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Sleep Foundation : Sleep Health Reviews You Can Rely On

By Sleepsia

Sleep Foundation, A One Care Media Company provides comprehensive health information drawn from high-quality sources and reviewed by experts in a certain field. Their goal is to produce dependable resources to help everyone take charge of their health and get the sleep they need and deserve.

Once belonging to the National Sleep Foundation, Sleep Foundation was acquired and licensed by OneCare Media in December 2019. With a goal to inform and educate their readers about sleep, the website has created a unique team of medical experts and product reviews to provide authentic information to their readers.

With a focus on publishing science backed and authoritative articles on sleep, Sleep Foundation has created value for its readers and subscribers. Taking the mission of the website further, OneCare Media built upon the excellent work and by publishing more evidence based content that focuses on health and wellness via sleep.

✅Their highly qualified team comprises psychologists, physicians, researchers, and other sleep experts with years of experience in health fields and sleep science. Their expertise and insights about sleep science and human well-being ensure every article and guide on their site reflects the latest data, findings, and trends.

✅Their review panel ensures that Sleep Foundation’s content and research sustain the highest standards of medical integrity.

  • The team is made up of the brightest and best in sleep science and medicine.
  • All of its content is reviewed and fact-checked by their review panel as well as reviewed by the National Sleep Foundation.
  • This ensures the data they publish is evidence-based, up-to-date, accurate, and trustworthy.

Its team manages editorial and product testing at Sleep Foundation. The team’s comprehensive expertise in bedding, mattresses, and sleep products, coupled with their editorial, media, and digital marketing experience, helps to build Sleep Foundation, one of the largest sleep information portals online.

Sleep Foundation provides you with Sleep Solutions for your Sleep Problems

Sleep Foundation provides you with Sleep Solutions for your Sleep Problems

You can search for the best Mattress available, you can check mattress reviews, you can even compare mattresses and check mattress sales. It also provides you with Information on Sleep Medication.

Find the Best Mattress and Bedding

Find the best Mattress:

You can look for the best Mattress as per your sleep positions: side sleepers, Stomach Sleepers, and Back Pain. Even you can have a look at the Memory Foam Pillows, Budget mattress, Mattress in a box, Cooling Mattress, Hybrid Mattress, Firm Mattresses, Soft Mattresses, Best Online mattress and Mattress sizes available.

Find the Best Bedding:

You can look for the best bedding accessories available in the market. Be it pillows, sheets, weighted Blankets, best mattress toppers, etc.

Sleep Medications

Sleep Medications:

Sleep Medications include prescription medications, and dietary supplements, many of which are termed as “natural” sleep aids. Within these categories are many types of drugs and compounds that affect the body in different ways.

It also provides you with categories of Sleep Medications such as over the counter medications, prescription drugs, and dietary supplements.

✅ The sleep health information and content appearing on Sleep undergo an austere vetting process before its publication. Their team of writers submits their original work to their Review Panel consisting of psychiatrists, physicians, and other credentialed medical experts.

✅ The products recommended on their website are based on analysis, in-house testing, and verified owner experiences curated from polls and surveys, personal feedback, and genuine product reviews.

Their product ratings and suggestions are made independently of any relationships they might have with manufacturers.

Sleep Foundation accepts funding from affiliate relationships with most of the firms in the sleep product industry. This allows them to continuously build out more in-depth sleep information, work with the best experts in sleep, and conduct thorough research. To maintain the website and continue to produce informative and accurate content, they maintain affiliate partnerships with more prominent e-commerce portals like and

✅ They try to be as transparent as possible about their testing processes and the decisions around product suggestions.

Transparent Testing processes and the decisions around product suggestions

Sleep Foundation follows specific guidelines to ensure that advertising never arrives in the way of editorial integrity.

  • Sleep Foundation maintains relationships with firms that offer sleep products. These include affiliate fee arrangements and cost-per-click, which help them generate commissions through product links.
  • They even participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. As a part of this program, they gain a commission from whenever someone does shopping after visiting an link on their site.
  • If one of their readers clicks on a link on their site and purchases a product from one of their partners, they gain a commission. But, if that reader prefers to return the product, then the commission will be revoked.
  • They do not get/take any financial payment from firms in exchange for featuring their products in rankings, reviews, or guides.

Though, they do get free products from companies that are used for research purposes. They have solely declared that getting these products does not influence their editorial content, nor does it promise a favorable review for the product or the manufacturer/seller.

Sleep Foundation’s Privacy Policy

Sleep Foundation is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers and readers.

SleepFoundation’s Privacy Policy

All the content on their site is not intended to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. It can only be used for informational purposes. Always seek your physician’s advice or another qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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