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How Many Pillows Should You Sleep With?

How Many Pillows Should You Sleep With?

From the health and interior décor point of view, there can be more than one pillow for serving various purposes. Having more pillows is always beneficial. Today, many people have come to know that pillows are partially responsible for rejuvenated mornings, productivity in the day, and stress-free naps. Therefore, research before buying sleeping pillows has become mandatory. Still, most people buy random pillows for sleeping. This habit needs to be changed. Through online mediums or physical shop/market research, it is easy to compare, know, and decide about the quality and the number of pillows.

Usually, 'quality' is given preference while 'quantity' goes overlooked. The negligence regarding the number of pillows to be used can impact badly. One must know that quality and quantity are both essential. After all, quality + quantity = best sleeping combination! So, 'How Many Pillows Should You Sleep With?' is an interesting question. Scroll down to seek an answer to this question. But before moving on to the numbers, it is necessary to know if the pillow is right or not. Its features, benefits, and quality need to be known beforehand.

Choosing The Right Pillow

"The best bridge between despair and hope is a good night’s sleep.”
E. Joseph Cossman, Entrepreneur and Author

It can't be ignored that the pandemic has infused negativity all over. Sleeping routines have been impacted badly. For many, 'sleep' has slipped away from their life. To be able to live the same hope again and to be able to have a healthy life again, it becomes important to sleep on quality pillows. The pillows must be capable of busting the stress and giving a relaxing sleep.

Which Is The Best Pillow For Sleeping

Which Is The Best Pillow For Sleeping?

Choosing the right pillow involves six factors. Look if the pillow you are considering buying is suitable as per the following factors or not.

  • Check if the pillow is made up of organic, natural, or eco-friendly material.
  • Look for breathability and possibilities of air circulation in the pillow.
  • See if the pillow comes along with pillow protectors or not.
  • Check if the pillow is hypoallergenic or not. Because allergic reactions while sleeping are common.
  • Know the filling. Is it suitable for flexibility and your body?
  • The most important- Know the health benefits of the pillow first. Will it provide orthopedic or stress-busting benefits or not?

Buying Best Pillows For Sleeping

If the sleeping pillows you wish to buy are suitable and fulfill the above-mentioned requirements, then it is a great pillow. One must not just fall for the color or the size of the pillow only. Of Course, these two are important too! An aptly sized pillow would look nice and provide better comfort. Colors have their own psychology. Dark-colored pillows look nice in winters while light and subtle pillows look good in summers. So, the conclusion is that buying a pillow should not be done in the blink of an eye. It must be done with patience and some research.

Sleep On More Than One Pillow

Why Sleep On More Than One Pillow?

Now comes the part of the article that will talk about the quantity of the pillows. Most people prefer to sleep on more than one pillow. There are various reasons for it. Let us explore ahead to know more about it.

Habit Of Sleeping On More Than One Pillow

'Why do people sleep on more than one pillow?' Answers to this question are as follows-

  • Additional Support To The Neck And Spine: Usually, people use more than one pillow to have additional support. The pillows may be inserted behind the back and neck with the help of a wall or bed back or sofa's back. One pillow may not provide comfort to the whole area, from neck to spine.
  • Adding On To Old Pillows: Most people do not throw their old pillows even if they go flat. But because they become flat, they start failing in solving the purpose of real sleep. Hence, people approach the market and bring new pillows. But the attachment due to comfort and convenience with old pillows is so high that the new pillows are added along with them and used together.
  • No Comfort Zone: Once an individual enters 'no comfort zone' due to the wrong pillows for sleeping, new pillows are brought to rectify the situation. So, one may be sleeping with more than one pillow due to a lack of comfort. To enhance the chances of relaxation, extra support is sought by people.

Types Of Sleepers Sleeping On More Than One Pillow

Pillows are used to keep the head a little high to let the neck and spine stay aligned. We all have different sleeping patterns and our sleeping positions also impact the decision of how many pillows are required for sleeping.

