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How Much Deep Sleep Should You Get?

How Much Deep Sleep Should You Get

People don't get enough sleep, 'deep sleep' is still a long lost glory! If you too feel the same, then it is high time to get up and work to obtai...
How to go to sleep faster

How to Fall Asleep Fast

Almost every one of us struggles to have uninterrupted sleep. After boxing with the deadlines, work pressure, and emotional breakdowns, we come ho...
Sleep and Athletic Performance

How Sleep Effect Athletic Performance

For an athlete, sleep is equally important as much as is a great diet and regular practice is. For all of us, sleep plays an important role but fo...
What causes twitching in your sleep?

Hypnic Jerks: Twitching while Sleeping

Sleep or Muscle Twitching refers to muscles fasciculation that is a result of contractions of the muscles in the body. It is all under the control...
Tips for Better Sleep During Financial Stress

Tips for Better Sleep During Financial Stress

Financial issues are hard to handle. Not only the captains of the ship i.e the earning hands of the family are affected, but all the other sailing...
Sleeping Tips For Winters

Sleeping Tips For Winter

Sleeping in winter requires coziness, warmth, and tons of comfort. However, what people get while sleeping is suffocation, lack of ventilation, or...
Depression And Sleep

How Depression Affect our Sleep?

Depression is a big monster that can penetrate into our lives without signs. By the time one comes to know about it, it is late. But it is never t...
How to beat holiday fatigue with good sleep?

How to Beat Holiday Fatigue with Good Sleep?

Holidays are over but holiday fever might not be over yet! For sure, those vacation vibes must be hitting your brain and heart. Your soul must be ...
How Hormones and Sleep Correlate?

How Hormones and Sleep Correlate?

Melatonin, cortisol, and prolactin along with many others are such hormones that vary in the entire day and linked with the sleep-wake cycles. The...
How Your Diet Affects Your Sleep?

How Your Diet Affects Your Sleep?

Diet plays an important role in one's life. From having an energetic routine to tackling challenges of life, it is all a result of good diet and g...
Why Do We Sleep?

Why Do We Sleep?

State of relaxation of the muscles and lessened perception of environmental stimuli is known as sleep. Sleep is important for one and all for many...
How to Sleep Better?

How to Sleep Better?

Sleep is the most essential! It is as important as oxygen and as necessary as water. We struggle everyday and work relentlessly. Our day starts wi...