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Sleeping on the Floor Benefits

By Sleepsia

There is an increase in sleeping on hard beds or floors. People these days are ready to sacrifice soft beds to maximize health benefits. People have witnessed a change these days in their sleeping patterns. From ultimate soft beds to rigid floors or hard beds. It is because these are good for the spine and its health. Not much has been scientifically proven but many have felt relief by sleeping on hard surfaces.

Even if some experts recommend it, many people stand erect opposing it. So, the question of, ‘Is sleeping on the floor good for your back?’ has mixed answers. But if we look at its positivity, people recommend it during sciatica. It is completely your own choice to sleep on the floor or not. But remember to grab some soft and cozy pillows while sleeping whether on the soft bed or on the hard beds.

It is because when you sleep on the hard bed or floor, your head should be held by a soft platform. A floor or rigid bed might hurt you too. It might be uncomfortable too. So, why not mix health+comfort to make the best sleeping experience? Opting SleepSia Bamboo Pillows is advisable!

How Sleeping on the Floor can be an Advantage with Bamboo Pillows?

It helps the most during sciatica. It is when the sciatic nerve that flows from the back to hips and then to the legs gets ruined. It is horrible indeed. Sleeping on floors can help to strengthen the back. The soft mattress allows the back to round and it causes more pain. Remember to add the beneficial Bamboo Pillows beneath your head to keep it balanced. The head can’t be exposed to a hard surface. It anyway falls and doesn’t stay in alignment with the rest of the body if Bamboo Pillow isn’t inserted beneath it. The pillow molds as per the head and lets it come in alignment with the body.

  • Alignment: These pillows ensure neck and spine alignment. The shredded memory foam filling helps in doing so.
  • Breath-ability: These pillows let the user feel fresh and airy. Even if the user feels a little uncomfortable on the floor, the pillow won’t let the user feel it for a long time. These pillows enhance air circulation and ventilation so the user doesn’t sweat at all!
  • Hypoallergenic: These pillows are hypoallergenic too. Sleeping on the floor with some fabric beneath you or some hard mattress beneath you might welcome dust mites. These pillows are hypoallergenic and do not let the allergens attack you.

Benefits Of Sleeping On The Floor!

The biggest benefit of sleeping on the floor is that it rectifies the sleeping pattern and position.

  • The spine stays straight.
  • The floor doesn’t let the back go round.
  • The spine doesn’t curve.
  • Spinal disorders such as kyphosis and scoliosis can witness relief.
  • Just a piece of advice is that don’t forget to consult your doctor for sleeping on the floor in case of worsened spinal cord conditions.
  • Another golden piece of advice is that grab the Bamboo Pillows to sleep on the floors.

Why Sleep On Floors Or Hard Beds When We Have Super Soft Mattresses?

People tend to sleep on floors because of several benefits to their back and spine. However, it is advisable to immediately stop doing it if you wake up in pain. If it is almost impossible for you to get up correctly, without pain and irritability, then it is not okay for you. So, ‘Is sleeping on the floor good for your back?’ depends on person to person. However, remember to never give up on Bamboo Pillows.

  • People catching should avoid it: It is because those who catch cold aren’t meant for sleeping on floors. The floor is cooler than the beds. The chances of facing issues increase.
  • Women With Pregnancy Can Sleep Though!: This is good news! Women with pregnancy can avail of the benefits of sleeping on the floor. Grabbing SleepSia Pillows while sleeping can help. However, doctors’ advice is strictly instructed.
  • Older People Can Avoid It: Older people have weak and fragile bones. Sleeping on the floor might not be a good idea for them.


‘Is sleeping on the floor good for your back?’ has various answers. You need to see if it works for you or not. For many, it does wonders and those suffering from serious health injuries can always consult their doctors. But one thing to remember is that sleeping on floors is only beneficial if you grab the SleepSia Bamboo Pillow. To order, go to and give us a call on +1800-862-1084.