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How Genetics Impact Our Sleep?

How Genetics Impact Our Sleep?

Sleep is one of the most important functions of our life. It is supposed to be smooth enough to keep us sane, fresh, active, happy, and energized. Lack of sleep happens due to various reasons. It is also interesting to know that our DNA also has a role to play in our sleeping patterns. So, if you listen to someone asking the question of, "How Genetics Impact Our Sleep?" then you aren't hearing something wrong.

Genes play an important role in defining our sleep cycle. There can be people who sleep for a few hours and wake up fresh. Such people don't need long hours of sleep and are capable of performing work throughout the day efficiently. However, there can be people who sleep for long hours and still feel lazy. There can be people who get up in the morning early and want to sleep later in the day but there can also be the people who wake up late and sleep late.

These night owls have their own set of sleeping patterns. In short, it is all affected by the genes. But whatever your sleeping pattern is, it is golden advice to use Bamboo Pillows for sleeping. These provide next-level comfort and help the user fight from sleeplessness.

Genes Putting A Great Impact & Bamboo Pillows Helping!

The experts and researchers have come up with two things-

  • One, circadian function
  • Two, homeostatic drive

The first one explains when the body needs rest and when it is more energetic and alert. This function can be termed as the 'clock of the body'. The other explains how badly the body wants to sleep because the person is awake for a long time. It describes that the pressure to sleep reaches a good level when someone is awake for a long time. Now, it will be interesting for you all to know, "How Genetics Impact Our Sleep?"

  • There is a genetic variant that can help prove this.
  • This genetic variant is responsible for making people short sleepers.
  • This genetic variant is a receptor for adenosine.
  • The receptors of adenosine let the caffeine act upon and involve other biological factors too.

Genetics affects how one sleeps. Whether someone sleeps less or more, it can all be due to DNA. The genetics affect patterns of sleeping. More, less, or whatever the amount of sleep is. It can all be due to genetics.

How Can Bamboo Pillows Help Reduce The Sleeplessness Caused Due To Genetic Conditions?

Bamboo Pillows are the best pillows to soothe a person from within. Genetics can cause sleeplessness, sleep apnea, insomnia, etc. These conditions can be a cause of the DNA! However, to make the most out of the sleep, it is important to opt for these pillows because:

  • These are Breathable: These improve the air circulation so the person feels fresh and airy while sleeping. No sweating!
  • These are Hypoallergenic: Hypoallergenic Pillows has no chances of allergic reactions. No chances of running nose or irritation, or rashes!
  • Bamboo Pillows are Super Healthy: These pillows make the person healthy and happy. It is because these have shredded memory foam filling that makes the pillow mold as per the spine and neck. So, no cervical and no stiffness!
  • Stress-Free!: These pillows are stress-free pillows as one sleeps without stress and depression!


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