  • How Many Pillows Should Stomach Sleepers Use?: It is recommended for stomach sleepers to sleep with a pillow under their pelvis area and one extremely soft pillow under the head. The pillow that is to be placed under the head should be soft and smooth. Also, in the present times, when prone position has become highly recommended for better oxygen levels, almost everyone has become a stomach sleeper. If following proning, it is advisable to use three pillows. One under the head that touches the face, one under the hips area, and one under the legs.
  • How Many Pillows Should Side Sleepers Use?: Side sleepers should sleep with one pillow under their head and one pillow in between their knees. Bamboo pillows are the most preferred pillows to keep under the head and nice firm orthopedic pillows are good for the legs. This combination of two pillows helps in the alignment.
  • How Many Pillows Should Back Sleepers Use?: Two pillows are recommended for back sleepers. Users can keep a pillow under the head and one under the knees. It helps to maintain the natural curve of the spine.
How To Arrange Your Pillows?

How To Arrange Your Pillows?

Arranging pillows is no less than an art. Today, the 'interior design world' is flooded with superb ideas to place pillows in the living area, bedrooms, and even in the balcony set up. The market has beautiful pillows available in various shapes and sizes. It is all about a perfect balance between -

  • Comfort
  • Requirement
  • and Look

The pillows should be arranged in a way that they provide comfort, fulfill the requirement, and also look beautiful. There is no use placing beautiful pillows on sofas that feel as hard as rocks. Also, just piling up pillows on the sofa or bed won't work. After all, space is not for the pillows to rest but for the users. Hence, a perfect balance is to be maintained between these three.

How To Arrange Bamboo Pillows?

Bamboo pillows can be easily arranged in a way that they solve the purpose, look beautiful, and also give great comfort.

  • Four Pillow Set Up: Usually, two king-sized pillows are placed behind and two standard size or smaller size pillows can be arranged in front. The set of four pillows looks beautiful, gives comfort to the head, neck, and back, and also solves the purpose of sleeping within an airy and hypoallergenic environment.
  • Balcony Set Up: For single (lower) bedding in the balcony area, one king-size bamboo pillow, one smaller size bamboo pillow, and two square cushion pillows or two round pillows can be placed. If it is a sitting area in the balcony, then it depends upon the size of the sofa, couch, stools, chairs, or swing that what size of the pillow is to be used. Remember, the balcony area should be comfortable enough so that free time can be spent happily. It should merely not look pretty but the focus should be more on comfort.
  • Living Area Set-Up: Bamboo pillows are suitable for living areas too because they are highly flexible and moldable. So, if friends and family spend most of the time in the living area, then more pillows can be used on the sofa and couches. Remember, it should not look over the top. If you require more than one pillow while watching tv or video gaming and adding more pillows on the sofa doesn't look good, then there is a tip! Try to find a corner in that space and use pillows to make a lower bedding/sitting corner with pillows. Whenever you wish, grab the pillows from there.

Why Arrange Bamboo Pillows?

Sleepsia makes beautiful bamboo pillows that have shredded memory foam. Such bamboo pillows have become highly popular these days, not just because of their comfort but also because of their health assistance. In the ailing world today, such pillows have become a necessity. Why?

  • Because bamboo pillows usually have a healthy filling of memory foam.
  • These pillows provide alignment.
  • They enhance air circulation and help overcome sweat and suffocation.
  • These pillows are hypoallergenic and hence, protect from allergens trapped around while sleeping.


There are many other pillows available. Round or cylindrical pillows are used for neck relaxation, some rectangular pillows are used under the legs, some cervical-support orthopedic pillows are for support to the neck and shoulders, and some body-pillows wrap around the whole body. So, it is all about the requirements. Choose one or more than one pillow for sleeping to seek the best comfort. Sleepsia makes great pillows in king, queen, and standard size with adjustable lofts too. Such customizable pillows also give additional support. So, 'How many pillows should you sleep with' depends upon your requirement for the body, for the interior décor, and the relaxation.