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What is Sleeping Pills its Uses and Side Effects

What is Sleeping Pills its Uses and Side Effects

Sleeplessness seems the biggest curse of all times. A person falling into the trap of insomnia would know what he is going through! Amidst helplessness caused due to sleeplessness, people try and depend upon sleeping pills. There are some natural sleeping pills too but many possess addiction forming and ill-effects providing results. So, it is important to choose all other options before trying sleeping pills. One should keep medicines as the last option. There are certain other things that may bring joy to the one waiting for a peaceful sleep for so long.

The first step that can be made is by changing the pillows, mattresses, and blankets. Believe it or not such sleeping essentials are responsible for delivering a sound sleep or causing sleeplessness. Especially the pillows! In the highly ailing world, bamboo pillows are being loved by people. Sleepsia makes a great range of pillows and these satisfy the users with breathable, supportive, and relaxed sleep. Rigid pillows need to be replaced immediately because any barrier in the pathway to comfort constructs the way for regular lethargy and sleeplessness.

People Depending Upon Sleeping Pills

People Depending Upon Sleeping Pills

Sleeping pills have widely become popular only because sleeplessness has seen a great rise. Earlier also it used to be workload and stress and it is the same now as well. However, the pandemic situation has multiplied it severely. Certain health ailments have also pumped up the issues of sleep. Therefore, people think of sleeping pills as an easy way out. Many health care providers too prescribe them. However, it is advisable to consume sleeping pills with the recommendation. It is because each body shows different reactions to these pills. Doctors are better to know, monitor, and guide.

What Are Sleeping Pills?

Sleeping pills or soporific drugs help to induce sleep within people suffering from insomnia. These may also be used for surgical anesthesia.

  • These are also known as hypnotic drugs.
  • These are used to treat insomnia and other sleeping disorders.
  • These can be habit-forming too.
  • Most sleeping pills are referred to as sedative hypnotics as well.
  • These sedative hypnotics possess benzodiazepines and barbiturates too.
  • The benzodiazepines include anti-anxiety properties and thus help in inducing sleep with some drowsiness.
  • On the other hand, the barbiturates work on the grounds of the central nervous system and are usually used in the anesthesia arena.

Why Choose These Sleeping Pills?

In case of severe insomnia, what option is left? However, the doctors may usually begin the treatment with certain steps of -

  • Habits Change
  • Sleeping Time Change
  • Diet Change
  • Environment Change
  • Sleeping Essentials Change (Pillows, Mattresses, etc.)

The last point holds importance and it is the most neglected aspect. Sleepsia tries to focus on this area and prepares better quality bamboo pillows and shredded memory foam pillows for letting insomniacs begin with the relief journey.

If nothing works, then the doctor may include sleeping pills into the picture. There may be some organic or natural sleeping pills in the market but usually doctors recommend it according to the condition of the patient. There may be some side effects and habit-formation of these pills, so doctors tend to aware the patients beforehand. Also, alert signs are made for already existing patients of asthma or other chronic lungs issues.

Need For Natural Sleeping Pills

For those who are struggling with lack of sleep can depend upon some natural sleeping pills along with depending upon better bamboo pillows for sleeping. Such non-harmful ways are always beneficial! The natural aids tend to lower down the side effects and may provide satisfactory support. A good amount of sleep is very important for psychological and physical health so best should be done to achieve it.

Melatonin And Valerian As Natural Sleeping Aids

Melatonin hormone and Valerian Root are two natural sleep inducing aids. These are widely popular these days and are used to make many sleep supplements for helping the patients seek relief.

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  • Melatonin: This hormone indicates the brain to sleep. Hence, it is used in preparation of natural sleeping pills which are supportive for night-shift workers, during jet lag, and other incidents that require wake-ups!
  • Valerian Root: This herb is also used for inducing sleep. Above all, it is also supportive in anxiety and stress.

Other Natural Sleeping Aids

Certain flowers, amino acids, minerals, and others may also form natural sleeping aids. Magnesium is one such sleeping assistance providing minerals. It helps to relax the body, mind, and muscles. Flowers like lavender, chamomile, jasmine, and passionflower are also helpful. Others such as Glycine, Ginkgo Biloba, and Kava may also be supportive.

Why Consume Natural Sleeping Pills?

Natural sleeping pills include natural sleeping aids which tend to put less adverse impact than that of strong medication.

