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Valerian Root vs Melatonin: What’s Good for Sleep?

By Sleepsia

With the increase in the toxic life rituals, stress from the pandemic, and hustle-bustle in life, sleep has slipped away from an exit gate. To welcome it back into our lives, we try different methods including having sleep supplements. Along with supplements, it is very important to set the sleeping routine right. One needs to set right the sleep cycle and try to sleep on time.

It is said that it usually takes 21 days to form a habit. As per this rule, try to sleep at the desired time. When you sleep at a fixed time, you will soon develop the habit of sleeping at the same time every day. Considering the increase in stress, depression, and anxiety levels, we all need to become self-conscious and approach professional help if required. The first step after seeking help should be having good sleep. You may have noticed that anti-depressants sometimes cause sleepy and dizzy life.

Being too sleepy can be harmful, for sure. But it indicates that sleep and stress are related. Before falling into the trap of depression and medication, sleep naturally. Choose Sleepsia Bamboo Pillows for the same. These pillows extend a helping hand to have a night of restful sleep. Along with these pillows, one can choose two suitable natural sleeping aids for having a great sleep. Those are Valerian and Melatonin. Now the question would arise ‘Valerian or Melatonin: What’s good for Sleep?’ To know about it, let us read further.

How is Combo of Melatonin + Bamboo Pillows Helpful?

Sleeping on Sleepsia shredded bamboo pillows along with consumption of Melatonin can be a great help. Melatonin is available in the form of supplements today that are highly popular to cure jet lags and insomnia. This is known as the ‘Sleep Hormone’. It is created by the Pineal Gland in the brain but can also be found in the eyes, the gut, or the bone marrow.

  1. Antioxidant: It is an antioxidant. It is prepared naturally in the gland that lets us sleep free and happily.
  2. Time Teller: It is said to be a time teller. This hormone tells the body and signals about the time to sleep.
  3. Health Benefits: It may help support eyes, heartburn, and stomach ulcers too.
  4. With Circadian Rhythm: Melatonin is known to work along with it. It is the internal clock of the body that signals the time to sleep, wake up, and eat.
  5. Reduces Dopamine: Melatonin reduces Dopamine which is the hormone that lets people stay awake.

Imagine such a beneficial sleep hormone combining with the powerful effects of Bamboo Pillows and giving us all fruitful sleep time. Sounds relaxing????

But What is Valerian? Will it Team Up With Bamboo Pillows?

Well, bamboo pillows are super flexible and super adjusting. These pillows mold according to the body and provide spinal and neck alignment. They are the first and the best choice for having a healthy and hypoallergenic sleep. Why not consume Valerian along with sleeping on these pillows? It can create wonders, indeed!

  1. Root Of The Plant: There can be many types or species of Valerian flowering and grasslands plants. But, Valeriana officials is the type (with processed roots ) that is utilized and is the popular one. It is used to take less time in dozing off to keep than the usual one.
  2. Recommendation Necessary: Many types of research haven’t made the dosage of Valerian clear. It is necessary to consult a doctor before its usage because many have reported upsetting of tummy or nausea post usage.
  3. Beauty In The Name: This is the term that has been derived from the Latin word ‘Valere’, which indicates to be strong or ‘to be healthy’.
  4. GABA: It is said that GABA or gamma-aminobutyric acid is responsible for providing a calm and stress-free life. Valerian helps in reducing the loss of GABA.
  5. Uncertainty: Many types of research have shown Valerian fruitful for decreasing anxiety, decreasing hyperactivity in children, and increasing calmness. However, many are uncertain about it and sense side effects too. Now let us find out ‘Valerian or Melatonin: What’s good for Sleep?’

Valerian vs Melatonin

As far as the difference is concerned, both have their composition and their benefits. It is clear and evident that both are natural sleeping aids. One can choose any of the two but it is highly advised to consult the doctor or your health expert. The reason is-

  • The diagnosis by an expert will be able to let you know how much supplement your body can handle.
  • It will help check if any side effects are approaching or not.
  • It will clarify for any sort of allergic reaction.
  • Those who are under prior medication, or pregnant, or are lactating will come to know if it is suitable or not.

Along with it, don’t skip to sleep on Sleepsia Bamboo Pillows to have a fruitful sleep.


‘Valerian or Melatonin: What’s good for Sleep?’ is difficult to answer. It all depends on the body. One should decide the dosage after expert suggestions and carry on to see what works the best for them. Don’t forget to sleep on Bamboo Pillows that you can buy from Sleepsia to add extra benefits.