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How to Wash a Bamboo Pillow for Good Hygiene!

How to Wash a Bamboo Pillow for Good Hygiene!

To maintain proper hygiene and prevent the growth of acne causing bacteria, you must wash your pillow regularly. However, each pillow has its own unique washing instructions, and a bamboo pillow is no different.

In this article, you’ll learn how to wash a bamboo pillow.

Cleaning a Pillow Depends on Two Factors

  • Fill of the pillow
  • Material of the pillow cover

A breathable cover made of natural fiber should be preferred - one made of cotton, linen, or bamboo.

Cleaning a Bamboo Pillow Protector

Cleaning a Bamboo Pillow Protector

Let’s deal with the pillow cover first, as it can become a breeding ground for acne causing bacteria.

When your skin comes in contact with the cover, the bacteria transfers on to your face and blocks pores and causes inflammation. Inflamed acne can pop and leave scars on your face.

While jackets and sweaters made of bamboo fabric may require dry cleaning to retain their crispiness, a bamboo pillow cover can be washed in a washing machine.

Here’s what you should use:


Regular detergent

Water temperature

Cold to mild

Washer setting


Dryer setting

Airy-dry or low heat


Don’t use chlorine in any case


To wash a bamboo pillow cover, you can follow the steps provided below:

Treat Stains

Bamboo fabrics can be treated with small amounts of heavy duty detergents such as Persil and Tide. Simply apply a small amount on the stained area at least 15 minutes before washing the fabric.

This step isn’t required if the cover isn’t stained.

Note: Don’t use chlorine bleach to treat the stains, as it may damage the fabric.

Choose the Right Detergent and Water Temperature

While bamboo can be washed with regular detergent, you may require a heavy-duty detergent to break apart the tough stains.

Generally, use cool or mild water to wash a bamboo pillow cover. However, for a cover that is thoroughly stained, you may require warm water.

Select the Right Washer and Dryer Setting

Gentle wash is better for bamboo fabric to maintain its soft and supple nature.

For best results, air dry the bamboo pillow cover outside on a clothesline. You can even air dry it on a rack inside.

However, if you want to dry the bamboo pillow protector quickly, then use the low heat cycle of your dryer. High temperatures can shrink bamboo fabric, so they are recommended against.

Storing Bamboo Cover

If you’ve multiple bamboo covers and want to store a few after washing, then you should simply hang them in a closet instead of folding them to prevent wrinkling of the fabric.

Treating Stains on your Bamboo Pillow Cover

Bamboo pillowcases are susceptible to oil stains. To get rid of such stains, you may have to spot clean the bamboo pillow cover with degreasing liquid dish detergent combined with hot water.

For more effective results, soak the bamboo pillow cover in a mixture of water and vinegar in the ratio of 4:1 for a few minutes.

For even tougher stains, use hydrogen peroxide to spot clean the area and then wash the bamboo pillow cover in cold water.

bamboo pillow

Cleaning the Memory Foam Filling

While bamboo pillow protectors come with various fillings, they’re most popularly paired with memory foam, as the two materials complement and enhance each other.

Both are naturally dust, dust mite, and mold resistant and are said to have naturally antibacterial properties.

Even though you need to wash the bamboo pillow cover, memory foam seldom requires washing. Instead, you can simply vacuum the surface or spot clean it to get rid of any dust buildup.

Here are the methods you can use to clean a memory foam pillow:

Vacuum a Memory Foam Pillow

In most cases, it’s enough to simply vacuum the surface of memory foam. We recommend that you deodorize the pillow by following the steps provided below:

  1. Remove the pillow cover.
  2. Take some baking soda and sprinkle it on the pillow surface.
  3. Dry the pillow in the sun for 1-2 hours.
  4. Vacuum the surface of the foam. It’s easier to use a hand-held vacuum cleaner for the same.
  5. Repeat the same for the other side.

Although the process may take time, it will get rid of any odor coming from the pillow. And by drying the memory foam in the sun, you can get rid of any moisture that slipped into the cracks of the foam.

Deodorizing the memory foam removes:

  • Dust from the surface
  • Odor from the foam
  • Moisture buildup inside the foam

Spot Clean a Memory Foam Pillow

Removing stains from the foam require spot cleaning with a cleaning mixture.

To spot clean a memory foam pillow, follow the steps provided below:

  1. Create a mixture of gentle detergent and lukewarm water.
  2. Soak a cloth with the mixture.
  3. Move the cloth gently in a circular motion around the stained spot.
  4. Repeat the process to get rid of all the stains from the foam.
  5. Dry the foam in the sun for at least a day.

Don’t use hot water nor rub the spot too harshly, as doing so can damage the foam. It may take some time to get rid of all the stains, but once you’ve done so, you should dry the pillow out in the sun in order to remove the moisture from the foam.

Read about deep cleaning memory foam.

How to Clean a Shredded Memory Foam Pillow?

Cleaning a shredded memory foam pillow can be quite difficult. Since the foam is shredded, you can’t actually spot clean it  that easily. And in most cases, you can’t even see the stains.

One option is to simply dry the foam in the sun for a few days. This gets rid of moisture and keeps the pillow cool and hygienic.

Another option is to simply replace some of the foam. Generally, you have a lot of extra foam available with a shredded memory foam pillow. So you can get rid of the stained foam and put in clean ones.

Things to Avoid

Here’s a quick recap of things that you must avoid when cleaning a bamboo pillow:

  • Don’t use hot water or harsh chemicals to treat or clean memory foam or bamboo pillow cover.
  • You can wash the bamboo pillowcase in the washing machine but not the memory foam.
  • Use a dryer to dry the bamboo cover but not the memory foam. However, you can use the dryer on very low settings to fluff up the memory foam when you first receive it.
  • Dry the pillow and cover out in the sun to get rid of moisture, which can promote the growth of acne causing bacteria.


Washing a pillow regularly prevents it from becoming a breeding ground for acne causing bacteria. When cleaning a memory foam pillow, you need to be cautious, as you may end up damaging the foam. Use the steps and tips provided in this post to clean your memory foam pillow safely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a bamboo pillow cover?
Ans. A bamboo pillow cover is made from fabric derived from bamboo. It’s usually mixed with synthetic or natural fibers to get the required texture and stretchability.

Q. What types of fillings are available with a bamboo pillow?
Ans. A bamboo pillow cover can be used with any type of fill, but it’s better to use it with a memory foam filling for better support or down for more fluffiness and luxury.

Q. Can I wash bamboo pillow covers in the washing machine?
Ans. Yes, you can. However, you should not wash memory foam in the washing machine.

Q. How often should I wash the bamboo pillow cover?
Ans. Ideally, you should wash it every few days. But if you suffer from an acne outbreak, then you should wash it on a daily basis.

Q. How to get rid of the smell coming out of my bamboo pillow?
Ans. You can deodorize the pillow to get rid of any odor. For doing so, you can simply sprinkle baking soda on one side of the foam, and dry the pillow in the sun for an hour or two. Then you need to repeat the same for the other side.

A new memory foam off-gasses, during which it emits a chemical odor. You can either deodorize the pillow during that phase or let the off-gassing process complete for a few days and then use the pillow.

Q. Can you put a bamboo pillow in a dryer?
Ans. Yes, you can put a bamboo pillow cover in a dryer. But for best results and to protect the suppleness of the fabric, you should air dry it in the sun.

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