  • There is a need for positivity and determination.
  • One should avoid toxic intake of chemicals, caffeine, or alcohol along with these natural sleeping pills.
  • Also, it is advised to change the rigid mattresses and pillows for sleeping along with it.
  • There can be many sleeping pills side effects so to avoid those, nature may be trusted.
Sleeping Pills Side Effects

What Are The Sleeping Pills Side Effects?

Sleeping pills have an impact on the health and wellness of the patient. If not immediate, the impact is visible in the long term. Therefore, these sleeping pills are advised to be taken for a short term and one should not form addiction of these pills.

Know The Sleeping Pills Side Effects

Consumption of sleeping pills can cause many side effects such as:

  • Gastric Issues: Issues in digestion, tummy pain, inflammation, constipation, or heartburn are visible in many cases. Stomach is the root to health! Upset tummy indicates upset overall health.
  • Cognitive Issues: Memory loss, retention issues, headaches, logical reasoning issues may be a result of the same.
  • Lethargy: Slowed processes, lethargy, dizziness, laziness, attention diversion, vague dreams, weakness, and drowsiness in the day and night are also recorded in many cases.

Long Term Effects Of Sleeping Pills

In many cases, long term effects of sleeping pills are also recorded. The biggest issue can emerge with Parasomnia which refers to the performance of tasks in sleep or in an unaware state of mind. Half-sleepy or parasomniac patients can also indulge in activities like driving, eating, or walking in which they have no control over their sleep.

  • These pills if taken for longer periods may affect brain, heart, stomach as said above. These may collectively cause problem.
  • Parasomnia is a dangerous state of sleepiness-drowsiness. It can even welcome death in cases of driving.

Sleeplessness, Covid-19, and Sleeping Pills

There has been a huge rise in sleeplessness amidst the break of pandemic. This has caused an increase in the reach for the doctors for sleeping pills. Many people have opted for natural sleeping aids too during the pandemic.

Psychological Impact Of The Pandemic On Sleep

Psychological Impact Of The Pandemic On Sleep

Sleep has been impacted a lot during the pandemic. Being stuck in the house, scary news, constant fear of job loss, work from home's pressure, and other things have contributed towards sleeplessness and insomnia.

  • Reach for sleeping pills have increased a lot due to the pandemic effects.
  • Loss of routine, imbalanced circadian rhythm or the body clock, and late night awakening has impacted a lot.
  • Binge-watching, late night work, improper diet, stuffing heavy diet, and having bad and lazy lifestyle has also resulted in need for sleeping pills by many.

Along With Sleeping Pills What Else?

Before sleeping pills, it is advisable to reach out for a better sleeping routine. Before relying on these pills, why not rely on a better life routine in the midst of the pandemic?

  • Think Positive: It is important to keep the mind away from all sorts of negative thoughts. Stuffing in negativity will let sleep take an exit.
  • Eat Healthy: It is important to eat healthy and cut down on caffeine. Fried and unhealthy food before sleeping can't help.
  • Mediation: Any holy chanting meditation or focus based meditation, without any chant can work. Meditation helps to relax the mind and body, thus minimizing chances to seek sleeping pills.
  • Exercise: Physical workout is a great way to have satisfactory and better sleep.
  • Better Pillows: Breathable, hypoallergenic, soft, and eco-friendly bamboo pillows can help induce sleep. Sleepsia makes brilliant pillows.
  • No Overload: One should stay away from overload of work, odd work timings, and pressure.
  • Break Time Importance: If it is a work from home, one should take break times in between. Taking short breaks while working can help stay fresh and rejuvenated.
  • Better Clothing: Better clothing is important. Soft and comfortable clothes may help to bring easy sleep.
  • Happy Mist: Better mist and well odoured room can help induce better sleep.
  • No Binge-Watching: Regular binge-watching and regular exposure to screen never works.

Sleeping Pills v/s Natural Sleeping

Sleeping Pills v/s Natural Sleeping

Undoubtedly natural sleeping is a better option than the pills. Therefore, one must try to have natural, peaceful, and deep sleep before it becomes too late. Insomnia can be worked upon easily with better routine. In case required, one should seek doctors. One should keep sleeping pills as the last resort. So, if you are thinking of taking the first step, go ahead and change the pillows first. Bringing home Sleepsia Bamboo Pillow is the first thing to do!


Saffron Improves Sleep Quality & Quantity (April 30, 2021)

A recent study has shown that saffron improves sleep quantity and quality. This is revealed in a survey by RCT involving 66 volunteers for a duration of 6 months. The study has suggested that saffron can be a safe and natural replacement for sleeping pills.

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