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Teens and Sleep

Teens and Sleep

Teenagers find it hard to sleep. We have seen teenagers struggling to get up in the morning for their work and studies. If a teenager will fail to sleep fresh, how is he/she gonna get up rejuvenated? It is impossible. Teenagers are hard to understand. Almost all teens undergo a roller coaster ride, with emotional breakdowns, the burden of studies or work, mismanaged relationships, and tons of confusion. Out of all, the major impact put by such issues is on the sleep of the teens.

'Teens and Sleep' are closely linked. Teenagers need to have a good amount of sleep otherwise it will take them onto an unhealthy path of life that has no U-turn. Once the damage is done to their mental and physical health, it becomes difficult to cope up. It is because teenage is considered the most sensitive phase in a human's life. As parents, well wishers, guardians, elders, friends, or partners, what we can do is gift our teenagers Sleepsia Bamboo Pillows.

These pillows support the teenagers during their emotional shaky times and their sleepless nights. These pillows are known as stress-busters and teenagers need to have a way to let go of stressful thoughts and have a peaceful sleep. These pillows are truly the best buddies of teens and help in providing them a better life. To know more about it, let us read ahead.

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What Makes Teens Go Sleepless?

Can Bamboo Pillows Help?

Teens' circadian rhythm i.e their internal biological clock that indicates their time of bed, witnesses some changes. It is basically reset. This may give signals to the teens to sleep late at night. Also, this lets the teens get delayed in their sleep cycle. It may further cause night-owl syndrome or delayed sleep phase syndrome. It is all the result of the production of melatonin, the brain hormone that gets produced later in the night. Apart from it, there can be many other reasons why teens find it hard to sleep. Amid their sleep issues, undoubtedly, bamboo pillows can be of great help!

  • Gadgets: Gadgets are the popular reason teens find it hard to sleep on time. Screen timing and binge-watching of exciting series ruin the sleep of the teens.
  • Insomnia: Being exposed to the sleeping disorder of insomnia can also create issues. It is caused due to loss of sleep and is a result of the loss of sleep. Both ways!
  • Narcolepsy: It is also a horrible issue among teens that can be life-threatening too. It refers to having sudden sleep attacks in the daytime while driving, walking, or working. Image how risky it can be while driving!
  • Hyperacidity: Acidic reflux is another cause of sleeplessness among kids. Usually, teens don't have a proper diet and have horrible eating patterns. This results in acidic reflux causing bloating or heartburn. It also doesn't let the teens sleep peacefully.
  • Stress: Stress, anxiety, and depression can be the reasons for sleeplessness among teens. Usually, teenagers think none understands them and none would come to know their issues. Along with this thought, regular emotional breakdowns, relationship problems, family issues, and career-oriented problems make it worse. A teenager finds it hard to sleep stress-free mostly. At this point, their families and friends should open up and provide them with professional counseling.
  • Lack Of Confidence: Many teenagers face a lack of confidence due to their looks and physique. In the world of perfection, teenagers struggle to find a perfect jawline, lose weight, be beautiful, have abs, and reach up to other beauty standards. The feeling of being less than others and the desire of being better than others don't let them sleep. As a result, they end up gaining exactly the opposite of their wish. They gain puffy eyes, dark circles, ruined digestion, pale skin, and an unhealthy body.

'Teens and Sleep' is a major issue. With growing issues in the sleeping patterns of teenagers, solutions must be searched and implemented as soon as possible. It is on the elders, professors, mentors, celebrities whom teens follow, professional health experts, and counselors to guide the teens in the best way possible. The first step they can take is- gift their teens nice bamboo pillows.

At least, the teens would find a soft and soothing surface to sleep upon.

Can Teens Stay Away From Sleep Even With Bamboo Pillows?

Bamboo pillow help the teens to gain the maximum amount of relaxation and peace while sleeping. There are very minimal chances of teens not enjoying their sleep on these pillows. These pillows provide great benefits to let them have a soothing sleep. Let us know the benefits showered by these pillows.

  • Breathable Pillows: These pillows are super airy and breathable. The ventilation and proper flow of air let the teens sleep fresh and calmly. No chances of sweating either!
  • Hypoallergenic Pillows: These pillows don't let teenagers suffer from running nose, cough, flu, itching, rashes, or irritability. These pillows are super hypoallergenic and protect the teens from falling into the trap of allergies.
  • Healthy Pillows: Teens can now let their neck, spine, and head relax in the best way possible. The shredded memory foam lets the pillows mold as per their body and provides relief to the hollow space between the head and the neck.
  • Stress-Busters: These pillows are stress-busters. The teenagers can sleep on these soft pillows, hug them tight, and feel relaxed on them. Teenagers doze off to sleep immediately, forgetting the stressful thoughts post sleeping on these pillows.

The Sleepsia Bamboo Pillows are made up of organic bamboo fabric and the finest chunks of memory foam. This combination is the best to let teenagers sleep peacefully.

Final Words

Our final words suggest you all choose Sleepsia Bamboo Pillows for sleeping. These pillows can limit the negative link between 'Teens and Sleep.' These pillows have the power to calm down the teens and provide them with a great opportunity to gain peaceful sleep. These pillows are available in various sizes and are perfect for all teens who sleep either on the tummy, or sideways, or on their backs.