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Sleep Deprivation

Sleep Deprivation - Effects of on Your Body

Puffy eyes, dark circles, frowny face, headache, and irritability! Are you facing these symptoms? If yes, then surely these are the signs of 'Sleep...
Fixing a schedule for sleep

How to Fix Your Sleep Schedule

Discipline is another key to success, along with hard work. A disciplined life will help the person grow and have plenty of time for other things. ...
Choose the Right Pillow size

Choose the Right Pillow Size for your Comfort - Standard vs Queen vs King Pillow

When it comes to pillows, size matters. However, in this case, bigger isn’t always better. Multiple criteria's such as sleeping position and bed si...
Yoga Positions For Better Sleep

Yoga Positions For Better Sleep

Yoga is known to be the best savior of all times. It hails its roots from ancient times and is becoming popular in almost all parts of the world. U...
What You Need to Know for a Better Catnap? - Nap Tips

What You Need to Know for a Better Catnap?

Feeling exhausted from work and wish to doze off for a while? Oops! But you can't do it because the deadline for the project is dancing on your hea...
Teens and Sleep

Teens and Sleep

Teenagers find it hard to sleep. We have seen teenagers struggling to get up in the morning for their work and studies. If a teenager will fail to ...
Parkinson’s Disease and Sleep

Parkinson's Disease - Symptoms and Causes

Before knowing how 'Parkinson's Disease and Sleep' are linked, let us know what exactly is this disease. Parkinson's disease refers to a nervous sy...
Sleep and Athletic Performance

Sleep and Athletic Performance

For an athlete, sleep is equally important as much as is a great diet and regular practice is. For all of us, sleep plays an important role but for...
Narcolepsy and its effect

Narcolepsy - Symptoms or Causes and Its Effects

Narcolepsy refers to the chronic neuro disorder that changes the brain's efficiency to monitor the sleep cycles. During narcolepsy, one may fall as...
Sleep Habits Of Men v/s Women

Sleep Habits of Men vs Women

Men and women have different habits almost in every arena. In fact, their sleeping habits also vary. However, exceptions exist everywhere. Women an...
Mouth And Throat Exercises to Help Stop Snoring

Mouth and Throat Exercises to Help Stop Snoring

Is your partner ruining your sleep with the loud sound of zzzzzzzz? Is the snoring too loud that you feel like blocking your ears to not let any so...
What causes twitching in your sleep?

What Causes Twitching in your Sleep?

Sleep or Muscle Twitching refers to muscles fasciculation that is a result of contractions of the muscles in the body. It is all under the control ...