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10 Signs That It's Time for a New Pillow

10 Signs That It's Time for a New Pillow

Exposure to physical ailments, mental stress, and now pandemic has enhanced the chances of sleeplessness around the globe. Not everyone gets peaceful sleep these days. While trying all possible ways to win the battle against sleeplessness, one must consider changing the pillows. This should be the first step. It is because our sleeping pillows are highly responsible for how we sleep and how we get up the next day. This article will talk about '10 Signs That It's Time For A New Pillow'. Once those signs match with yours, immediately bring home new and healthy pillows.

Extreme laziness and carelessness are shown when it comes to pillows. We generally give no preference to pillows and mattresses. While attention is given only to pretty pillowcases, bed sheets, and comforters that match with the interior of the room. However, pillowcases and bed sheets are secondary. One must know what is the filling, how is it going to safeguard us, or how long will it stay with us? In case, the already existing pillows have lost that potential of safeguarding the user, have reduced, or aren't supportive enough, then it is clear that the alarm clock is ticking to give you signals for a better change!

It's Time For A New Pillow!

The declining condition of the old pillow clearly indicates that it's time for a new pillow. But users are so attached to their old pillows that most of the time it goes unnoticed. However, if attachment and the attitude of 'There is nothing wrong with this pillow. It will work!' doesn't go, then it can deeply impact the health of the user. Pillows are directly linked to our sleep. To have a blessed sleep, it is important to change the pillows if they are becoming an obstacle.

Why Change Pillows?

“Three meals plus bedtime make 4 sure blessings each day.” – Mason Cooley

How beautifully it has been expressed that bedtime sleep is one of the blessings that an individual should desire. So, anything that creates issues in achieving better sleep, should be worked upon immediately. Hence, it becomes important to change the pillows if they are impacting the sleeping patterns of the individual.

When To Change Pillows?

Ten signs tell us that it's time to change pillows. Those signs are as follows-

Why Change Pillows
  • Lost Support
  • Lumps Formation
  • Flattened Surface
  • Giving Odor/Smell
  • Visible Dirt and Stains
  • Increased Allergic Reactions
  • Flipping and Flopping While Sleeping
  • Lethargic Mornings
  • Suffocation and Sweat While Sleeping
  • Visible Signs On Body (Face, Hair)

Explore the article to know about these ten signs in detail. Consider changing your pillows if your old pillows are emitting any of these signs. In case, thinking of replacing, preference can be given to Bamboo Pillows having shredded memory foam filling. Such pillows are far far away from the above-mentioned signs. Sleepsia prepares high-quality bamboo pillows that fulfill all the requirements, for a lifetime.

How Often Should You Replace Your Pillow?

Change Pillow
There isn't any specific time for it. Pillows you are already using, clearly show signs. But if the already bought pillows have started showing signs early, then accept that it was a 'hush-rush buy.' One must buy pillows that promise durability for a longer duration of time. It is of no use to spend on less expensive pillows and keep changing them frequently. Rather, money should be spent on a healthy and durable pillow once so that it doesn't cost you again and again. However, some pillows need to be replaced every one to two years. So, it is better to invest in good bamboo pillows that need not be changed often.

When You Should Replace Your Pillow?

Let us know in detail when to change pillows. The 10 signs mentioned above are discussed below so that one gets an idea that it's time for a new pillow. Know the first five, right here!

  • Lost Support: The moment your pillows stop supporting you and don't provide relief in spine or neck pain, and body stiffness, then it is the need to change pillows. Getting up every morning with the same pain is a huge sign!
  • Lumps Formation: If the filling of the pillow has started forming lumps, then think of changing your pillows. It is worth mentioning that Sleepsia adjustable bamboo pillows allow the users to insert or take out desired amounts of shredded memory foam. The filling is in the form of shreds and leaves negligible chances of lumps.
  • Flattened Surface: If the pillow has gone flat, is not showing rebound, or isn't retaining its shape, then remember, it is a wake-up call!
  • Giving Odor/Smell: Even after regular washes, keeping them in a ventilated area, and frequent cleansing, the foul odor or smell doesn't go away, then look for some other fresh pillows.
  • Visible Dirt and Stains: Hand-washing or machine washing, if everything has failed and beneath the cover, what you see are stubborn stains, then it is a replacement call again! To overcome this, Sleepsia bamboo pillows have durable and protective pillow covers that do not let stains get deep in the pillow. Those are easy to clean and manage too.

