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How to Wash Bamboo Pillow?

How to Wash Bamboo Pillow?

Bamboo Pillows are soft, breathable, and subtle pillows that keep us calm and soothe us from within. These pillows take care of us. Therefore, it is our duty to keep them safe, clean, and hygienic too. 'How to wash a bamboo pillow?' is a question that comes in our mind when we think of buying this pillow. It is a myth that these pillows are difficult to take care of. These pillows are rather highly durable and hygienic in their way. It is easy to keep them protected so that these pillows keep us protected too.

One is supposed to handle these pillows well so that these pillows handle you as well. Sleepsia brings fantastic bamboo cases that are removable and washable. One is supposed to wash these covers and the pillows are ready to be used again. The bamboo pillows have amazing stuffing of shredded memory foam as well. This is a specialized type of foam that requires a little extra care. Then it is all set to create wonders.

What Technique Is To Be Followed To Clean The Bamboo Pillows?

These pillows come all vacuum sealed. These special pillows are first and foremost fluffed up. The easy techniques to fluff it up are:

  • Unpack it and shake it from all the sides.
  • Rub your fists through it and softly knead it like dough. 
  • Hold from all the corners and shake it again.
  • Use the option of tumble dry on low heat settings.

And, after it is all fluffed up, how to clean it after usage. It is easy to clean only if we take care of a few things. Read below to know more about it.

  • Remove The Cover And Wash It: The bamboo pillows have removable bamboo covers. These covers can be machine-washed easily. The hypoallergenic pillows don't let allergens stay trapped. The user finds it easy to sleep without catching sneezing or cold. In short, the pillows are super hygienic.
  • Do Not Use Excessive Heat: Never use hot water to wash it. Normal water is fine. These pillows are super soft and cozy. Don't let these run through hot water. 
  • Say No To Bleach: Bleach shouldn't be used to wash off the stains at all. It is very harmful to the tender pillow.
  • Protect The Shredded Memory Foam: The bamboo cover is sufficient to be washed. To clear the pillow internally, it can be kept under the sunlight. But don't expose it directly under the sun. Keep it under the shade of another cloth. In case of some stain, very carefully read the instructions and follow to clean the pillow. Now that you know 'How to wash bamboo pillow?' then why hesitate to buy it from the fear of maintaining? These pillows don't demand much.

How To Take Care Of Our Bamboo Pillows?

It is easy to take care of these pillows. Fluff bamboo pillow up as and when these come. These never lose their glory. These can be kept in the open air for some time. The gassing off-odor can be shown the way out and ta-daa! The bamboo pillows are ready to be used. All we need to do is, keep them clean and hygienic. These pillows are responsible for-

  • Giving us breathable and fresh sleep.
  • Giving us an allergy-free sleep.
  • Providing us with increased air circulation.
  • Giving us relaxation from stiffness, pain in muscles, orthopedic pains, cervical, spondylosis, migraines, sleep apnea, insomnia, and snoring.
  • Giving our head, our neck, our spine, and our shoulders great support. The shredded memory foam makes the pillows malleable and flexible. The bamboo pillows, then mold as per the body of the user and give great comfort.
  • Giving us good mental support. After the hard routine, one wishes to doze off in a stress-free environment. These pillows help in doing so.

Imagine how bamboo pillow are offering us great help and support. All they need is a little care from your side. It is easy to maintain these pillows. Just rely on them and have a sound sleep.


'How to wash bamboo pillow?' is the first question that arises in the mind of the customer thinking of buying it. Now that you know it is nothing big but just some dedication and care, then why hesitate? To order these pillows, go to SleepSia and call us on +1800-862-1084. Team Sleepsia is here to help you all. Wishing you all a very good, happy, and sound sleep.