For the couples who are struggling to sleep with each other but can’t split but on the other hand, wish to sleep apart have a major psychological imbalance. It further may extend to legal separation.

  • Lack of sleep results in imbalance in the mind. It affects the whole day.
  • The partner who suffers with sleeping issues and the partner who is handling other person’s disturbance may feel they don’t get along well.
  • Feeling of ‘not getting along’ or ‘not being able to adjust’ or ‘how will the entire life be spent like this’ impacts the mind a lot.
  • The one who has sleeping issues may feel horrible for not giving a relaxed life to the partner and the partner finding difficulty to adjust may feel horrible for not being able to emerge as a pillar of support.

Pros and Cons Of Sleep Divorce

There are pros and cons of sleep divorce. But as per the latest trend, people who have filed for sleep divorce have witnessed a relaxed state of mind than before. Every coin has two sides! So it depends upon the couples which path they wish to choose.

First Step: Know The Pros

Clearly if the lack of quality sleep is spoiling the nights and days, sleep divorce can be considered as an option. It is because if one tends to sleep individually in different rooms, it may help to better the sleep patterns which can further better the relationship.

  • Betters The Health: Sleep Divorce may better the health. It is because a suffocating sleep may decline the health. Whereas, a better sleep can help better blood circulation, keep psychological ailments away, help in memory and cognition, support better digestion, and help overall.
  • Helps Develop Understanding: Couples agreeing to it can have sense of understanding. Agreeing on ‘sleeping separately’ but ‘not geting separate’ has helped many couples manage house chores and official chores well.
  • Freedom To Choose: One gets freedom to choose either bamboo pillows of their choice or cervical support pillows. One gets to choose the mist, the bedsheets, the amount of light required, and the pattern of sleeping. This helps to enhance the satisfaction of freedom!

Second Step: Know The Cons

Sleep Divorce may have cons too. If it is happening without 100% agreement from both ends, it will someday emerge as a volcano!

  • It may fuel the fire of separation.
  • It may not give ‘partner talk time’ or ‘romantic time’ appropriately. It is because couples are busy the whole day and it is before sleep only, they usually discuss joys and sorrows.
  • Sleep Divorce may impact the kids and family too.
  • If having habit of partner’s cuddling and touch, it can spoil the sleep in different room too.
  • It might take time to adjust at the new space too.

Talk Before Opting For A Sleep Divorce!

Talk Before Opting For A Sleep Divorce

It is not for one but for both! So, before taking this step of sleep divorce, a comfortable talk is necessary. It becomes all the more important if the other partner isn’t interested for it. A subtle talk, explanation of how personal health is important, need for space, and how is sleep divorce better for both needs to be sorted before hand.

Also, choosing Sleepsia Bamboo Pillows for sleeping can help a lot. Even after sleep divorce, one needs to have a comfortable platform to sleep. After all, sleeping apart should be beneficial! Otherwise what is the use? While opting for sleep divorce, be sure to express the partner that it isn’t a separation but is just a way to seek relaxation and space. The partner should not feel left out at all. This is a very sensitive situation so one should not let it break the pure thread of relationship. It should rather help to strengthen this thread in the form of giving individual sleep satisfaction.