More Signs To Change The Pillow!

The above-mentioned signs are matching the condition at your place? If yes, then you know what to do. And if not, then you are fortunate enough for having great pillows. But there are some more signs. So, read them and then decide on something.

Signs That It's Time For A New Pillow

Next 5 Signs That It's Time For A New Pillow

The list isn't over yet. The next five signs are as follows-

  1. Increased Allergic Reactions: A pillow is supposed to be hypoallergenic to reduce the impact of allergens, bugs, microbes, etc. that hide in between the fabric and filling of the pillow. So, if you are getting up from your pillows sneezing, coughing, with rashes, having a running nose, and itching, then it is time to replace the pillows.
  2. Flipping and Flopping While Sleeping: Change of positions while sleeping indicate an uncomfortable pillow or mattress. So, if you are a tummy sleeper but are bound to sleep either sideways or at the back, just to figure out what position will give comfort, then it is a sign too! Frequent changing of sides and regular search for a cozy spot on the bed show that it's time for new pillows.
  3. Lethargic Mornings: If you are getting up lazy, tired, irritated, and low even after sleeping last night, then your pillows may be at fault. A comfortable, soothing, soft, and smooth pillow would never leave its user tired.
  4. Suffocation and Sweat While Sleeping: If the pillow isn't providing you airy sleep, then it is worth replacement. A pillow must be able to enhance air circulation, infuse breathability, and reduce the chances of sweat. But if your pillow is failing to do so, then it is time to change them!
  5. Visible Signs On Body (Face, Hair): If your face is losing glow either due to sleeplessness or due to regular acne and pimples, check if pillows are responsible for it or not. Also, mostly hair loss is witnessed due to wrong pillow covers and pillows. After getting up, all one gets to see is, hair strands glued on the pillows. So, if it is happening, then go for an immediate change.

Why Need To Change Pillows?

There would be no need to change the pillows if one goes to buy the pillows with research and homework. Always think twice before buying a pillow. One must buy a pillow to keep it productive for a long time. However, when the pillow doesn't fulfill the requirements, then there is a need to change the pillows.

Which Pillow To Buy?

Which Pillow To Buy

Consider buying the pillows that are-

  • Breathable
  • Hygienic
  • Soft
  • Durable
  • Provide alignment
  • Are stress-busters
  • Cool and fresh
  • Help in relieving muscular pain
  • Flexible and moldable
  • Retain their shape
  • Have organic material
  • Are easy to wash and maintain

Important Before Buying a Pillow!

The above-mentioned points are to be considered before choosing any pillow. It is because there is no use crying over spilled milk afterward. If the pillow doesn't provide breathability, isn't strong enough to remain for a lifetime, hasn't been created with high-quality material, then that pillow will not support for a long time. It would go flat and pull back its beneficial properties with time. Therefore, to limit the chances of frequent replacement of pillows, good pillows should be brought beforehand. Sleepsia bamboo pillows with shredded memory foam are the finest examples of such pillows.

How To Take Care Of My Pillow?

The wear and tear of a pillow also depends upon the handling and management by the user. It is important to take care of the pillows. Look for the instructions that come along. Manual helps to guide the users. One must also avoid toxicants, chemicals, and bleach for the pillows. Some bamboo pillows need not be exposed to direct sunlight or excessive heat. Also, it is recommended to always wash the pillows in normal water with mild detergent. One can keep the pillows near a window or some ventilated area to make it fresh again.


'10 Signs That It's Time For A New Pillow' is a wake-up call for many. The most neglected aspect of our lives is- taking care of pillows and monitoring them. But we need to do it! We must keep them clean, fresh, and healthy so that they remain to bestow upon their benefits for a long time. If they fail to do so, they must be monitored and changed immediately.

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