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Stages of Sleep: REM and Non REM Sleep Cycles

By Sleepsia

Sleep is the most essential in one’s life. One sleeps to stay fit, stay happy, stay rejuvenated, and stay healthy. Psychological and physical wellness is assured with proper sleep. Sleep isn’t a single phenomenon. It can be considered as one but it has different stages. ‘What are the stages of sleep?’ is a common question that would arrive after knowing that our sleep has different phases or stages. It is interesting to know that our sleep mingles between REM and Non-REM sleeping phases.

We will read about it further but even before that, it is important to know that to have smooth sleeping patterns, one needs to be comfortable. This comfort comes from the Sleepsia Bamboo Pillows. These pillows are made up of shredded memory foam and soft bamboo pillow cases. These pillows are known to mold according to the head, the neck, and the spine. Complete relaxation is provided to the head and the neck and therefore, the sleep goes smooth. Let us know more about different stages of sleep.

Know Interesting Facts About The Stages Of Sleep!

There are four stages of sleep i.e REM and Non-REM. The REM stands for rapid eyes movement. There are three stages are of Non-

REM and the fourth one is of REM. It is explained as follows:

  • Stage 1: NREM i.e non rapid eyes movement in stage one. The length of this stage is for one to five minutes.
  • Stage 2: It exists for ten to sixty minutes.
  • Stage 3: This stage is also known as SWS i.e Slow Wave Sleep. It stays for twenty to sixty minutes.
  • Stage 4: This is the stage fourth of sleep. It is the REM that stays for ten to sixty minutes.

Let us know in detail to find out the answer of the question, ‘What Are The Stages Of Sleep?’ The stage one, also known as N1 is the stage where brain activity starts to slow down. The body doesn’t go into deep sleep in this stage but if not disturbed, this can lead into a swift shift towards the second stage. Remember, to grab Bamboo Pillows before sleeping! These pillows will help in protecting the user from the disturbances.

On talking about the second stage, it is also known as N2. It is said that usually a person is into this stage for half of his/her sleep. This stage involves lowered body temperature, slowed breathing, and stopping of eye movement. Next comes the third stage i.e N3. In this phase, it is difficult to wake up someone. This is the stage that is responsible for building up the body and enhancing the growth of the brain.

The next stage i.e the fourth one, is known as REM. This includes rapid eyes movement although the eyes remain closed. This stage is known for the creative dreams however dreams can occur in other phases too. To witness the best sleeping experiences and to have the smooth experience, we should never comprise with the comfortable sleeping essentials that include Bamboo Pillows.

How Bamboo Pillows Contribute In Having A Deep Sleep?

These pillows are organic, Certi-PUR US certified and contain no highly volatile compounds. These pillows have supreme filling of shredded memory foam that makes the Bamboo Pillows malleable. These pillows mold as per the body and don’t exert any pressure. As a result, the user doesn’t get disturbed in between the stages of sleep.

  • Soft pillows to support the body.
  • Breathable pillows that don’t cause sweating, increase air circulation, and promote ventilation.
  • Cooling pillows.
  • Eco-friendly pillows.
  • Pillows that protect us from cervical, spondylosis, insomnia, etc.
  • Pillows that are hypoallergenic and protect us from allergies, running nose, rashes, itching, etc.

Final Words

Our final words suggest you all to opt for Bamboo Pillows for sleeping. These will help in giving us a great sleep and non-disturbed sleeping phases. Now that we know the answer to the question of ‘What Are The Stages Of Sleep?’, why not step ahead in experiencing these stages fruitfully.

Go to SleepSia and order these Bamboo pillows. Don’t forget to call us on +1800-862-1084 to know more about it. Team Sleepsia has answers to all your answers. Don’t stay curious, just approach us to know!