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Narcolepsy – Symptoms or Causes and Its Effects

By Sleepsia

Narcolepsy refers to the chronic neuro disorder that changes the brain’s efficiency to monitor the sleep cycles. During narcolepsy, one may fall asleep during major tasks such as driving, walking, eating, or even talking. ‘Narcolepsy And Its Effects’ are hazardous. These are life-threatening too. Imagine driving and falling asleep with this issue of narcolepsy. It can affect anyone. From males to females, almost everyone! Mostly this issue gets undiagnosed so the problems arise in the later stage of life. Also, in most cases, this issue is misunderstood as anxiety, depression, or other emotional psychological issues.

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To be true, this is a very difficult problem to diagnose. So, if someone finds difficulty in sleeping at night and rather have sleeping episodes in the morning, one needs to bring some changes in the sleeping essentials. One needs to opt for good pillows to be able to sleep comfortably at night. A night of proper sleep would not let the person have sleeping episodes in the morning. One needs to choose Bamboo Pillows for the same. These pillows are prepared from shredded memory foam and have bamboo pillowcases.

The stuffing is so good that it heals the user from within. No wonder these pillows are referred to as stress-buster pillows too. Not to forget, Sleepsia provides an amazing range of pillows that are made up of bamboo and special memory foam chunks.

How Can We Feel Relief With Bamboo Pillows During Narcolepsy?

narcolepsy treatment

Narcolepsy shows signs of excessive daytime laziness, dizziness, and drowsiness. Sudden sleep attacks ruin the daily routine. Patients with narcolepsy find it difficult to stay awake for long. There are many effects of Narcolepsy such as:

  1. Daytime Dizziness: It is the most dangerous effect. One may fall asleep at any spot and at any place and that too without any trigger warning. It is dangerous while driving and it welcomes loss in your workplace and personal life too. Imagine taking your wife out on a date and you dozing off! Nothing can be horrible other than a ruined romantic relationship.
  2. Sleep Paralysis: Many might feel sleep paralysis that refers to the inability to move while sleeping or walking. However, a person might not have it necessarily along with Narcolepsy.
  3. Loss Of Muscle Tone: Cataplexy is a condition that involves loss of muscle tone. One may have slurred speech and sometimes intense emotions such as happiness, laughter, or fear.
  4. Bizzare Thoughts: One might face hallucinations too. If one imagines bizarre things while waking up, those are hypnopompic hallucinations, and if a person witnesses imaginative things while sleeping, those are hypnagogic hallucinations.

Now we come to how can bamboo pillows help us? ‘Narcolepsy And Its Effects’ are major and undoubtedly these pillows can emerge as saviors. Why would a person suffering from narcolepsy try to doze off on a harsh platform at his/her original time of sleep i.e nighttime? It should rather be the duty of the family members to gift their people nice pillows so that at least they get cozy sleep at night. Not to forget, these pillows are miraculous.

Why Choose Bamboo Pillows During Narcolepsy?

Bamboo pillows are created with bamboo that is finely converted into fabric. This fabric is used to make Bamboo pillowcases. The filling is shredded memory foam and it helps the pillow to stay flexible.

  • Breathable: These pillows are known to enhance air circulation and may help patients with narcolepsy to stay ventilated and fresh.
  • Hypoallergenic: These pillows give no chance of allergic reactions to the patients! No sneezing, no allergies!
  • Comfortable: The super flexible pillows are known to mold as per the body of the patients. The most comfortable and the softest pillows.

Our final words suggest you all take this issue of narcolepsy seriously. ‘Narcolepsy And Its Effects’ are clear in front of us. Along with certain lifestyle changes, choosing meditation, and sleeping on bamboo pillows, staying positive can be super beneficial.