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Different Types of Pillows & Their Fillings

Different Types of Pillows & Their Fillings

There are many pillows in the market with different types of pillowcases and filings. Some are filled with cotton, some with artificial fibers, some with microfibers, some with memory foam, some with high-density foam, and some with the shredded memory foam. There are 'Different Types of Pillows & Their Fillings Are Different Too.'

However, it is our duty to figure out the best for us. We need to figure out the best for our sleep. Sleepsia makes great bamboo pillows that come with the filing of memory foam that is inserted in the form of shreds. This makes the pillow flexible and healthy. There are different types of pillows that exist in various sizes but Sleepsia offers three sizes of King, Queen, and Standard. Keeping in mind the requirement, the best can be chosen.

Also, bamboo pillowcases play a major role along with the filling. The covers should be airy, hypoallergenic, and super cool to soak in the sweat and let the user not smell. There are many pillows in the market that are hard to clean. Unlike other pillows, Sleepsia makes hygienic and easy to handle pillows. From its bamboo pillowcase to its filling, everything is perfect and the best. Know more about the type of filling in the bamboo pillows and other pillows.

What Is The Type Of Filling In The Sleepsia Bamboo Pillows?

Sleepsia pillows are known as bamboo pillows because the removable and washable covers are made up of bamboo. The natural bamboos are used to extract fibers and those fibers are used to make the best fabric that is further utilized to make the covers. Also, these pillows are known as shredded memory foam pillows after the name of the filling stuffed in it. Let us know about this filling.

  • Fresh Shredded Memory Foam: Memory foam was initially used by NASA to make the aircrafts comfortable. However, in the present world, its commercial usage is winning the hearts of people. Sleepsia uses the same memory foam but in a different way. The foam stuffed inside is fresh and not recycled.
  • Memory Foam In The Form Of Chunks: The bamboo pillows have memory foam in the form of chunks i.e shredded memory foam. The pieces of the foam make the pillows flexible and super malleable. In this way, Sleepsia is using the memory foam differently.
  • Durable Filling: This is the most durable filling that stays on for a longer duration of time. The covers are also organic and natural. The best part is that the pillows are Certi-Pur US Certified i.e these contain no toxic material, no chemicals, and no life threatening elements.
  • Healthy Filling In The Bamboo Pillows: This the most healthy filling of all times. It makes the pillows as the healing pillows. As a result, the flexible pillows mold as per the back, the neck, the head, and the entire body. The filling is responsible for soothing the body and mind and protecting the user from cervical, spondylosis, stiffness in the muscles, etc.

Apart from memory foam, there are many other 'Different Types of Pillows & Their Fillings' can be different too. Let us now know about those.

Sleepsia Bamboo Pillows Have Memory Foam Filling But What About Others?

There is a wide range of material available to be stuffed in the pillows. It is good to know about those too but making a wise choice lies with us. Sleepsia Bamboo Pillows are full of shredded memory foam but what about others? Know here:

  • Cotton Filling: 100% cotton is a great choice but cotton can end up clumping together after the passage of time.
  • Buckwheat Kernels: These are durable but while shifting and changing positions, the noise of the filling might sound irritating and might be harsh for some people.
  • Ceiba Pentandra: It is also known as Kapok and is a tree from Mexico. It is natural but can be flammable and can not be easily available.
  • Polyester Fiberfill: This type of filling is affordable and can be used inside and outdoors. But it lets the pillow not retain its shape and also it retains the heat making users sweat or heated.
  • Feathers: Geese and ducks can be used for fillings too! Their feathers are combined with other filling to make the most comfortable but the most expensive pillows. These can cause allergies too and aren't fit for heavy weight sleepers.


It depends on us to choose the best filling type and the best pillow according to the budget, requirement, sleeping patterns, and other aspects. But to be true, Sleepsia Bamboo Pillows serve all the purposes. These are durable, fit for all sorts of sleepers, are appropriate for all age groups, retain their shape, are hypoallergenic, are breathable, don't let the users sweat, and keep the users fit and healthy.

Yes, there can be 'Different Types of Pillows & Their Fillings' can be different too. But, Sleepsia Pillows are extraordinary and invaluable. Order these pillows from SleepSia and call us on +1800-862-1084 to know more about it.