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Steps to Clean Memory Foam Pillow

Steps to Clean Memory Foam Pillow

We are spending hours pressing the faces against our pillow. The air that we inhale while sleeping propagates around the pillows. Thus, they contain all the dead skin cells that we normally shed. Thus cleanliness of the pillow becomes a necessary task for better skin and to maintain hygiene. Washing memory foam can be complex; simply throwing it in a washing machine is not an ideal option. You need to search a better way to wash a memory foam pillow. This blog will discuss how to clean a memory foam pillow.

Practice good pillow hygiene with a time-to-time wash:

Memory foam bamboo pillows are not machine washable. You need to clean the bacteria pollutants, lubricants, and dirt that build-up on the pillows for healthy sleep.

Points to consider before cleaning memory foam:

  • Never wash the memory foam pillow in your machine as it is hand- washable
  • The memory foam is too fragile and soft; it is suggested not to scrub this pillow too hard while washing. You need to wash it in a gentle way
  • Use soft agents to clean
  • Avoid harsh cleaning products
  • Use a hand vacuum cleaner with a soft brush.

The steps to clean memory foam pillow:

  • Take away the removable cover from the pillow
  • Fill up a washbowl /tub with Luke water and put few drops of top-quality detergent
  • Immerse softly the pillow into the washbowl
  • Crush it gently to permit the water to enter beneath the surface. You need to repeat this penetrating step 2-3 times
  • Now remove the soapy water from the pillow
  • Refill again the washbowl with clean/freshwater
  • Grip the pillow in it frequently till the water cleans the soap and dirt in it.
  • Repeat the steps until the water turns clear
  • Remove the excess liquid from the pillow. During this process avoid hard twisting, the pillow might be lost its shape
  • Now, dry the pillow. It is highly recommended to use direct sunlight to dry it. In case, it is cloudy you can dry it indoors under the fans.

How do you clean lubricant off a memory foam pillow and other strain in it?

Sometimes in memory foam bamboo pillow there might found some lubricant or grease stains. It needs to clean such liquid and mild spots that spilled due to oil, lotion, or tea on the pillow.

Follow the steps to clean lubricant off a memory foam pillow:

  • Remove the pillow cover
  • Use a towel to absorb extra liquid
  • Take a few drops of hydrogen; mix one teaspoon of vinegar, and two spoons of baking soda
  • Apply the mixture on the pillow cover and leave it for few hours, rub it with any old toothbrush
  • Mix mild detergent and water till it gets bubbly consistency
  • Now Dip the pillowcase into the water and carefully rub it in a circular motion till it removes the strains
  • Dry it with a hairdryer or through sunlight.

How to Clean Contour memory foam pillow?

A Contour memory foam pillow is an effective method to provide support on your neck muscles. It plays a major role to decrease muscle strain and ache. They usually get strains and leave odors. It became important to clean them. Contour Memory foam pillows are available with a washable cover which permits you to wash them easily.

Following are some techniques you can apply while cleaning your contour foam pillow:

  1. Simple method:
  • To pull out streak or strains and to keep your pillow fresh, you need to take away its cover and spray baking soda on it
  • Keep it for a minimum of 60 minutes before vacuuming.
  1. Alternate method:
  • Mix some bits of detergents with warm water and then carefully rub away strains slowly with a washed cloth
  • After this keep the pillow to completely air dry
  1. Deep clean of contour memory foam pillow:
  • Gently submerge pillow in a bucket of lukewarm water and mix two spoons of washing detergent
  • Squeeze carefully before the splash
  • Squash again to take out water.

Avoid washing the memory foam pillow on the washing machine.

Need more assistance?

Follow the above-given instructions to properly clean the memory foam pillow and improve your overall health. In case you need more advice on tips to take care of all types of pillows reach the team at info@sleepsia.com. You can also drop an email along with your query.

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